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Mar 26 10 8:59 PM

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"Well Sakura, now that you are here, what would you like to do this week?" asked Felicia. Sakura had come to visit her older sister and stay for a week since her parents had gone away for a second Honeymoon. She had been wanting to spend some time with her big sister and Felicia didn't mind this either, as she and Sakura had always got along well (there had been occasional fights but this was normal.)

      Sakura acted a little nervous to tell her sister what she wanted to do. "Well, there was something..." she began, blushing.

      "Well, then, what is it?" Felicia asked.

      "Umm...well...remember when we were little, when Mom and Dad would go out and you would baby-sit me in the evenings?"

      "Sure, I remember," said Felicia.

      "And remember....we used to play this game, where we would pretend I was still a baby," Sakura went on.

      "Ohh..of course!" Felicia exclaimed. "You were so cute when we played that. used to practically beg me to play it with you every time they went out somewhere. You could have only been about three or four then..."

      "I was SEVEN," Sakura replied indignantly.

      "Oh...oops." Felicia tried not to giggle at how offended Sakura sounded. She remembered being a little girl herself and knew better than to insult Sakura by saying she was younger than her ten years...excuse me...ten and a HALF years. But Sakura was growing up so fast. That was one of the reasons Felicia was happy to have her with her this week...she felt like she was missing out on her sister's whole life. "Anyway, why do you bring it up?" she asked, more to make Sakura forget the age issue than anything else.

      "Well..." Sakura took a deep breath...


Ch 2

      "Well, I kinda would like to play that again."

      Felicia just looked at her. Sakura reddened. " we used to.  You know?" She began to try to explain herself.

      Felicia was quiet for a second, amused by her sister's sudden embarrassment. "But Sis...I used to put a diaper on you!" Felicia giggled.

      "Umm...yeah." was Sakura's only answer.

      Felicia stared, the answer becoming clear to her. " WANT me to put you in DIAPERS?" she asked, wanting to be sure.

      Sakura nodded, thinking this may not have been such a great idea after all. She was about to DIE from embarrassment, and wished she hadn't brought it up at all. "Never mind," she said. "It was just a dumb idea."

      "NO!" Felicia said. Sakura looked up hopefully. "I mean...not a TOTALLY dumb idea..." Felicia went on. Treating her baby sister like....well like a BABY sister appealed to her. "But a couple rules." She grinned; Sakura was all ears.

      "First, if we play it, we do the whole part time baby. If you are a baby, you are one ALL the time. If you want to stop, we will stop, but no more after that."

      Sakura nodded.  Sounded reasonable enough.

      "Second, you will use the diapers, and I will change you. JUST like a real baby." Sakura looked hesitant on that one. "Diapers cost a lot of money, Sis. I don't want them to just go to waste." Finally, Sakura assented. She knew she would in the end anyway. She missed this little game more than anything else for some reason she didn't understand. And so did Felicia - she could tell.

      "Third, I will give you your baths, and you will drink from a baby bottle and wear a bib. You may have real food." She giggled at the relief written all over Sakura's face. They had used baby food in their little games a few years before, and Sakura detested the taste of it! She WOULD have required it this time, but she feared it wasn't nutritious enough. "You may walk, and you may talk like a grown up. You can go to big kid movies with me this week. But for all intents and purposes, you are a baby," Felicia explained.

      "And FOURTH," she stopped. "Well....FOURTH is a surprise," she said mysteriously. "Do you agree to all the terms?"

      Sakura was more than a little apprehensive about "FOURTH"; however, she nodded her agreement.

      "Good! Then it is settled. Lets see if you brought anything with you to wear that is a bit more your age," Felicia said, opening Sakura's suitcase.


Chapter 3

     Sakura had packed her suitcase with certain clothes in hopes that she would get her way.  She had packed two very infantile sleepers she never wore anymore, and two or three very childish T Shirts. She had packed a pair of overalls as well, and it was these Felicia now held up with a smile.

      "Ahh," she said. "Just what the doctor ordered!" She picked Sakura up and plopped her on her back on the bed.

      "Hey!" Sakura struggled to sit up.

      Felicia put her hands on her hips. "I thought some little girl wanted to play baby!" she said. "Since when do babies dress themselves?"

      Sakura reddened. "Oh...yeah," she relented, laying back down submissively.

      Felicia smiled and removed Sakura's shoes, jeans, and blouse.  She replaced the blouse with a T-shirt that had Sailor Chibi Moon on it, and then picked up the overalls, but stopped and "gasped" in mock horror.

      "Oh dear!! These will NEVER do," she teased, taking hold of Sakura's panties, and pulling them gently off, making Sakura blush harder than she ever had before. "Baby might wet herself....lets see if Big Sister has any diapers for you!"  She rummaged in the closet. "Yae used to baby-sit a lot," she said as she looked. Yae was Felicia's former room mate. "I think she left something here....oh! Here it is!"

      She emerged from the closet triumphantly grasping a handful of what Sakura knew must be cloth diapers. There were only three of them and Felicia folded them all together and slid them under Sakura. She had baby pins also, and she pulled the diapers up through Sakura's legs and fastened them expertly. "I don't have any waterproof panties, Sis, so try and be a big girl 'til we can get to the store and by some real diapers for you, ok?" Sakura just smiled now.

      Felicia slid the overalls up over Sakura's diapers. "Well," she pointed out, "If you DON'T wait, I will have to change your diaper while we are out and then your overalls will be'll have to walk around in just your diapers." Sakura decided to be a big girl at least a little longer.

      "Ok.," Felicia said, giving her now much younger looking sister a firm but loving pat on her bottom. "Time to go!"


Chapter 4

      "GO?" Sakura realized. "What does she mean, Go? Go WHERE?"

      Felicia grabbed her purse, took Sakura by the hand, and practically dragged her out the door.  "If  I'm to have a baby this week, I need some supplies!" she explained to the look on Sakura's face. She helped Sakura get into the car, and then buckled her seat belt for her. During the drive, Felicia looked over to her sister, giggled, and reached into her pocket. Next thing Sakura knew, she had a purple pacifier stuck in her mouth.

      "Remember...." Felicia stated, watching carefully for her response. "You agreed to all the terms!"  Sakura, determined that Felicia would not get the best of her, leaned back and calmly sucked on her pacifier.

      They drove to the Supermarket first, and of course Sakura found herself in the baby seat of the shopping cart. She felt rather odd and out of place (it had been more than 6 years since she had occupied this seat), but barely anyone even looked at them as Felicia made her way (SLOWLY, Sakura felt) through the aisles.

      When they finally got to the baby supplies aisle, the cart started to fill up. Several baby bottles, a few cans of baby food ("But you SAID I could eat REAL food," Sakura had complained, but was told that this baby food was for snacks....and the baby formula and the jar of Gerber's Peas was in case she was bad. MILDLY bad, since very bad would get her a session over her sister's knee.), bibs, baby wipes, baby powder and lotion, and of course, Felicia found that Pampers size six would fit Sakura quite well. Two large packages went into the cart.

      "Isn't 72 diapers an awful lot for just a week?" Sakura asked around her pacifier, but Felicia just smiled and patted her on the head, and ignored the question.

      When they went through the checkout stand the cashier gave Sakura the kind of smile grown ups use with very young children. "Hi there, Sweetheart. Aren't you just an absolute doll! What's your name?" she asked in a patronizing voice.

      Sakura blushed profusely and looked at her shoes. "Sakuwa," she said, her lisp coming from the fact that she tried to speak with the pacifier in her mouth. The cashier thought it was the cutest thing, and even Felicia was doing her best not to embarrass poor Sakura any more since the cashier was doing a good job of that all by herself.

      "And how old are you, Sakura?" the cashier went on. "Surely these diapers can't be for you!" she winked.

      Felicia stepped in and saved her sister. "Oh, she doesn't really look her age. (This was true....Sakura at this point definitely did not resemble a 10 year old.) "And the diapers are just a precaution....I think she's pretty well potty trained now, but, no sense in taking any chances!" Sakura breathed a sigh of relief...problem solved, and she didn't even have to lie!

      "Ain't that the truth?" The cashier commented. "Jeez...I have a brother who is ten and wets his bed all the time. I wish Mom would just put him back in diapers. Who needs the hassle?"  By this time the items were rung up and bagged, so Felicia paid, and they went out to the car, put the bags in the back seat, and Felicia helped Sakura into the car and did her seatbelt for her again.

      Sakura was pretty pleased with herself. She had survived her ordeal in public and came away unscathed. But it was just beginning, she found out, as Felicia started the car and said, "Now!  On to the Mall!"


Chapter 5

      Sakura was not pleased with this turn of events.  First they had gone to the Supermarket, and though she thought she might die from the embarrassment at the time, she realized it wasn't really all that bad.  But then, when she thought she could relax now, Felicia decided they would go to the mall, and now Sakura was walking with her into the mall.  This wouldn't have been too bad, but Felicia was carrying a diaper bag slung over her shoulder that she had just bought and stocked with supplies they had bought in the supermarket. And to top things off, Sakura was beginning to feel the need to use the toilet...which she had promised Felicia she would not use while she was a baby. She decided to try anyway.

      "'Licia?" Sakura started.

      "Yes, Sakura?" Felicia looked down to her sister with a smile.

      "I...ummm..." she blushed, while Felicia simply waited for her to answer.  "I...I gotta go to the bathroom!" She rushed out the last part of the sentence.

      "Oh!" Felicia seemed somewhat surprised for a moment. "Oh...well jeez...don't go in those diapers I put on you this morning. They'll soak through without plastic panties and we don't have any other clothes for you yet."  Sakura had no intention of doing that anyway, although she had a feeling she would not be using a toilet either. "There's a restroom, and look, they even have a separate room for changing babies," Felicia said, taking Sakura by the hand.

      Before she knew for certain that's what they were doing, Sakura found herself in the baby changing room. Her cheeks burned hotly as she noted she was at least six years older than any of the others being changed. And there was a boy about her age in here as well; he was cute too! Sakura felt a mixture of emotions at the thought of him seeing her have her diapers changed.

      To Felicia's credit, she definitely noticed her sister's embarrassment because of the boy, and waited for them to leave before she proceeded to spread the changing pad that was stored in the diaper bag on the changing counter. "Ok, Sis, up you go!" she said, lifting Sakura under her armpits onto the counter. Once she was on the counter, Felicia made quick work of undoing the overalls, and working them down to uncover the thick cloth diapers, which by now had worked loose and were starting to slip a bit.

      "Gee - I'm sorry Sis. That can't be very comfortable anymore," Felicia apologized. Sakura shook her head. "Well, not to worry. These will be MUCH better," Felicia cooed, drawing out one of the thick Pampers diapers. She unpinned the cloth diapers and slipped them off Sakura, then unfolded the back of the Pampers, and smiling, lifted Sakura under her legs and slipped the diaper under her.  She then got out the baby powder, and sprinkled it liberally, stopping then to smooth it into her "baby" sister's skin.  Sakura liked the feeling and smiled contentedly, slipping her thumb into her mouth and sucking, oblivious now to the others in the room. Felicia smiled at this ultra-cute reaction, and pulled the diaper up snugly between her sister's legs, tight across the front, and taped it with the refastenable tabs.  She then checked around the legs and waist for gaps, and once she was satisfied there weren't any, she pulled Sakura's overalls back into place and refastened them.

      "All done!" She lifted Sakura to the floor and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Now, just like a real baby. I'll change your diapers when you need changed."  She packed up the changing supplies, slipped the dry cloth diapers into the diaper bag as well, and washed her hands at the sink, before leading Sakura out of the changing room and back into the mall.


Chapter 6

      Sakura was getting used to the new feelings that these disposable diapers presented while she walked beside Felicia. They were thick, and made her feel funny between her legs, especially as she tried to walk, and Sakura decided they were ALSO cozy, warm, and very comfortable. She was so engrossed in sorting out her feelings for them that she didn't realize what Felicia was doing until it was already done.

      "Hop in," Felicia said to her, opening up the front of the stroller. Sakura stared at her. She had to be kidding. She wasn't. "C'mon Sis, I don't have all day," Felicia said, deciding to give Sakura a little "help" and urging her into the stroller seat. "Well, actually, I guess I DO have all day..." she mused, mostly to herself, and giggling at her own sense of humor while Sakura rolled her eyes.

      "Felicia, I don't need a stroller," she began, but Felicia stopped her with a finger on her lips.

      "EVERYTHING I tell you, remember?" she reminded her. Sakura sighed in resignation and settled down in her stroller seat. "That's better. Wouldn't want to have to spank you in the middle of the mall now would we?" she teased, while Sakura's eyes got big and round. "It was a joke Sis...lighten up," she soothed her. She pulled the center belt up and the side belts around and buckled them, as Sakura felt her need to go to the bathroom grow stronger. Finally, Felicia locked the front bar into position. Sakura noticed how well she actually fit into this stroller, while Felicia told her, "I noticed you had a little trouble walking with your diapers on. Also, my legs are a LOT longer than yours, and we can get around faster this way, plus when you do a lot of walking your diapers tend to bunch and very possibly leak," she explained. "Besides, it's cute." Sakura blushed but also smiled.

      They walked around the mall and it was rather obvious that both sisters were enjoying themselves very much.  Felicia like having her sister around, and having someone depend on her like this, and Sakura liked having her big sister to take care of her, and was also drinking in the attentions other shoppers were lavishing on her. "Oh, isn't she just the cutest!" was not an uncommon comment from them. Sakura realized she never got this much attention when she went shopping as a big girl (although, Felicia could tell, in a few years she would be getting a lot of attention wherever she went - from boys).

      After a while, Sakura blushed again as she realized she was now going to have to use her diaper. She had to concentrate a little on it, but found it surprisingly easy, especially since she was sitting down right now. The pee came rushing out of her and filled her diaper, sending warm tingling through her as it splashed out, causing her to gasp a bit. Felicia had seen and recognized the far-away expression on her little sister's face as she started to pee her diaper, and had to stifle a few giggles as she saw her gasp from the experience.

      Unfortunately, Sakura heard the stifled giggles. "Hey! Are you laughing at me?" she pouted.

      "Oh NO!  Not at all!  I was just noticing how cute you were, that's all," Felicia used as an excuse. It seemed to work.

      Sakura began to squirm a bit. Dry diapers had one feeling; wet diapers was definitely another. And while they felt kind of good at first, now they were becoming slightly cold and damp feeling, and Sakura also feared how squishy they felt...what if she LEAKED!?

      Felicia noticed the squirming, cleared her throat, and tried to speak without giggling again. "Er..something wrong, Sis?" she asked innocently.

      Sakura looked up at her somewhat pleadingly. "Kinda..." she answered. Her eyes were pleading with Felicia not to make her tell her.

      Felicia decided Sakura really was being very good about this whole thing, so she didn't make her tell her what was wrong. "Looks like my baby sister needs her diaper changed," she said, quietly, with a smile. Sakura nodded quickly.

      They returned to the baby changing room; this time they were alone. Felicia undid Sakura from the stroller, spread out the changing pad, and put her on the counter, once again undoing the overalls. "Ok, this could get real old, real fast!" she commented as the overall strap got stuck. "We need to get you some more clothes."

      She finally got the overalls down and untapped the diaper, smiling slightly as she removed it and Sakura shivered as open air touched her skin. She quickly took out the baby wipes and cleaned her well. "So...what do you think?" she asked her, as she prepared a new diaper.

      "About what?" Sakura asked.

      "Oh, don't play innocent with me, Sis." She slipped the new diaper under her and powdered her. "I see your expression out there and you are playing to the crowd. You're loving this aren't you?" She taped the new diaper in place, checked it, and redid Sakura's overalls.

      "'Bout as much as YOU are," Sakura answered her coyly.

      "Touché, Sis," Felicia remarked. "No doubt who's sister you are!" She finished cleaning up and tossed the wet diaper into the trash can before washing her hands. Sakura sat back down in her stroller without even having to be told to, and managed to fasten the belts herself. "What a good girl!" Felicia praised her, locking the front bar back on and then leaving the restroom.

"Hmm...are you hungry?" Sakura had seen her favorite food place in the food court and was watching it, it seemed to Felicia, with unblinking eyes. Good thing she promised Sakura she could eat big kids food. Without waiting for an answer (she didn't really need one, Sakura's face said it all), she wheeled the stroller up to the counter. Sakura giggled and clapped her hands happily, like any other happy toddler.

Now Felicia asked her what she wanted, and Sakura told her, as usual. "That felt a little out of place," thought Felicia, but she shrugged it off and ordered for Sakura and herself. She had promised Sakura big kids food, Sakura was being good, and she was going to keep that promise. And besides, it made Sakura very happy, and she was happy knowing that.

      Nevertheless, she had NOT promised Sakura HOW she would eat. And so they found a table and, to Sakura's embarrassment, a high chair. That wasn't all either...after she was put in the high chair, Felicia tied a BIB around her neck, and put her drink in a bottle. And THEN she even fed her. At least it was good. And it was also kind of a good thing she had on a bib, she noted, as some food splashed down on it.  Maybe the bottle wasn't such a bad idea either, she had to admit, when she knocked it over and it didn't spill. She was forever spilling her drinks.

As other shoppers went by and smiled at Sakura, she began to get over her previous embarrassment. And she realized that as long as her drink was in a bottle, and she in the stroller, she could take the drink into the stores and no one would say anything. She could get a refill. This was precisely what she asked Felicia for as they left the food court, and Felicia obliged. "You're going to soak your diaper, Sis," she warned her with a slight hint of a smile, but Sakura didn't care. She loved Coke. (Editor's note: I once mentioned Pepsi to Sakura, and she told me she would rather be potty trained than to drink that stuff!!  So I put Coke here instead.)

The next places they went were the children's clothing stores, since Felicia insisted Sakura needed some new clothes.  Sakura rode in the stroller and wondered what other things this week had in store for much had already happened.


Chapter 7

      Sakura found that riding in the stroller wasn't half bad. She didn't have to run like she usually did to keep up with Felicia's much longer strides, and she was secretly (although not so secretly to Felicia) enjoying playing the "cute toddler girl" role for other shoppers.

They first went to Kids R Us, and Felicia asked Sakura what size she was, to which Sakura shrugged. "I'm just a baby, how should I know?" she teased in reaction to her sister's slightly annoyed look. Felicia quickly sized up her sister with her eyes and guessed on a size. They would try it on her and if it didn't fit, they would get another size.

          Luckily Sakura was still pretty small, and there was plenty of toddler style clothing that would fit her. Felicia went about finding the most youngish-looking clothes, while Sakura watched on, noting some outfits with her approval by clapping her hands, and others with disapproval by frowning or saying "yuk!" The only outfit they disagreed on was the dress with the matching ruffled panties under it. The dress was so short the panties would surely show, and Felicia could tell they would stretch enough to cover Sakura's diaper. Sakura just KNEW if Felicia got it, she would make her wear it out somewhere, but she had agreed to do EVERYTHING she was told, so she resigned the argument, but decided to pout about it all the same.

      About the time they had several suitable outfits and headed for the changing room, Sakura suddenly felt the effects of all the soda she drank. Since she had already wet her diaper once today, and it wasn't that bad, she went ahead and emptied her bladder without thinking much about it. Felicia noticed the wet diaper as she changed Sakura into different outfits in the changing room, but it didn't look too bad, it looked like it could hold another wetting before needing changed, and there were a couple more stores she wanted to get to today.

      As it turned out, Felicia had a good eye for size, and most of the clothes fit Sakura. They decided (actually, FELICIA decided, but she let Sakura think she was deciding) on a couple, and of course Felicia slipped the dress in as well, and then they went to Sears to check out the Children's section there. In Sears, Sakura again wet her diaper, this time very heavily. She could feel the squishiness of her diaper but didn't say anything to Felicia about it. Felicia found out when she took Sakura to the changing rooms and helped her out of the stroller.

      "Ummm...uhoh," Felicia said.

      "Uhoh?  What uhoh?" Sakura asked, although she feared she already knew. She could feel two large wet spots near the backs of her legs, and she knew the diaper didn't cover her that far down.

      "Sis...I'm sorry, honey, but your diaper leaked. You must have had to go pretty bad," Felicia told her.  She put her on the bench in the changing cubicle and changed her soaked diaper right there. Then she folded Sakura's overalls and put them in the diaper bag. She tried a few more outfits on Sakura, they chose a few to buy, and then Felicia motioned for Sakura to get back in the stroller.


      "But...'Licia..." she said worriedly, "You forgot to put my pants back on!"

      "I can't put these back on you," Felicia explained. "The diaper leaked on them, and they are all wet in the back. Don't worry, lots of babies go out wearing just a diaper and a shirt. I'm sure no one will say anything."

      "Noo..." Sakura didn't like that idea. "What about one of the new outfits?"
      "Can't. If they see you go in here with one outfit and out with another, they will think we are trying to steal something from the store." In reality, Felicia knew that she probably could put one of the new outfits on Sakura, and no one would say anything. But she also felt like this would let Sakura see that she wouldn't let anything bad happen to her, and this would help her get through her last stages of embarrassment, so that she wouldn't spend the whole week fretting and being embarrassed. She smiled as Sakura climbed into the stroller, her thick Pampers diaper now visible to anyone who cared to look.

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Mar 26 10 9:01 PM

Chapter 8

      They took the stroller back to the place they had rented it from. Now that Sakura had to walk with her diaper on display, Felicia feared this may be a bit too much and might ruin Sakura's fun, so she took her into the nearest Ladies' Room.

      "My diaper is still dry," Sakura pointed out, confused.

      "Yes, and if you were wet, I would have taken you to the Baby Changing Room," Felicia explained, "But if we don't stop soon for me, I will look like I should be the one in diapers!"  Sakura giggled at this.  Felicia used the bathroom and washed her hands, then got into one of the bags.

      "I'll get out some clothes for you now," she told Sakura. "Oh, don't worry, I won't make you wear the dress," she said to the unsure look on Sakura's face. "....yet" she added, to herself. Sakura just did not know how cute she would be in that dress!

      Instead she pulled out a different dress they had bought. JUST long enough to cover her diapers - if she bent down wrong her diapers would not be a secret too long. She put this on Sakura, while in her mind she surveyed the rest of the things they had bought.

      Sakura had told her she had brought along sleepers, but they were for winter, and it was summertime now. Felicia knew Sakura would be way too hot in a sleeper, so she had bought a very cute baby doll sleeper for her, and also a dorm shirt (Editor's note: Okay, have we made a trip back to the 80's here?  Anyone know if "dorm shirts" are still worn? Or even what they are?) with Sailor Moon on it. Sakura loved shows like Sailor Moon and Card Captors; Felicia wasn't sure why.

      There were also a few childish pairs of jeans she had bought with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on them. She couldn't resist the pink hat that would match. Or the shoes that also matched...

      She had bought the Baby dress of course, and the sundress that Sakura now wore. She had paused briefly looking at a few pairs of plastic panties that she knew would fit Sakura, then gone on since Sakura was in disposable diapers.  Later she came back and put them in the basket as well, pointing out that Sakura's diaper had leaked once, and they would use these when they REALLY didn't want any leaks. Sakura seemed ok with that; in fact, she had even smiled. Felicia had a feeling Sakura liked the plastic panties.

      On the way out of one store, they spied a Sailor Schoolgirl Uniform. Complete right down to the pleated skirt. Sakura had fallen in love with it, and Felicia imagined how cute it would be, so they bought that as well.

      With all their packages, they left the restroom and went to the car. Of course, Felicia helped Sakura in and buckled her seatbelt for her. She also pulled a pacifier out and slipped it in Sakura's mouth. Same purple one she started out the day with, Sakura noticed.

      Once they got home, and hung up all of Sakura's new clothes, as well as unpacking the clothes still in her suitcase (the panties she had left in the suitcase. She wouldn't likely be needing them), Felicia told Sakura she needed her to come down to the apartment building's basement. "It's time to show you what the surprise rule number four is," she said, purposefully dropping her voice low and mysterious, causing Sakura to giggle. Felicia reached out and tickled her, wondering how much she would like the little surprise.


Chapter 9

      "Felicia, it's really dark down here," Sakura complained as they stepped off the last stair into the basement. "Isn't there a light?"

      "Yeah. It burned out last month," Felicia told her, just as Sakura found the switch and flipped it." She rolled her eyes, happy that the darkness at least hid this expression.

      "Well, how are we gonna find anything like this?" she asked. "I can't  see ANYTHING."

      "With this!" Felicia shined a flashlight beam right into Sakura's face.

      "Aarrgh!" Sakura put her hand in front of her face, squinting.

      "Oh. Sorry." Felicia turned the flashlight away from her.

      "Great. Now I'll see blue dots the rest of the night. What are we looking for anyway?"

      "I told you. There is storage down here. Yae (Felicia's former room mate) used to baby-sit a lot, and...ACK!!!"  Felicia stepped on a skateboard in the dark. All Sakura saw was the flashlight beam wave wildly in the air for a moment, and suddenly fall to the floor.

      "Are you all right?" Sakura asked, fighting the urge to giggle. Seeing as she was depending on her sister for...well, for EVERYTHING...this week, she assumed that it would not be a good idea to laugh at her.

      "Yeah." Felicia got to her feet. "Who puts all this junk down here anyway?" Sakura decided against pointing out the Felicia herself had put some of that junk down there, as Felicia said, " it is."

      Sakura picked her way back through the maze to Felicia's storage. First she didn't see anything, but as her eyes adjusted, she saw Felicia was playing the flashlight beam over a couple very large items. "I still can't see, what is..." Sakura's voice trailed off and her mouth fell open as she stared at the place the beam was aimed. She saw white wooden bars. And a headboard with a baby motif decaled on it.

      "No way..." she exclaimed. "Is that...?"

      Felicia giggled. "I told you Yae left a lot of stuff behind when she moved. I never had any use for a baby crib. 'Til now!" She giggled again.

      "Well I...oh my goodness," Sakura had looked to the side, where she also saw a playpen, a high chair, and a changing table. Felicia swept the flashlight beam across the rest of the furniture, watching her sister's reaction closely. Sakura had a far away expression on her face as she ran her fingers over the pad on the changing table.

      Felicia smiled. "Want to take it ALL upstairs?" she risked asking.

      Sakura just looked at her a minute, then slowly nodded her head. This would add a whole new dimension to the game! But she had to try and save face some way, so she pushed it back toward Felicia. "Well, umm...if it makes it easier for YOU Sis..."

      "Oh yes. I think this will make it just loads easier for me to take care of you. Besides, this is rule #4 - you already agreed to sleep in the crib!"

      "Well, the crib is one thing..." Sakura started.

      "Hey, we can just leave it all down here then if you want," Felicia shrugged her shoulders non-chalantly.

      "No - Ummm...I said it would be easier for you to use it, so let's just take it up. Just in case." Sakura turned red. Felicia knew she wanted to use these things. She decided to just give up her pride and enjoy it as she sighed and heaved the playpen up to the stairs.

      It took them the better part of an hour to heave all the furniture up to Felicia's apartment, and another hour to put it together. "You know," Felicia stated once it was all together, "I'm going to have to have my little baby sister visiting a little more often to make all this worth it." She motioned around the room, which was definitely beginning to resemble a large nursery.

      Sakura just smiled and looked away. She too hoped to visit a lot more often in the future!


Chapter 10


      "I think it is time for some little girl to go to bed," Felicia said from the couch. Sakura looked up from the playpen she had willingly climbed into at Felicia's request while they watched a little television after putting all the nursery furniture together.

      "Aww, but Felicia, it's only 10:00! And it's SUMMER!" she emphasized, using her Bambi Eyes that Felicia never could seem to resist.

      Felicia grinned, remembering being Sakura's age and trying to stay up as long as she could. "Okay, lets just get you ready for bed then," she compromised.

      Sakura hesitated for just a moment. She thought she could smell a trick in this somewhere, but her diaper was also wet, and she would like to get it changed. She gave in when Felicia said, "You want to see how your new Sailor Moon Dorm Shirt will look, don't you?"

      Sakura went to climb over the side of the playpen, and was surprised as Felicia bent down and picked her up out of it, hoisted her to her hip, and carried her into the bathroom. Sakura was surprised as they passed the nursery up.

      Felicia noticed Sakura looking toward the nursery. "We have to do something in here first," she said. They entered the bathroom, and Sakura saw that Felicia had already turned the water on in the tub earlier and had a bubble bath all ready for her. She giggled and clapped her hands as Felicia sat her on a towel on the floor and removed her sundress.

      "Uh-oh, looks like somebody wet her diaper!" Felicia teased. Sakura played along, sticking her bottom lip out and nodding sadly. "Well don't worry, little one, we'll take care of that right now." She lay Sakura back on the towel, and undid the diaper tapes, removing the diaper quickly.

      Felicia then tested the temperature with her elbow. "Just right," she announced, and picked Sakura up and sat her in the water.

      Sakura didn't think the water was just right at ALL, as her eyes got large and she let out a short "EEP!"

      "Too cold?" Felicia asked, concerned. Sakura nodded emphatically, and Felicia apologized and added hot water 'til she saw Sakura relax and lay back in the water with a big smile on her face. Felicia then turned around and pulled off her shirt and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She undid her jeans and let them slide down her long legs, and then slipped her panties down as well. Turning back around, she stepped into the tub as well and sat down behind Sakura, pulling her sister back against her.

      "There we go," she said with a smile. "We haven't taken a bath together in years."

      Sakura thought hard for a minute. "Sis, we haven't EVER done that," she pointed out.

      Felicia nodded her head. "Once. But you wouldn't remember. It was when you were only two and I was babysitting you - I was 13. I'd say it's high time we did again." Sakura smiled in agreement; she enjoyed this close moment with her sister, as Felicia picked up a washcloth and began to wash her sister gently. Sakura hadn't been bathed by someone else in at least 5 years, and had forgotten how nice it could be. Come to think of it, she wasn't as fond of baths then, so she never knew how nice it could be. She sighed in ultimate content as Felicia massaged her shoulders. Having had her diapers changed all day, she wasn't as embarrassed when Felicia washed her private areas either.

      "You're lucky," Felicia remarked, as she then began to wash herself. She had put some bath toys in the tub, and Sakura was now playing with them as her sister bathed.

      "Why do you say that?" she asked.

      "You're still young enough not to have to worry about shaving. Having long sexy legs is nice, but they take a lot of work."

      Sakura smiled to herself at the remark, and bit her tongue to keep from pointing out her sister's obvious "humility" about her legs. Instead she said, "I always think how cool it will be when I'm old enough to shave my legs."

      Felicia smiled. "That'll last about a month or so," she said. "Then you'll get sick of it and start experimenting with other things."

      Sakura was interested in this discussion. No one had taken the time to talk about these things with her before. She was growing up (even if right now it certainly didn't look that way), and she was happy that Felicia realized it and was talking with her about the things she wanted to know about. "What other things are there?" she asked.

      Felicia rolled her eyes. "Let's see...there's waxing. You put hot wax on your legs and then a strip over it, and then you pull out the hair by its roots." She laughed at the shocked expression on Sakura's face.

      "OUCH!" Sakura said...just thinking about it made her wince. She didn't even like to pull a band aid off when her hair was stuck to it.

      "Felicia nodded agreement. "Yes. It hurts a LOT." She said.

      "You've DONE it?? Are you crazy??" Sakura forgot to be tactful here.

      "Then there is chemical stuff like Nair, but it smells bad," Felicia went on, ignoring the remark.

      "Yeah, I remember one time you used that stuff. It stinks," Sakura said.

      "And shaving takes forever and can irritate your skin," Felicia said.

      "What about laser? I read about that in the newspaper once," Sakura asked.

      "You read the newspaper?"

      Sakura blushed. "Well, I was umm...I was looking for diaper adds," she admitted, as Felicia giggled.

      "Laser costs an arm and a leg," Felicia said.

      Sakura had a one-liner that came into her mind from that. She decided to go ahead and say it. "Well - at least then you'd have only one arm and leg left to shave," she said innocently. This earned her a splash from Felicia, to which she responded with a splash of her own. They had about gotten into a full water war, when Felicia said they better stop since the water was getting all over the bathroom floor and she didn't want it leaking down through the floor into the lower apartments.


Chapter 11


      Felicia got out of the bathtub and dried off, wrapping a towel around her hair, and putting a robe on. Then she lifted Sakura out of the bathtub and wrapped her in a large fluffy towel, and carried her to the nursery. There, she set Sakura down on the changing table and dried her off, then liberally dusted her with baby powder.

      Sakura blinked and gave a little baby sneeze from all the baby powder. "I'm not a snowgirl, you know," she told Felicia.

      "I just want you to get the full effect of smelling like a baby who's just had her bath," Felicia explained, rubbing the powder into Sakura's skin. Next came the thick Pampers diaper, which she slid under Sakura's bottom and brought up through her legs expertly, taping it up nice and snug. "And we better use these," she said, holding up a pair of blue plastic panties. "You'll wet more at night, I imagine, and we'll use these to help prevent leaks," she explained, slipping Sakura's feet through the leg openings one at a time, then pulling the panties up over the diaper and snapping them into place lightly. She went around the leg openings and waist to make sure all the Pamper was tucked inside, and once she was satisfied she pulled the new dorm shirt over Sakura's head.

      "Hmm...something is still missing," she mused as she looked Sakura over. "Oh...I see." She went to the dresser and came back with a hairbrush and a couple hairbands, and soon Sakura was sporting two childish pigtails. "That's more like it!" Felicia declared, leading Sakura to the mirror. Sakura gazed at the girl in the mirror, and saw a toddler who looked no older than two or three staring back. She was pleased with the look, and hugged Felicia tight.

     "Oh, Sis!  Thank you!" Sakura exclaimed, not able to explain how much this meant to her. Felicia thought she understood, at least partially, anyway.

      She smiled and picked Sakura up, balancing her on her hip again, and walked with her to the kitchen. "I've got another surprise for my Baby Sister," she cooed, getting a baby bottle from the kitchen. She sat on the couch, cradling Sakura in her arms, and slipped the nipple into her mouth. Sakura began suckling almost instantly, and was pleased to be rewarded with chocolate milk. Then she remembered something and pulled back.

      "Licia, I can't drink chocolate milk at night! It always makes me wet the.....oh." She giggled, looking down at her diaper. No worries about wetting the bed tonight, she realized.

     Felicia knew chocolate milk at night would make her sister wet her diapers in her sleep. What better way to help her really feel like a real baby? And that was apparently what Sakura really wanted, because now she took the nipple back in her mouth and lay back in her sister's arms, suckling contentedly.

      Ten minutes later, the bottle was empty, and Sakura was sleeping peacefully in Felicia's arms. Felicia rocked her a bit longer, then very carefully got up and carried Sakura to her crib. Sakura "slept like a baby" through it all, and didn't awaken even as Felicia put her in her new crib, and raised the side. She kissed her little sister on the cheek, "I love you Half Pint." It was a nickname for Sakura. As she flipped off the light, she heard Sakura murmur softly, almost asleep, "Me wuv you too, 'Licia."


Chapter 12


Sakura awoke to a strange noise - plastic crinkling under her. She also felt a strange bulky sensation between her legs. She opened her eyes and saw white bars in front of her face. What in the world??


Then she remembered. The last thing she could really remember was laying in Felicia's arms as Felicia fed her a bottle of chocolate milk. She realized she must have fallen asleep and Felicia had carried her to her crib - she thought she vaguely remembered being laid in the crib, but she wasn't sure.

      Oh yeah...chocolate milk. The crib sheets were dry but...Sakura lifted her dorm shirt and peered at the diaper through the plastic panties. Yep. Definitely wet...and just like a baby, she had not awakened to wet her diaper.

      Sakura had a bit of an allergy to chocolate milk. It did not make her sick or anything, but it made her wet the bed if she had it late in the day. In fact, she had had to wear diapers to bed when she was five because she was wetting the bed from having it at supper. Finally her pediatrician had mentioned to her Mom that sometimes a food allergy could cause it. They started to write down all the things she had eaten when she wet the bed, and had found the one thing that was common in all cases - chocolate milk. After she stopped drinking it late, she didn't have any more night time accidents. At the time she had been proud to be a big girl and not wear diapers at night. Now she wasn't so sure!

      As she was studying the diaper and realizing it got much puffier when it was wet, she heard a muffled giggle. "Well, hello, Baby Sis. Looks like someone's got a wet diaper around here!" Felicia was standing in the doorway. Embarrassed at being caught in this obvious interest in her diaper, Sakura blushed.

      Felicia just smiled as she walked to the crib, and lifted her sister out, giving her a hug, and laying her on the changing table. Sakura was happy that Felicia was so tall, and able to lift her so easily - it made her feel more like a real baby girl.


      Felicia took hold of Sakura's dorm shirt and began to remove it. When she had it halfway over Sakura's head, she stopped. "Uh-oh...where did my cute lil' baby sis go?" she teased.

      "I'm right here, 'Licia," Sakura said through the material of the shirt.


      "I hear her, but I can't see her! Sakura? Sakura...?" Felicia pulled the dorm shirt the rest of the way off. "THERE she is! I found you!" Felicia began tickling Sakura madly, sending her into giggling fits.

      "'Licia, stop!" Sakura giggled. "I'm going to...uh oh!" Both girls watched as Sakura's diaper expanded a little more.

      "No leaks," Felicia observed when Sakura was done. "These diapers really hold a lot."

      "Then how come I leaked yesterday at the mall?" Sakura asked.

      "Actually, you probably haven't leaked because you are wearing those plastic panties," Felicia told her. "Besides, having a leaky diaper once in awhile is just part of being a baby. All babies have a leaky diaper sooner or later." She laid Sakura on her back, and pulled the plastic panties down. "Yep. These are definitely what kept the diaper from leaking," she reported.

      Felicia cleaned the wet spot up, and was now busily undoing the tapes on Sakura's diaper. She opened the diaper up. "Jeez...maybe I should have fed you a FOUR ounce bottle last night instead!" Felicia said. "Or maybe buy you some thicker night time diapers. You're a heavy wetter."

      "I wouldn't be such a heavy wetter if someone hadn't tickled me!" Sakura defended herself. Felicia giggled and lifted Sakura by her ankles, pulling the wet diaper from under her. Then she got a baby wipe and cleaned Sakura. Sakura jumped when the wipe touched her skin.

      "Is it cold?" Felicia asked.

      "Yes, but it's not too bad since it's Summer. I wouldn't want it that cold in the Winter though."

      "Maybe we can get a baby wipe warmer for when you visit me in the Winter," Felicia commented. Inwardly, Sakura was jumping for joy. Felicia wanted her to visit again, and she wanted to play baby then too!

      Felicia then powdered Sakura again, and slid a dry diaper under her. She let her down on it and then pulled it up snugly between Sakura's legs and brought the side flaps around and taped it snugly. "Comfy?" she asked Sakura. Sakura nodded happily. She also realized she was beginning to enjoy these diaper changes immensely.

      "We can get you dressed after you eat breakfast," Felicia decided. "I know you have bibs, but I don't want to take any chances of dropping food on your new clothes. Besides, we have another fun day ahead of us, and if I have to stop to change your clothes again, that will only delay it."

      Sakura didn't mind waiting to get dressed. She wasn't cold, and she certainly wasn't embarrassed to be in front of Felicia in just her diapers. She just didn't like being out in public in just her diapers. "What are we going to do today?" she asked Felicia.


Chapter 13

      "I think today we will go to the beach, and then to a movie," Felicia said. "We can take a picnic lunch with us to the beach." Sakura was very excited about this, because she loved to swim. "Did you bring a swimsuit with you?" Felicia asked.

      Sakura blinked.  Oh yeah - she hadn't even thought to pack one. Felicia laughed, "That's ok, we can pick up one for you at the store on the way to the beach - we have to get something else there anyway." Sakura wondered what else they could possibly need after yesterday's shopping excursion, but she nodded happily anyway.

      Felicia brought a bowl of oatmeal over and put it on the highchair tray in front of Sakura. Sakura wrinkled her nose as Felicia tied a big teddy bear bib around her neck. "Aww, Licia. Do I gotta eat that?" she asked.

      "Every bite. It's good for you," said Felicia. "And besides, I put strawberry jam in it." This changed everything, and Sakura opened her mouth for a bite. Nevertheless, by the end of the bowl, she was ready to quit, and it showed by the fact that she was eating very messily, much of the oatmeal ending up on her bib rather than in her tummy. Felicia stopped spoon feeding her from time to time to give her a drink from her baby bottle of orange juice.

      Luckily the bib was a wipe clean vinyl bib, and when Sakura was done, Felicia washed it off and cleaned up the few dishes. She sent Sakura to wash her hands and her face, as she packed the food for their picnic in the big cooler. "And wash behind your ears," she called after Sakura. "And don't forget to brush your teeth!" Darn. She was almost as bad as their Mom sometimes.

      Sakura hurriedly did these things, then went into the nursery to wait for Felicia. Uh oh. Right on schedule - she noticed a slight problem. Sakura was very regular - every morning after breakfast she had a bowel movement. Normally this would not be a problem, but she had not thought of having to do this in her diapers before. Gross!

      "Felicia?" Sakura called. Felicia came into the nursery.

      "Ready to get dressed?" she asked.

      "Umm...not quite yet..." Sakura answered, looking at the floor and blushing.

      "Why not? What's wrong? Are you embarrassed about going out again?"

      "No. I umm...I kinda.....I have to go potty," she blurted out.

     "Now Sis, we talked about this. That is what your diapers are for," Felicia pointed out.

      "I know, but, I don't have to pee..." Sakura said quietly.

      "Ooohhh...." Felicia had not thought about that. "Hmm. Well. You don't want to do it in your diaper, huh?" Sakura shook her head. "Well, that's ok. Here, you can use the training potty for that. If we are out and you have to do that, you'll have to use your diapers though!" She rummaged in the closet and pulled out a training potty, and sat it on the floor.

      "Where did you get all this stuff?" Sakura asked.

      "I told you - Yae babysat a lot. Now let me get your diaper off you." Sakura still thought it was odd, but she laid down and Felicia removed the diaper. Then she was picked up by Felicia and sat on the potty. She found it hard to go with Felicia standing there watching, but after a few agonizingly embarrassing minutes, during which Felicia warned her if she didn't go soon she was just going to put her diaper back on her and let nature take its course, she was able to finally go. Felicia praised her as though she really were a toddler just learning to go potty, and to her amazement, she actually felt a weird sense of pride in her accomplishment.

      "Woah, Sakura. Get ahold of yourself," she thought to herself. She didn't want to leave here really being 8 or 9 years younger than when she came. At least, she didn't THINK she did. Although the idea was somewhat interesting...she shook the thought away as Felicia cleaned her bottom with a baby wipe, put some more baby powder on her, and got her diaper back on. The tapes had lost some of their stickiness now, and Felicia had to dig out the diaper pins from yesterday and push them through the thick disposable diaper to fasten it.

      "This was how you used to have to do it every time," she told Sakura. "Diaper changing is a lot easier now. Usually," she grunted as she pushed the pin through.

      "Ouch!" Sakura jumped and rubbed her thigh.

      "Oh! I'm sorry!" Felicia apologized. She felt bad, even though Sakura appeared forgiving. She would buy her a special treat to make up for that. Now she went to the closet to get Sakura's clothes for the day.

      "How about my overalls?" Sakura asked.

      "Jeez, this kid loves those overalls," Felicia thought to herself. She also thought about the hard diaper changes yesterday. "," she told Sakura, to which Sakura giggled. Apparently she also remembered her sister's trouble with them.

     She ended up settling on a short pink skirt and the ruffled pink blouse. They were cute, even if they did constantly threaten to show off her diapers, she thought. Come to think of it, everything they bought yesterday threatened to show off her diapers. Oh well. Besides, she would be changing into a swimsuit at the beach. Hey...that was something she hadn't thought of. Would Felicia make her wear her diapers under her swimsuit? Probably, she realized.

      She helped Felicia carry the stuff to the car, and they were off; first to stop at Wal-Mart for a swimsuit and whatever else it was Felicia needed, and then on to the beach.


Chapter 14


      As they drove, Sakura looked over the things they were bringing, and noted with a smile that Felicia had packed a diaper bag for her. Casually, she tried to use her foot to get the bag open so she could see what was inside.

      "It has a few extra diapers, two baby bottles, a bib, baby wipes, baby powder, and a changing pad in it," Felicia said. She giggled as Sakura blushed. "Sis, you are about as subtle as a hurricane," she told her. They pulled into the parking lot of the Wal Mart at this time. Felicia got out and came around to unbuckle Sakura's belt and help her out of the car. She had already turned on the child protection lock so that Sakura could not open the door herself.

      She held Sakura's hand to the front of the store, then whisked her up and put her in the baby seat in front of the shopping cart. Sakura realized there would be no hiding her diapers this way, as the bar between her legs forced her to sit with them spread enough to see right up to her diaper. She was getting used to being seen in her diaper though, and she realized that, strangely, she was not half as embarrassed as she was yesterday when others saw her diapers.

      In the store, they got sunblock, and Felicia picked up two hats for them to wear in the sun. She also grabbed a large beach towel. Then they went to the Girls' section and found a cute one piece suit for Sakura. Felicia had pointed out that  if Sakura wanted to she could probably get away with just running around in her diapers without a swimsuit, but decided maybe a swimsuit was a good idea after seeing the look on Sakura's face in response to that comment.

      Last they ran to the Baby Department, and Sakura saw with a mixture of emotion that she would be wearing diapers under her swimsuit - Huggies Lil Swimmer Diapers. "Have you ever seen a regular diaper when the baby goes into the water?" Felicia asked Sakura. "They fill up and explode - it's pretty gross. Although the feeling must be pretty interesting. Anyway, now that they have these, it's a good idea for parents to use them. I've even seen public pools that require all children under five to be in swim diapers."

      When they finally reached the beach and parked, Sakura had already wet her diaper. Felicia stripped off her clothes that she had put on over her swimsuit in the car. Sakura watched as Felicia's long lean body emerged. Felicia had a stunning red bikini which made her look very sexy with her long blonde hair and tall body. Sakura hoped she would look that good someday (she didn't realize how pretty she already was, at her young age). Felicia then got as much as she could carry, instructing Sakura to do the same. They managed to carry everything down onto the beach in one trip.

      Many people turned to stare at the two girls as they walked on the beach. One young and pretty toddler, they thought, and her older,beautiful guardian. The older guys watched the 20-something tall blonde in the bikini, the younger boys watched both girls, and the women watched the two because they were fun to watch, you could sense a bond between them.

      When they found a spot that was not too crowded, they spread the beach towel out and put the umbrella up. They set things up a little, then Felicia motioned for Sakura to lie down. Sakura was so embarrassed as she lay down and Felicia undressed her, even though by now most people had gone back to what they were doing before and paid no more attention to the two sisters. Felicia stripped off Sakura's dress after spreading out the changing pad and placing her on it. Then she undid the diaper pins and removed them, and finally removed the diaper altogether. A couple walked by and glanced at Sakura laying there as they passed, then quickly looked away again. Felicia got out the baby wipes and cleaned her sister up, then opened the Huggies Swim diapers and pulled one out. They made different diapers for girls and boys and of course Felicia had got the pink girl diapers. She removed one from the package, pushed Sakura's feet through the leg openings, and finally pulled the diaper up in place. Then she got out Sakura's new swimsuit, removed the tags, and put it on her sister.

      Sakura was pleased with the swimsuit even though it was toddlerish in style. It was her favorite color for one thing, and for another, it fit her right in the right places. Sakura was still young, but she wasn't totally without curves, and this swimsuit showed that. Of course it also showed her diaper in a few places where they stuck out at the legs openings. She had been wanting to talk her mother into buying her her first two piece this summer, but she certainly didn't want a two piece as long as she was diapered. She was also noticing the feeling of the swim diaper. It was very tight, although not really uncomfortably so, and it felt strange and foreign...really it was much different than a regular diaper. If it was possible for anything to feel stranger than a diaper, this was definitely it.
      Felicia finished by slathering sunblock on Sakura. She put it on her arms, face, and fronts of her legs, then made her lay on her tummy as she rubbed it onto her back and the backs of her legs. As she put it on the backs of her legs, she massaged them for Sakura, drawing a very contented sigh. Then she did herself, turning around and asking Sakura to do her back for her. They completed it with the sunglasses and sunhats, and then headed down to the water's edge.

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Chapter   15


      Felicia took Sakura's hand as though she were really a baby and lead her into the water and played with her. Sakura felt some of the water creep into her diaper, and it swelled some, but nothing like it would have if she had been wearing regular diapers. After awhile, Felicia let Sakura swim normally, but kept a close eye on her.

      When she had her fill of swimming for awhile, Sakura went to play in the sand, not too far from their set up, while Felicia got a suntan. Sakura wasn't sure she understood that - put on sunblock, then lay in the sun to get a tan. She was thinking over some of the other silly things grown ups did (like asking you why you didn't go to the bathroom before you left. Obviously, you didn't have to go then. Even if it was just five minutes ago.) and building a sand castle when she felt someone standing nearby. She turned and saw a young girl standing and watching her.

      "Hi," Sakura said to her.

      The girl blushed and looked away shyly. "Hi," she answered quietly.

      Sakura was friendly by nature. So she invited the girl to help build the sand castle with her. It was obvious she wanted to, and that she was lonely and looking for a friend, but too shy to make one right away. After thinking a minute, the girl nodded and sat down across from Sakura on the other side of the sand castle. "I'm Sakura," Sakura introduced herself.

      "My name is Megan," the girl answered. They built for awhile, Sakura doing most of the talking, until finally Megan opened up. She was eight, and lived with her mother in one of the nearby houses. "We have a private beach, but I get lonely all by myself there," she said. "Mommy brought me here today."

      They played and talked awhile longer, then finally Megan said, "I gotta ask you something. Are you wearing a diaper?"

      Sakura was prepared for the question. In this diaper, it was impossible to forget she was dressed in diapers because of the constant wetness, and she knew the diaper stuck out the leg openings of her swimsuit. She had tried several times to tug them down to cover it, then finally gave up and accepted that people would see her diapers. She nodded in answer to Megan's question.

      "Do you have to wear them?" Megan asked. Before Sakura could answer she went on, "My Mommy makes me wear diapers too. I have to wear them at night because I wet my bed. I can never talk to anyone about it because they would make fun of me, but I saw that you were in" She trailed off.

      Sakura decided to be honest. "Wellllll.....I don't actually HAVE to..." she said, blushing.

      "What do you mean?" Megan was confused.

     Sakura explained the game she and her sister played to Megan, including Felicia's rules. "And to be honest...I...kind of like how it feels to be babied, and how diapers feel," she finished quickly, blushing.

      "That's so cute!" Megan exclaimed. Then, "I kind of like how diapers feel too. That's why I'm not in a huge hurry to stop wetting my bed. Besides, I don't think my Mommy minds diapering me at night.  But I kinda wish I could try a baby bottle and sleeping in a crib, like you! Playing "Baby" sounds fun, and cute!"

      "Why don't you ask?" Sakura asked her.

      "Oh...I don't know if I could do that!" Megan answered. "That would really embarrassing!"

      "Just tell her about me, and that you thought it sounded fun and wanted to try it too," Sakura suggested.


      "Well....I'll think about it." Megan blushed.

      "Sakura...!" Felicia was calling her.

      "That's my sister," Sakura said, pointing her out to Megan. "Come on!" she grabbed Megan's hand and went to introduce her new friend to her sister.


Chapter 16


      "Time for lunch," Felicia said, glancing toward Megan. "Who's your friend?"

After Sakura had introduced Felicia and Megan, Felicia leaned over to whisper in Sakura's ear. "We need to get your diaper changed," she said.

      Sakura, to Felicia's surprise, giggled. "It's ok," she said. "Megan knows I wear diapers. She thinks it sounds like fun too."

      "SaKUra!" Megan was embarrassed.

      "What?" Sakura said. "You said you wanted to try it," she said to her quietly. "Now is the best time..."

      Felicia spread out Sakura's change pad and lay her on it, Pulled her swimsuit off  and tore the sides open on the swim diaper. She cleaned Sakura off with baby wipes, then put a dry swim diaper on her, and put her swimsuit back on her. Then she looked at Megan. "Did you want to wear one?" she asked her, holding up one of the pink diapers. "We're not going to need anymore swim diapers anyway."

      Megan blushed, but nodded, and lay down on the pad taking Sakura's place. Felicia removed Megan's swimsuit and put the swim diaper on her, then pulled her swimsuit back on.

      "Megan! What on earth are you doing?" The turned toward the voice.

      "Mommy!" Megan exclaimed. "I - I ....I was just..." Megan was at a loss for words, as was her mother for a moment.

      "Why are you wearing that diaper?" her mother asked finally.

      Megan just blushed and didn't say anything, so Felicia explained to the woman about the baby game she was playing with Sakura, and how Megan was just innocently curious and wanted to try it.

      "Is this true?" Megan's mother asked her. Megan nodded. "Well, why didn't you just tell me, Sweetie?" her mother asked her. "I'll be happy to let you play baby whenever you want."

      "Really, Mommy?" Megan asked her.

      "Of course. I miss my baby girl sometimes too," her mother smiled.

      "Oh Mommy!  Thank you!" Megan hugged her, catching her a bit off guard.

      She hugged her daughter, then said, "I came to get you so we could go home and eat Lunch."

      "Oh Mommy, do we HAFTA go now?" Megan pleaded, giving her Bambi Eyes.


      "Actually," Felicia said, "We brought plenty of food, and diapers," she said with a wink at Megan. "Megan is welcome to stay here and eat with us, and we'll bring her home when we leave."

      "Would you like that?" Megan's Mom asked her. Megan nodded vigorously. She thanked Felicia, and told her how to get to their house. Then she hugged Megan, and told her to be good, giving her several pats on her diapered bottom. Before she left, she brought over Megan's towel and clothes for when she was done swimming for the day.

      "I knew there was a reason I packed two baby bottles," Felicia said with a smile, unpacking their food. She gave the baby bottles to Sakura and Megan. Sakura took her easily and immediately began to suck on it. Megan was a bit more hesitant, looking inquisitively at the nipple on the bottle, then putting it in her mouth and giving a tentative suck. She looked over at Sakura, and seemed to lose her inhibitions after that. Soon she was drinking from the bottle as well as Sakura. Felicia smiled at how ironic it have to teach babies to drink from a cup, but she had to teach her little sister and friend how to drink from a bottle all over again. 

      She then put bibs on the two girls. There were a lot of people on the beach, but most paid no attention to the two baby girls and Felicia. Sakura was a bit surprised, although relieved, about that. She thought a 10 year old in diapers would draw a lot more attention, but apparently people were too wrapped up in what they were doing to think much about it. They all ate their lunch, and after their food, Felicia unpacked three jars of baby food.

      "Bananas," she said, to Sakura's questioning look. Sakura's eyes lit up. She loved bananas. Just one thing she wondered.

      "Three jars?" she asked.

      Felicia looked a bit sheepish. "I like bananas too," she said.

      Sakura and Megan both giggled, and watched, waiting for Felicia to take a spoon of her baby food before eating theirs. She finally took a bite. "Cool!" Sakura said, and all three girls giggled as they ate their baby food treat.

      Sakura wanted to swim more after they ate, but Felicia made her wait a half hour first, so she and Megan went back to the sand castle, repairing two walls that had collapsed. While they were building, Megan suddenly stood up.


      "What's wrong?" Sakura asked.

      "Umm...I gotta...I gotta go pee," Megan said, blushing.

      Sakura giggled. "Well, go Silly," she said. Megan tried to let loose, but couldn't. Finally she squatted a bit and was able to wet in the diaper. She let out a slight gasp, causing Sakura to giggle more. "Feels neat, doesn't it?" she asked. Megan nodded.

      After awhile they went back to swimming a bit more. Finally, Felicia came to get them. She had put her jeans and shirt back on over her bikini. "Time to go, girls," she called. Sakura and Megan came out of the water, and walked back to where their things were. Felicia took them both out of their swimsuits and they stood in just their diapers. She helped them both towel off, then laid them one at a time, Megan first, on the changing pad and put them this time into regular diapers. She also dressed them in their street clothes. Then they packed their stuff in the car and headed over to drop Megan off at her house.


Chapter 17


      Felicia drove by Megan's house so they could drop her off, and she and Sakura walked her to the door. Felicia gave the rest of the package of swim diapers to Megan's mom, explaining that Sakura probably would not get another chance to go swimming during her visit. They also got her phone number so Megan and Sakura could continue to be friends.

      Then the two sisters went to check the movies. They decided to see Shrek, and bought tickets for it, but they still had two hours before it started so they went to eat. They stopped at a McDonalds, and when they went inside, Felicia was pleased when she noted that the high chairs were large plastic chairs that would be plenty large enough to hold Sakura, and they had a tray on the front. Much better than the little wooden stools you could push up to the table.

      Sakura saw Felicia looking at the high chairs and sighed. "I s'pose you want me to use one of those, don't you?" she asked. Felicia just smiled. Sakura went over and pushed one over to the table where they were going to sit. Some of the customers watched this with amusement - a little girl getting her own high chair. Felicia ordered their food and by the time she came over with it, Sakura had already managed to get up in the chair and lock the tray in place. One of the girls who worked there was tying a bib around her neck.

      "What a good girl you are today!" Felicia praised her. "Since you were so good today, I'll let you have an ice cream  sundae," she went on. She got out Sakura's happy meal and put her food in front of her, and poured the coke into a baby bottle.

      "But, Sis," Sakura said through a mouthful of food.

      "Don't talk with your mouth full," Felicia said automatically. Sakura stared at her. She really was becoming just like their mother in some respects!

      She swallowed her food and said, "But know what happens when I have dairy products in the evening...."

      Felicia looked at her. She thought they had already been over this last night. "And your point is....?" she asked, looking pointedly at Sakura's diaper.

      "Oh."  Sakura giggled. She had forgotten again. It was hard to do this now after being conditioned for so long not to have any dairy products at night. She hoped she would remember when she went home that she wasn't wearing diapers at night anymore. When Felicia brought her the ice cream she dug right in with nothing holding her back now. Felicia also refilled her Coke for her. She also put her own drink in another baby bottle and slipped it in the diaper bag.

      "Why are you doing that?" Sakura asked her.

      "They don't let you take snacks or drinks with you into the movie theater," she explained. "But who's going to say anything about a diaper bag? Look..." She opened the bag and Sakura saw there was also several types of candy in the pockets. They both giggled about this.

      Then Felicia pulled out the movie tickets and looked at them. "You know, I thought they had charged a pretty low price for two tickets," she commented, and showed one of them to Sakura. Sakura was actually a little insulted.

      "I do NOT look like I am under four!" she insisted.

      Felicia looked her little sister up and down in her babyish dress, the diapers peeking out from under the hem, and right now sitting in a high chair, wearing a bib, and about to suck on her baby bottle.

"Ummm...ok." She hoped that would be enough to satisfy her.

      Sakura's attention had been snagged by something else. She was watching some other children playing in the playland as she sucked on her bottle. "You want to go play?" Felicia asked her. Sakura smiled at her and nodded, so Felicia got her out of her highchair and took her bib off, and let her go play. She sat and watched from the table, hiding a smile whenever Sakura climbed up one of the tubes and her dress pulled up enough to expose her whole diaper. Sakura didn't even seem to notice. She was really getting used to this treatment.

      After  a bit it was time to leave, and she had to help Sakura get her shoes back on. "Do you need your diapers changed?" she asked as she tied her shoes.

      "FELICIA!" Sakura turned red as several of the other children had heard.

      "Sis..." Felicia debated telling her about the display she had given everyone as she played, but she didn't want to make her self-conscious. "I don't think they care that you wear diapers," she finally said. Sakura looked toward them/ Felicia was didn't look like they cared. Felicia checked her diaper since she had not answered, and found she was still dry. "Wonder how long THAT will last?" she said, mostly to herself.        She had never seen a little girl Sakura's size drink as much as Sakura did. Oh well. They had plenty of extra diapers.

      Felicia slung the diaper bag over her shoulder and the two walked out to the car.


Chapter 18


      Felicia was right; Sakura's dry diaper didn't last long. By the time they got to the movie theater she was already wet. They went inside and Felicia immediately took Sakura to the Ladies' Room.

      There was a long line at the restroom, however, and it looked like it may be a bit of a wait. "We're gonna miss the previews," Sakura said. She didn't like to miss the previews, she used them to decide what she wanted to see in the coming months. Felicia didn't like to walk into a theater after the previews started because it was dark and she couldn't see the seats very well. She was always afraid that someday she was going to accidentally sit in someone's lap because of that. She looked around.

      "There's no line for the baby changing room," she pointed out. Sakura sighed. Looked like she would have to play the part of a baby again. "You already have a ticket for a toddler, and none of these people know you," Felicia pointed out. "No one is going to care."

      Sakura nodded and went willingly with Felicia to the changing room. Inside, Felicia quickly spread out Sakura's changing pad and picked Sakura up and lay her on it. She pushed Sakura's dress up out of the way, and undid the diaper tapes. "Jeez Sis, this thing weighs a ton," she said, as she took the wet diaper off. Sakura just giggled. "Bet you wouldn't giggle if the weight made it fall off in public," Felicia pointed out. "You should let me check and change you more often, so you don't get your diapers so wet. That's why you leaked at the mall yesterday."

      Sakura thought about it. "I suppose I COULD have gone and let you change me at McDonald's," she admitted.

      "Or you could have waited until we actually got in here to wet the diaper," Felicia offered.

      "No. I actually couldn't have done that," Sakura blushed.

      "Oh. Well, I guess it's a good thing you were wearing a diaper then!" At first Sakura was not going to admit this was funny, but Felicia's infectious giggle got to her, and made her giggle as well. Felicia cleaned Sakura with a baby wipe, then slipped a dry diaper under her, powdered her, and drew the new diaper up snugly and taped it.

      "You're getting to be an expert at diaper changes," Sakura said as she hopped down from the changing counter.

      "What do you mean, 'getting to be'?" Felicia said in a mock stern voice. Both girls burst into giggles again, as they emerged   from the changing room. Some patrons turned to stare at them, and they both tried to stop giggling (not very successfully). Felicia handed their tickets to the girl working the theater, and she directed them to which screen they should go. They got there and into seats right before the previews started.

      Halfway through the movie, Felicia leaned over to Sakura. "Sis, I have to go to the restroom. Will you be okay here alone?"

      "Of course. I'm not REALLY just a baby you know," she answered. Then she giggled. "Bet you wish YOU were wearing diapers right now!" Felicia didn't answer, but instead tried to shoot her little sister an evil eye. It didn't work, since Sakura as busy staring at the screen.

      When she got back, Sakura had dug into the diaper bag and got one of the bottles out, and was sucking contentedly on it. "Did you get the right bottle?" she asked.

      Sakura gave her a confused look. "Does it matter? We both had the same thing."

      "The bottle I used for mine would be easy to screw the nipple off and drink from like a cup," Felicia explained, digging out the other bottle. "Oh, no."

      Sakura tried very hard not to giggle. "Sorry, Sis. I thought they were the same."

      Felicia looked around the theater. It was pretty dark, not very full, and no one seemed to be paying them any mind. Maybe no one will notice, she thought, and slipped the bottle nipple into her mouth. She heard Sakura giggle. "I wonder how long a girl could go without getting her diaper changed?" Felicia casually said. Sakura got the point and didn't giggle anymore at Felicia.  At least not out loud.

      When the lights came on at the end of the movie, they caught Felicia by surprise. She hastily pulled the bottle from her mouth and shoved it into the diaper bag, hoping no one had seen. One girl was smirking as she went by them on her way out of the theater. "I used a pacifier to help me stop smoking," she said. "I never thought about using a baby bottle though. Pretty good idea, does it help the urge?"

      "Umm....yeah," Felicia stammered out. "Yeah...umm...I hardly ever smoke at all. Now." She could actually feel Sakura shaking from holding  in her laughter. Once the girl was out of earshot, she practically collapsed from laughing.

      "Sis, you never smoked!" she said.


      "Then I guess what I just told her was the truth," Felicia answered.

      Sakura thought about it. "'re pretty good at that," she decided.

      Felicia smiled. There were a lot of new things she was noticing about her sister this week. Hopefully, her sister was getting a new appreciation for her as well. There were quite a few things Sakura didn't know about her yet.


Chapter 19


      Sakura slowly woke up and stretched, bumping her hands and feet against the edges of the crib. This time she remembered where she was, and kept her eyes closed for a moment, savoring her babyhood with her other senses.

      For instance, she listened as she moved in her crib, and heard sounds of the waterproof crib sheet under her, the creaking of the crib, and the crinkling of her diaper. She realized she still had her pacifier in her mouth, as she tasted the slightly rubber taste of the nook. She could smell the scent of baby powder, baby lotion, and other baby smells in the nursery, as well as a very slight trace of wet diaper smell. That was either from the diaper she was wearing right now, or the diaper pail...either way she would empty the diaper pail today just in case. Perhaps the best sense she could use right now was her sense of touch, as she could feel the closeness of the crib sides, the rustling mattress cover under her, and most of all the warm wetness and snug comfort of her diaper. She realized she had once again wet in her sleep, dairy products having their desired effect.

      Finally she used her last sense, as she opened her eyes and took in the brightness of the nursery. "For just being an extra bedroom, this sure does look like it was supposed to be a nursery all along," she suddenly thought to herself. There was lots of pink decor, a babyish Noah's Ark rug on the floor, and the wallpaper border had a design of baby rattles, bottles, and diaper pins on it. This had been Felicia's room when Yae still lived here, then when Yae moved out Felicia had moved into the larger master bedroom, leaving this as a guest room.

      Before she had a chance to further ponder this, Felicia swept into the room. "Good Morning, Baby Sister," she practically sang, causing Sakura to smile.

      "Goog mownin,'" She said with the pacifier still in her mouth, causing her words to come out in a babyish lisp. She blushed and popped the pacifier out, as both she and Felicia giggled at her forgetfulness. It was becoming almost commonplace to her now to have the pacifier in her mouth, wet her diaper, suck on a baby bottle, or any other number of babyish things. She hardly even thought about them, and Felicia realized they would have to be careful that she didn't regress too far to return to normal when their parents picked her up next week.

      Felicia picked Sakura up out of the crib and plopped her onto the changing table. After she took the wet diaper off and wiped her off a little, she asked Sakura if she needed to use the potty to do #2's, which she did. After she sat on the potty and did her business, Felicia put her back on the changing table and cleaned her bottom with another baby wipe, then put plenty of baby powder on her. Last she slipped a Pampers diaper under her sister's bottom, pulled it up through her legs, and taped it tightly shut.

      Next she pulled Sakura's dorm shirt off. "Sis, are you using deodorant yet?" she asked her. Sakura shook her head, and she reached over to the dresser and picked up a "Teen Spirit" (Ed. Note: Does that stuff still exist?) deodorant stick. "You should start using this," she said, putting some on Sakura's underarms, showing her how to do it. "You're starting to reach an age where things like this are going to become very important. You can take this home with you." Felicia smiled and thought about how strange it seemed to change her sister's diaper, and then give her advice about becoming a teenager five minutes later.

      "How about a pair of these for today?" she asked, drawing from a dresser drawer one of the pairs of plastic panties. Sakura clapped her hands in approval, and asked for the light blue pair that had pictures of kittens printed on them. Felicia obliged, pulling them up over Sakura's diaper and tucking all the stray edges in, explaining to Sakura that you had to do that or "wicking" would occur...a wet diaper would leak very easily out onto your clothes. Sakura wondered why Felicia was telling her this, considering Felicia was the one doing all her diaper changes, but she listened attentively and nodded understanding anyway.

      "I think today is a good day for the Science Center," Felicia told her. Sakura was happy they were going to go there, since she had heard how much fun it was from some of her friends who had gone there on vacations before. Once a class from her school had taken a field trip there, but it wasn't her class. She had been very jealous. The Science Center was a hands-on children's science museum, where they had all sorts of fun things you could do, and even had a large aquarium and planetarium.

      "Best outfit for it," Felicia said, getting the School Uniform from the closet.

      Sakura giggled. "Should I call you Miss Chung and pretend you are my teacher?" she asked.

      Felicia smiled. "If you are there for a school project, you get in for less," she remarked.

      "....It's summertime," Sakura pointed out.

      "So we'll say you are in a private school, hence the uniform," Felicia decided. Sakura thought it was a good idea, then Felicia teased, "Maybe we could say it's Potty Training School!" Sakura put her hands on her hips and tried to give a withering look, which only caused her to look all the more cute in her diapers and plastic pants. She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror then, and found herself laughing as well.

      Felicia took the uniform and removed all the tags, then put in on Sakura. Vaguely she recalled being a little girl and having a doll that had such an outfit, and she mentioned this to Sakura, who commented back that sometimes she felt like she was Felicia's doll, but that she liked it just fine. Felicia smiled, and picked up the hairbrush. "Braids again?" she asked.

      Sakura gave her a blank look. "IS there any other style?" she giggled. "None half as cute anyway," she thought to herself, as Felicia brushed her hair out and began to braid it. This looked like it would be another fun day.


Chapter 20


      "...and this is my teacher, Miss Chung," Sakura told the lady at the counter in the Science Center. The lady merely nodded her head and told Felicia how much they would pay to get to go in, as Felicia rolled her eyes.

      After they got in she told Sakura, "I don't think she really wanted to know your entire life history."

      "Sorry. I was just trying to make sure we got in at the student discount," Sakura explained.

      "I don't think she believed you anyway. How many teachers carry diaper bags?"

      Sakura giggled, then said, "Hey, look. Strollers." Felicia didn't miss her hint, as she went over and put a few coins in the slot to rent the stroller. She pushed it over and Sakura climbed in, and they put the diaper bag over the handles so it hung down in the back. Sakura was getting used to being a baby, and didn't get embarrassed by being in a stroller today.

      It turned out to be a good thing they had come early, because there were so many things to do in the Science Center that it took them all day. Sakura also noted that she had climbed out of the stroller so many times she almost began to wish she hadn't asked for it in the first place.

      She did get embarrassed a couple times during the day too. The first time was when she was playing in an area that had a hopscotch field that played musical notes as you hopped on the boxes. Sakura was good at hopscotch and she tried to play a few rounds, but ended up not realizing that her diapers would hinder her usual ability to play. On her second round, she slipped and fell on her diapered bottom, her uniform skirt flipping up as she did. She got up with Felicia's help, as Felicia brushed her off and asked "Are you ok?"

      Sakura nodded, and a lady who had been standing nearby and watching said, "She's ok! Those diapers give lots of padding to their bottoms for when they fall!" Sakura blushed and realized that she had even wet her diaper when she fell.

      "Umm..Felicia?" she said when they were out of everyone's earshot.


      "I wet my diaper..." Sakura confessed. Felicia took her to the nearest restrooms, and when they got there they saw that there was a Baby Changing room as well. Felicia pushed Sakura in the stroller into the line for the Baby Changing room. Sakura tried to look non-chalant as they sat there, but there were lots of other kids in the Science Center, and they all stared at her as they walked by. Finally, they got into the room, and Felicia changed her into a dry diaper without further incident.

      Another slight embarrassment was when they ate lunch in the little café in the center. Felicia got a high chair for her, put her drink in a baby bottle, and made her wear a bib. The worst part was that it turned out that Sakura NEEDED the bib, and the bottle! She dripped ketchup on her bib twice, and knocked the bottle over. She looked at Felicia, who merely smiled a knowing smile and didn't say a word - she didn't have to.

      Her third embarrassing experience came later when they were in the aquarium. The combined effect of her lunchtime Coke and seeing all the water caused Sakura to wet her diaper again, and this time it was a very big wetting. She had got out of the stroller to get a better look at one of the displays when she caught sight of her reflection in the glass. Her diaper was sagging rather low beneath the hem of her uniform skirt, and was obviously wet to anyone who bothered looking. Felicia was looking, and she got her back in the stroller and took her to another restroom to change her.

      At 6:00 they left, since it was closing then. Felicia drove to a nearby McDonald's where Sakura was treated to her highchair, bib, and bottle again. This time she didn't even give Felicia an arguing look, since Felicia would only point out how much Sakura obviously needed to use a bib and bottle. Felicia also got her a milkshake (She got to drink that through a straw at least) to ensure Sakura would have another night of wetting her diapers without noticing it.

      When they got back to Felicia's, Sakura went back to "her nursery" to put her souvenirs from the Science Center away, while Felicia listened to a message on the answering machine. Sakura couldn't really hear the message, although she could hear Felicia making a couple phone calls after the message played. She was busy studying herself in the mirror, wondering just how many outfits she had that would cover diapers if she ever REALLY HAD to wear them, when Felicia came in the room.

      "Sakura, I have some good news and some bad news," she said.

      "What's the good news?" Sakura asked. This caught Felicia off guard...usually people asked for the bad news first.

      "Uhh...well, how would you like to spend some more time with Megan?" she asked her.

      "Are we gonna take her with us somewhere tomorrow?" Sakura asked excitedly.

      "That's kinda the bad news," Felicia said. "I have to go in to work tomorrow. I really did get the whole week off, but they are in a real bind since Shelly got hurt yesterday and they really need me to fill in tomorrow."

      Sakura knew a lot of the people where Felicia worked, having gone down there a couple times. She liked it when everyone told Felicia what a "cute little sister" she had. "Will Shelly be ok?" she asked, worried.

      Felicia rolled her eyes. "She was trying to unload a truck on the dock without gloves again," she said. "She cut her hand. It's not too bad, but the doctor put her on light duty and she's not allowed to unload trucks for the next few days. Mike can work the rest of the week for her, but not tomorrow. I called Megan's mother, and she said she'd be happy to babysi....." Felicia caught herself and changed her sentence... "Er...she said you can come over and spend the day with Megan. Would you like that? Another choice is I could take you to work with me, but I'd have to leave you in the daycare..."

      ", I mean, Megan's house is fine," Sakura answered quickly, while Felicia tried to hide a giggle. "Anyway, I like Megan...I'd want to go there even if the other choice wasn't daycare," Sakura explained.

      "I know," Felicia said. "I was just teasing you."

      Sakura considered for a moment though, just what would have happened if she had not met Megan. She had seen the Daycare where Felicia worked once, and they were all babies under two in there. And with her still being in diapers, she probably would have been treated just like them! She wasn't sure if that was a bad thing or not, though.


Chapter 21


      The next morning, Felicia had to wake Sakura up at 7:00, since she had to be to work by 8:00. She was already dressed herself, and anticipated it might take some time to get Sakura ready, if she was tired. Sure enough, as she figured it would be, she found Sakura's diaper wet as she checked it before waking her.

      "Sakura? Come on, Honey, it's time to wake up," she cooed, lifting Sakura out of the crib and carrying her to the changing table.

      "Wha -?" Sakura awoke already halfway to the changing table. "That was kinda different," she thought to herself, and realized she did not at all mind waking up already in Felicia's arms, being cared for this way.

      Felicia lay her on the table and took her diaper off. Sakura blushed once again, realizing she wet it without noticing. Even though she knew she was drinking milk products at night, and that was what made her wet the bed (well, wet her diapers) so easily, she hoped she would be able to stop when she went back home. There was no telling what her mother might do - she might even make her wear diapers, Sakura thought with a giggle.

      Felicia thought Sakura was giggling like a baby does at a diaper change. "Do you have to use the potty this morning?" she asked.

      Sakura thought about it. "I don't think I do," she answered. Usually she did in the morning, but not today for some reason. Maybe because she got up earlier than usual. She shrugged in answer to Felicia's questioning look.

      "Well - okay then," Felicia said. She got out a clean diaper and slipped it under Sakura, then said, "Let's try something new today." She reached under the changing table and brought out some baby oil. She shook some into her hand, then smoothed it all over Sakura's diaper area. Sakura was completely engrossed by the smell and the feeling of the baby oil, and loved this diaper change more than any other she had had up to now.  When Felicia saw how much her sister liked it, she smiled and went on for a couple extra minutes, then finally wiped her hands off and taped up Sakura's diaper nice and tight. Sakura was smiling, still somewhat in ecstasy.

      She looked over then to see Felicia take a pair of pink shortalls from the dresser drawer. "I thought you said those were too hard to use when you had to change a diaper," she asked; even though it embarrassed her to think about it, she knew Megan's Mom would have to change her diapers today.

      "The regular pair were," Felicia giggled. "I made some modifications on these." She showed Sakura the snap crotch. Sakura smiled, and after the overalls and a pink t-shirt with  Sailor Moon were on, she looked in the mirror to see what it looked like. So far as she could see, the snaps were not all that visible, and the diaper bulge was pretty low too. She could wear these any time and no one would know she had diapers on. IF she always had to wear them, that is, she thought.

      Felicia did her hair differently, with two braids hanging low in the back, and coming together into one braid. Then she helped her brush her teeth. Finally, they were ready to go - Sakura was going to eat breakfast at Megan's house.

      Sakura was really still tired, and fell asleep as Felicia drove to Megan's house. She woke up when they got there and Felicia was getting her out of her baby car seat. Megan's Mom, Stephanie, met them at the door, and after talking a couple minutes, Felicia hugged her sister and told her she would pick her up around , and handed her over into Stephanie's arms, along with her diaper bag.

      As Felicia waved and pulled away in the car, Stephanie smiled and patted the back of Sakura's diaper. "Are you still sleepy sweetie?" she asked. "Megan is still in bed." Sakura nodded. "Well, I just set up this playpen for Megan, but it is pretty big, and I bet you could lay down in it and take a nap if you like. Would you like to nap in Megan's playpen?"

      "Yes, please," Sakura answered, and Stephanie put her down in it, on her back.
      "Call me when you are ready to get up," she told her, then she went to the kitchen. Sakura looked around her, and grabbed a nearby stuffed lamb, and fell asleep hugging it and sucking her thumb.

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Chapter 22


      "Sakuwa." A voice cut through Sakura's dream. She was dreaming that she was a baby again, and was being bathed by Felicia. "Sakuwa," the voice lisped again. She opened her eyes and looked into Megan's giggling face. "Hi! Mommy said not to wake you, but I knew you'd want me to wake you up." Sakura nodded, and took in Megan's outfit. She was dressed in a short sundress, with yellow plastic panties sticking out from under it. Sakura thought Megan had to be wearing some awfully thick diapers under those panties, but was confused when Megan didn't crinkle as she walked (well, more waddled than walked).

      "MOMMY! SHE'S AWAKE!" Megan suddenly shouted, scaring Sakura half to death and making her wet her diaper.

      "Megan, what have I told you about yelling in the house?" Stephanie reprimanded, coming into the room and lifting Sakura out of the playpen.

      "Oh said not to do it..." Megan answered.

      "Then why did you just yell?"

      "I dunno." Stephanie looked at Megan, waiting for more. "Me sowwee," Megan tried. That seemed to satisfy her.

      "Next time, you'll have to have a time out in the corner," Stephanie warned her, making her blush.  She set Sakura down on the floor then and said, "You two can go play in Megan's room for awhile," and gave Sakura a playful swat on the bottom as she scooted past. "Sakura do you need your diaper changed?" she asked, feeling the wet diaper.

      Sakura shook her head. "No, Ma'am. I only wet a little."

      "Ok we'll wait then. But don't call me 'Ma'am'. It makes me feel old."

      "But, Mommy, you ARE o..." Megan started, and Sakura, quickly realizing what she was about to say, shoved a pacifier in her mouth, effectively cutting her off in mid phrase.

      Stephanie gave her daughter a stern look for a moment, then said, "Go play." Sakura and Megan scampered off to the safety of Megan's room.

      "Wow," Sakura said as they entered the nursery. "This is much more baby girl than my nursery."

      Megan giggled. "My room USED to be across the hall. Mommy just moved me in here yesterday when I said I wanted to be a baby again. It was my nursery before, and we kept it as a nursery in case Mommy had any more babies - that was before Daddy left. Anyway, Mommy and I spent all day yesterday getting it all set up!" She gestured around her.

      Sakura was envious, and fleetingly wished she could get her parents to let her do her room like this. Then she realized her parents didn't even know she was playing Baby right now. She looked around at the pink canopy crib with it's Disney Princess bedding, and the matching changing table, which was stocked high with stacks of diapers, a baby wipe warmer, baby lotion, baby powder, diaper pins, vaseline, and diaper rash cream. There were drawers underneath and Sakura just knew they must contain various other baby treasures. The room had baby dolls, stuffed animals, and in the corner, a huge doll house (fully furnished and with an extensive family). In another corner was a rocking chair, with a blanket draped over it.

      "Mommy fed me a bottle and rocked me to sleep in it last night," Megan told her, seeing her looking at the rocking chair. "There are a COUPLE baby dresses in the closet, and a couple baby outfits in the dresser, but I need to get much more. My other clothes won't fit over my diapers," she giggled.

      The dresser was impressive as well. It was a large, antique white dresser, with large roomy drawers and a mirror on top. There was an array of things on top, which the variety of caused Sakura to giggle. While there were several pacifiers and a bottle on it, there were also about 50 hair accessories and even a couple little containers of make-up. "It's just play make up. Mommy won't let me have real make-up yet," Megan explained.

      Sakura picked up a large wooden hairbrush, and Megan shuddered. "Put that down!" she said.

      "What is it?"

      "That's Mommy's spanking brush. She only uses it if I've been REALLY naughty, but it is always there to remind me to be as good as I can."

      "She HITS you with it?" Sakura asked, momentarily shocked.

      Megan shrugged. "Like I said, only if I've been really naughty. Why, don't you ever get a spanking?"

      Sakura blushed then. She certainly did - she had gotten one just the week before visiting Felicia for pulling her cousin Lisa's hair. It wasn't fair either - Lisa's hair just kept blowing into her face and it aggravated her. Subconsciously she rubbed her diapered bottom, remembering the sting of her Mother's wooden spoon. Megan giggled at Sakura's reaction, "I guess that answers THAT question."

      "I guess I just never thought about someone ELSE getting a spanking," Sakura said.

      "So what do you want to pway wif?" asked Megan, going back to her baby lisp. Remembering the fun she used to have with her own, Sakura immediately went for the dollhouse. Megan happily joined her.


Chapter 23


      "Uh-oh!" Sakura sat up on her heels, as they were playing.

      "What's wrong?" Megan asked.

      "I gotta go potty!" Sakura said. Passing up her usual morning bowel movement was coming back on her now.

      "Silly!" Megan said. "You are DIAPERED, remember?"

      "I don't just have to pee," Sakura explained. Only that didn't explain it to Megan.


      "So? Mommy will change your diaper when you're done."

      Sakura wrinkled her nose. "I don't do THAT in my diaper! I'll be right back," she said, getting up to go find Stephanie.

      "Why not?" Asked Megan. "Sakura, wait..." She got up and followed her.

      "Miss Stephanie?" Sakura found her in the kitchen.

      "Sakura, honey, I told you...just call me Stephanie. You don't have to say 'Ma'am' or put 'Miss' in front of it or anything. Just Stephanie is fine."

      Sakura was in a hurry. "Ok. Well, I have to go potty!"

      Now it was Stephanie's turn to look confused. "Sweetheart, you're wearing a diaper," she pointed out.

      "Felicia always lets me go #2 in the training potty," Sakura explained.

      "Ooooh...." Now Stephanie got it. "Honey, I don't HAVE a training potty; I'm sorry.  Besides, I'm going to change that diaper soon and I don't want it to be wasted on just a little pee.  Go ahead and go upstairs and go in the diaper, and I'll be there in a couple minutes to change you."

      "But, STEPHANIE," Sakura started to whine.

      "Sakura, you said you like being a baby girl. Messy diapers are just part of being a baby," Stephanie told her.

      Sakura sighed. She knew that tone of voice, Felicia used it sometimes, and it meant she was not going to win this argument. "Oh, all wight," she said, climbing the stairs. Megan followed.

      "You've never messed a diaper?" Megan asked her. Sakura shook her head. "Well it's not that bad," Megan said. She saw Sakura was trying to hold it, and went on, "You might as well go ahead and go before Mommy comes to change your diaper. Then you'll be more comfortable, and besides, if you wait and she changes your diaper and THEN you poop, she might make you wait awhile before she changes you again."

      Sakura sighed, and knew Megan was right; she couldn't hold herself until Felicia came for her. She relaxed a little and pushed it all out in the diaper. It felt warm and squished against her butt, and she didn't like it at all, but at least Stephanie would change her soon. She went back to playing with Megan, who didn't seem to be too bothered by the smell.

      Sure enough, Stephanie came in a couple minutes. She lifted Sakura onto the changing table, and commented that she was proud of her for being such a good girl. Sakura thought that was funny - a ten and a half year old being told she was a good girl for pooping in a diaper. Stephanie undid the snaps in the crotch of  Sakura's shortalls and undid the tapes of her diaper. She cleaned Sakura, lifting her up by her legs and cleaning her bottom with wipes from the diaper wipe warmer. Then she put baby lotion on her.

      "Sakura, would you like to try one of Megan's diapers?" Stephanie asked her.

      "Megan has different diapers than me?" Sakura asked, interested.

      "Mommy keeps me in cloth diapers here at home," Megan said. Sakura realized that explained how thick the diapers were, and why they didn't crinkle. "When we go out and at night I wear disposable diapers."

      "When we go out they are much easier and at night they keep her dryer," Stephanie explained.

      Sakura was very interested to know what these super thick diapers Megan had on felt like, and nodded her head. Stephanie got out two diaper that seemed to have very thick centers. Stephanie explained that the center of each of these diapers had 6 layers, so she now would have 12 layers of diapers on!  She was lifted and Stephanie slid the folded diapers under her, then used some baby powder, and finally drew the diapers up tight. Sakura watched with interest as she pinned them on. "Felicia had to do that with my disposable diaper a few days ago," she said. "She poked me with the pin!"

      "I'll try not to do that," Stephanie promised. "I probably have a little more experience with diaper pins than your sister." She slid the pins through and snapped them closed. Sakura flexed her legs and realized this was going to be a lot different from disposable diapers...but she also liked how they felt. Stephanie slid a pair of pink plastic panties up over Sakura's diapers, and resnapped the crotch of the shortalls. "All done!" she said, lifting Sakura down, and then checking Megan's diaper. "Still dry?" she asked. "Remember what I warned you, don't try to flood these diapers all at once, or your plastic panties will leak."

      Megan nodded. "Yes, Mommy," she said.

      "Okay girls, let me wash my hands, and then we'll get some lunch." They followed Stephanie down to the kitchen.


Chapter 24


      Sakura quickly found that walking in the thick cloth diapers was quite a bit different from walking in a disposable diaper (just as earlier she had learned that walking in a disposable diaper was different than walking in no diapers at all). With all the diapering as of late, she wondered if she would be able to walk normally again when she went home.

      "These feel weird!" she whispered to Megan.

      Megan giggled. "Just wait until you feel them WET."

      "I just have one high chair," Stephanie said in the kitchen. "Sakura you are older...well sort of, anyway...think you can sit at the table like a big girl?"


      Sakura nodded and slid into a chair. She felt like she was sitting on about 3 pillows with all the diaper padding her bottom. Stephanie made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cutting off the crusts for them. They each also got a bottle of milk, and wore matching bibs.


      After lunch, Stephanie told them to go outside and play. They went out into that large, fenced in back yard. Sakura smiled when she saw that Megan had a swingset with two swings and a sliding board. Sakura giggled as she slid down the sliding board in her diapers...this was a new experience!

      "Hey Sakura!" Megan called from the top. "It's faster on just plastic!" She pulled her dress up so that her plastic panties were completely showing, then slid down. She did go faster, thought Sakura.

      "I want to try!" she said.

      Megan shrugged. "Take off your shortalls then."

      Sakura looked around. There wasn't anybody in any of the other surrounding backyards to see them, and besides - how many people had already seen her in her diapers this week? Megan noticed her hesitation and giggled, "Anyone can already tell you're diapered with that huge diaper bulge anyway!"

      Sakura shrugged and slid the shortalls off her shoulders and down her legs. She folded them (as Megan rolled her eyes at her friend's neatness) and set them aside, then she climbed up the steps and tried it. The hot metal felt strange, as did the air, on her upper legs which had previously been covered by the shortall legs, but Sakura also noticed it didn't feel that much different than wearing a swimsuit. "A swimsuit with a beachball stuffed in the bottom, anyway," she thought as she slid down. The pink plastic panties seemed to go faster on the board.

      Stephanie could see the two girls from the kitchen window as she washed the dishes. She smiled when she saw how Sakura had shed her shortalls...Megan used to do exactly the same thing in the summer as a toddler. That was one of the reasons she had started dressing her in dresses most of the time. She also smiled as she saw the girls sliding down the board, trying to make it faster. Megan drew out a piece of wax paper she had got from the kitchen and slid it all over the board as Stephanie had taught her to do. The next time she went down, she slid right off the edge and landed with a thud on her diapered bottom.

      "Uh-oh," she said.

      "What's wrong?" Sakura asked her.

      "Well, nothing is really WRONG," Megan said. "It's just that that made me wet my diaper." The two girls giggled. "I guess I better go get Mommy to change me."

      Stephanie saw the look on Megan's face when she landed, and was already grabbing the basket she had in the living room and carried it out with her. The basket had a stack of diapers, baby wipes, two pair of plastic panties, a changing pad, and baby powder in it. She came out in the backyard with it as Megan was coming to the door.

      "Need a diaper change Sweetie?" she asked Megan. "Come on, we'll do it right here." She spread the changing pad out on a grassy area.

      "Outside??" squeaked Megan.


      "You didn't seem to mind outside when you were at the beach," her mother reminded her, as she took hold of her and lay her on her back, pushing her sundress out of the way. Megan didn't answer - what could she say to that? "Besides, who's going to see?" No one else was outside.

      She slid Megan's plastic panties off and put them aside, then unpinned the diapers and put them with the plastic panties. She would take them all in and put them in the diaper pail to soak for when she did laundry again. Which, she realized, was going to be a lot more often with her daughter in diapers again. She got out a baby wipe and started to clean Megan.

      Megan jumped as the cold wipe touched her skin. "That's cold, and it tickles," she giggled.

      "It looks like you're starting to get a diaper rash," Stephanie commented, looking concerned. "Remember what I used to do with you when you were a baby and started getting diaper rash?"

      Megan blushed furiously. "MOMMY!" she said. "Not in front of Sakuwa!"

      Sakura was standing nearby and doing her best not to giggle. Her cousin Lisa had worn cloth diapers for a while longer than she had worn diapers, and was a couple years younger. Sakura was about six when Lisa was finally potty trained, and she could remember what her Aunt had done with Lisa to prevent serious diaper rashes. "My aunt used to call that 'Bare Bottom Baby Time'," Sakura said innocently, causing Stephanie to smile and Megan to pout.

      "Oh don't worry, we won't do it today," Stephanie comforted Megan, who looked relieved. She used a good amount of baby powder though, and then pinned two more diapers on Megan, and slid a fresh pair of plastic panties up over them. These were still a yellow color, with nursery print of nursery rhyme characters all over them. For the next few minutes, the girls became engrossed in a game of looking all over the plastic panties trying to find different characters and guess who they were.

      "Here's Little Boy Blue," Sakura said.

      "Where?" Megan tried to twist to see where Sakura was pointing.

      "Right in the center of your butt," Sakura giggled. She found him again in another place, so Megan could see. "There's Jack and Jill....Jill kinda looks like you!"

      "Well....well....Little Red Riding Hood looks kinda like you!" Megan countered.

      "Does not...she's got BLONDE hair," Sakura pointed out.

      "Okay, Felicia's hair and your face and body."

      "Looks more like my cousin Nene than anyone else," Sakura said finally. "Sometimes, she dresses up like her!"

The two girls both had a giggle at this, until Megan suddenly said, "Does she know that sometimes YOU dress up like a BABY?"

      "She doesn't even know I know she likes to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood," Sakura giggled.

      "Wonder how she would react if she knew?" Megan wondered.

      Sakura thought about that. She THOUGHT her cousins would be okay with her being diapered, they might even think it was cute, like Felicia did. But she wasn't quite sure.


Chapter 25


      The afternoon progressed quickly, and the two girls were both playing outside when Felicia arrived.  Both had been changed a couple times, however, and had been made to come in and take a nap from 2:00 to 3:00.  As a result, they were both wide awake and full of energy; Felicia could hear the two little girls squeals and giggles from the backyard as soon as she pulled into the driveway.

      While wishing she could have that same kind of energy, and wondering if a simple nap in the afternoon would give it to her, she walked to the door and knocked. The inside door was open, allowing a breeze to blow into the house from outside. "Is that you, Felicia?" Stephanie called from the kitchen. "Come on in, it's open."

      "Nope. It's a burglar," Felicia quipped as she pulled the door open and came inside.

      "Then you're in the wrong place. You want the houses in Upper Arlington," Stephanie said with a smile as she came from the kitchen, drying her hands on her apron.

      "Too easy to find the valuables there. I wanted a challenge," Felicia said, keeping the game going.  She spied Sakura and Megan out the window, smiling as she noticed Sakura in nothing but her T-shirt and diaper. "Is she wearing cloth diapers?" Felicia asked Stephanie.

     "Yeah, I hope you don't mind. She seemed interested in trying them and Megan has plenty. I told Megan we have to try to keep the cost down, and she agreed to wear cloth diapers instead of disposable during the day here at home. I put her in disposable if we have to go out, and at night."

      "I couldn't do that with Sakura. It would cost just as much and be a hassle to wash them.  We'd have to take them to a coin laundry."

      "Well, I'm not all that sure it makes much difference here either. After all, there is the cost of running the washing machine, and the extra water, and the extra work...and while right now we can dry the diapers on the line outside, we won't be able to do that in the Winter. I'll have the extra cost of the dryer then too. But, Megan actually seems to like them better than disposables."

      "So does Sakura," Felicia observed, watching them. "How'd you get her to go out in just a diaper anyway?"

      "I didn't. I looked out about a half hour after they first went out, and she had already taken them off. Peer pressure from Megan I guess," Stephanie laughed. "I even changed her diaper outside without too much of a problem. She was a little shy at first, but she got over it since it was the back yard.  Not too many people around to see."

      Stephanie began to set the table. "You'll stay for dinner won't you?" she asked. "I made enough."

      "Oh!" Felicia was surprised. "Oh, well....okay. Thank you." She had planned on taking Sakura out to eat that night and to try and talk her into wearing the baby dress, but that could wait. "What are we having?" she asked, taking the silverware and helping set the table.

      "Spaghetti," Stephanie said, with a mischievous smile.

      Felicia stared at her. "SPAGHETTI? With TWO babies? You have GOT to be kidding," she said.

      Stephanie showed her the two pots on the stove....spaghetti and sauce. "Should be fun," she told Felicia. She noticed Felicia having a bit of trouble with the silverware. "Oh...the plastic forks are for Megan and Sakura. Megan's place is on the high chair tray, and Sakura's place is over there, where the baby bottle of milk is and the bib is hanging over the chair."

      "Ok, you're not kidding," Felicia said, her eyes wide. "I guess it will be interesting to say the least."

      "We can just make them strip down to just their diapers to eat," Stephanie suggested. "It's warm enough in here to. And we have bibs." With that she went to the door. "Sakura, Megan! Time for supper." The girls came much as they could with the thick diapers anyway. Felicia had to laugh at the babyish waddle.

      "FEWICIA!" Sakura exclaimed as she came in the kitchen. She ran over and hugged her sister's legs.

      Felicia giggled. "I've only been gone for nine hours, Sis."

      "I know, but me MISSED you!" Sakura insisted, climbing up into Felicia's lap. Felicia smiled - she liked this. She hadn't been this close to her sister for years.


Chapter 26


      They finally settled down to supper. The girls balked a little at stripping down to their diapers just to eat at first, but they changed their tunes and undressed in record time when they found out what they were having. Whether it was because they liked the taste so much, or because they knew how much fun they could have because it was so messy, Stephanie and Felicia never knew.

     And messy it was. When they were finished, Sakura had spaghetti sauce all over her face, and her chest and tummy had only been spared by the large plastic bib Felicia made her wear. There were splotches of sauce on the outside of the plastic panties she was wearing as well, her hands had sauce on them, and Felicia saw she had actually managed to get some on her big toe!


      Megan, spared having to wear a bib by Stephanie, was worse. She had sauce splashes on her chest and tummy as well. She didn't have any on her hands, since they were locked in place under her high chair tray, but she had longer hair than Sakura, and had managed to get some in her hair! The sight of both girls warranted picture taking by Felicia and Stephanie.

      "Looks like two girls need a bath!" Stephanie said. Felicia looked outside. It was already starting to get dark.

      "Oh - it's getting late," she said. "I'll just take Sakura home and give her a bath then."

      "I don't think you should..." Stephanie said. "She could fall asleep on the way, and you'll have to wake her up all over again, plus the sauce will have more time to get hard on her skin and it will be harder to get off. And she may get sauce on the inside of your car, and what are you going to do with the cloth diaper she's wearing?"

      Felicia sighed. "All good points," she said. "Okay, let's give them a bath then." She took Sakura's bib off. "How in the WORLD did you get sauce UNDER the bib?" she asked Sakura.

      Upstairs in the bathroom, they took off Megan and Sakura's plastic panties and diapers. Both girls were quite wet, and the diapers were put into a pail which Stephanie took down to the laundry. Felicia put the two girls in the tub. Both girls gasped as she put them in.

      "It's too cold," Sakura said, trying to look innocent, then casting a sideways glance to Megan.

      "It's too hot," Megan said, with just as much mock innocence.

      Felicia put her hands on her hips as both girls burst out in giggles. Stephanie returned then, and she started to wash Megan, as Felicia bathed Sakura. "So...too COLD, huh?" Felicia said, starting to tickle Sakura. "Too HOT?" She said to Megan using her other hand to tickle her.  Both girls giggled practically through the whole bath. The water had to be drained once and the tub refilled, when the water actually tinted red from all the spaghetti sauce. On the second fill, they put bubble bath in for the girls.

      After the girls were sufficiently cleaned up, and had their hair washed (which was necessary for Megan at least), they were taken from the tub and wrapped in big fluffy white towels. They were dried off, and had baby lotion and baby powder applied. Both were then put into very thick disposable diapers that Stephanie had. "Megan always wets a lot at night," Stephanie explained, causing Megan to blush deeply. "I ordered these diapers from Europe. They're much thicker than anything you could find here."

      "I'll vouch for that," Sakura commented, flexing her legs in her super-thick diaper.

      "I guess we better be going home now," Felicia said as she and Stephanie combed the girls' hair. They had switched - Felicia was doing Megan's hair so it could be in braids, and Stephanie was doing Sakura's hair with curlers.

      "Why don't you just stay here for the night," Stephanie offered. Felicia had a feeling this had been planned all along. "It's late now, and I'm sure you're tired - it's better if you spend the night here. And besides, that way I can take the curlers out and fix Kura's hair in the morning.

      "Well....where would we sleep?"

      "Plenty of room for two in Megan's crib, so Sakura can sleep there, and you can sleep in the guest room."

      "That used to be my room," Megan offered, "Until yesterday." Then she suddenly giggled. "Will Felicia have to sleep on the plastic sheet?"

      Sakura's eyes widened slightly and a small smile played on her face. Stephanie blushed, and said, "Oh yeah.  I forgot about that. I'll just take it off before..."

      "Don't worry about it," Felicia said, having caught the look on Sakura's face.  She had done quite a bit to embarrass Sakura this week, so she would let her have this small thing. "It won't kill me to sleep on a waterproof mattress pad."

      All three of the others in the room looked VERY surprised, but finally Stephanie managed an "Oh...ummm...oh.   Ok!"

      "Maybe she should wear a DIAPER too, just in case!" Sakura teased, causing Megan to crack up too, despite her best efforts not to.


      "You better be happy that diaper YOU have on is so thick!" Felicia answered her, giving her a playful but firm smack on the bottom.

      "EEP!" Sakura jumped, eliciting more giggles from Megan. "Maybe I should just have a bottle, so my mouth will be too busy to get me in any more trouble," Sakura admitted. Within a few minutes, they were all in the nursery, and she was getting her wish, as Stephanie rocked her in the rocking chair and fed her a bottle of warm milk. Milk again, she realized.  She was going to have another night of wetting her diapers a real baby.  In a recliner they had brought in and put in the other corner, Felicia sat holding and feeding Megan.

      The two sleepy girls were then placed in the crib, and their caregivers smiled at the sweet scene as they snuggled up to eachother and fell asleep almost immediately, Sakura contentedly sucking a pacifier. "I don't think she's going to be able to sleep at night when she goes home, without that," Felicia commented, sounding a bit concerned.


Chapter 27


      "Why won't she have it when she goes home?" Stephanie asked as they quietly left the nursery and turned the lights off.  They went across to the guest room and sat on the bed, causing it to crinkle loudly. "Are you SURE you don't want me to take off this sheet? It's awful loud..."

      "In answer to your second question first," Felicia said, "It's fine. You'd be surprised at how easily I can sleep on it. Really." She smiled. "To your other question, Mom and Dad DON'T know about this little game me and Kura are playing. She's never done this before and..."

     "I have a feeling it may be a bit more than a game though, don't you?"  Stephanie asked. "I mean, it's really obvious how much she likes this. As much as Megan at least. And as easily as she's been wetting her diapers, I don't know that it will be that easy for her to stop."

      "See, that's what I am worried about," Felicia told her. "What if she goes home and CAN'T stop? Mom will never let her come visit me again."

      "I don't think you should worry so much over it," Stephanie comforted. "Mothers are usually much more understanding than we are given credit for! Look at me, I'm okay with Megan doing the baby thing right now. I kind of hope she will grow out of wanting it constantly by the time she's a teenager, but, even if she doesn't, I'll be here for her."

      "Yeah, but that's YOU. We're talking about my Mom here.  She's old."

      "Yes. I've been called as much as well," Stephanie said, thinking back on Megan's comment that morning. She smiled, noting that Felicia was beginning to look a bit child-like herself.

      "I guess it's a bit hard having to be the big sister all the time, isn't it?" she prodded Felicia a little.

      "Huh?  Oh..umm.  I guess it can be," Felicia answered, a bit confused. "Kura's an angel though."

      "Mm-hmm." Stephanie decided not to push Felicia anymore. She still had her suspicions though. "Yes, Sakura is. Well, why don't you get some rest?"

      "I think that's a good idea," Felicia relented. "I'm pretty tired." She had already removed her shirt, and was working at unhooking her  bra.

      "Here, let me help," Stephanie offered, after watching three failed attempts. She reached back and unhooked it for her.

      "Oh!" Felicia blushed. "Thanks..."

      "No problem," Stephanie answered, ignoring Felicia's embarrassment. "Hey, I have a sister about your age, and I've helped her undress for bed a dozen times," she said when she saw how uncomfortable Felicia was. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, we're just sisters. Like you and Sakura," she said, helping Felicia pull off her socks and then her jeans. Felicia smiled then, relaxing a bit, as Stephanie pulled the covers back for her.

      "It's kinda nice to have a big sister for awhile," she said, scooting into the bed. Stephanie's motherly instincts had kicked in, and she even tucked Felicia in.

      "I almost feel like I should be giving you a pacifier or something she giggled, as she turned out the light.

      "I don't think it will be necessary. Tonight," Felicia said cryptically. But Stephanie was pretty sure she understood. She left the room quietly and went to get ready for bed herself. Right now, she almost wished she had a big sister too, but it was nice she could be one for Felicia tonight.


Chapter 28



      Sunlight was streaming through the window when Felicia awoke the next morning, there was a smell of coffee wafting up the stairs, and the sound of two giggling "baby" girls coming from the kitchen. Felicia stretched widely, and sat up.

      Despite the plastic sheet she had slept like a baby, not awakening even once the entire night. Slipping out of bed, she noticed that Stephanie had placed some clean clothes out for her. Stephanie was shorter than Felicia, but what she put out were shorts and a halter top. Felicia grabbed them, along with a pair of clean panties that were set out as well, and went in the bathroom to shower.

      Half an hour later she came downstairs, refreshed and dressed in these clothes. Sakura's eyes nearly popped out of her head at the sight of her sister in these clothes. "Wow" was all she said at first. Someday she was going to look like her big sister. She looked down at her own body. Well....SOMEDAY she was going to anyway!

     Felicia noticed Sakura's glances at her own body, and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "I didn't have curves at your age either, Sis. Give it time." Sakura smiled in response.

      Felicia took in Sakura's appearance now. She was dressed in a short white dress that was almost sure to show her diapers. She had on cloth diapers again, and they were covered with "Hello Kitty" white plastic panties. She wore frilly white ankle socks and white Mary Jane shoes. Her fingernails were polished a delicate pink, and Felicia could tell she was wearing at least a moderate amount of make-up. Most stunning was her hair, the curlers having given her soft waves. It was tied back with a white hair ribbon.

      "You look ready to be the pretty little Flower Girl in somebody's wedding," Felicia complimented her.

      "When she saw her hair, she just HAD to dress up," Stephanie said. Felicia smiled. That wasn't unusual, Sakura had always been seized by the urge to dress up for no occasion at all, but simply to look pretty. She had an eye for fashion as well, so she always outdid herself. This would compliment her as a teenager for formal dances and such, thought Felicia.

      Stephanie placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of Felicia. Both the girls had apparently already eaten, and were now contentedly sucking down big baby bottles full of orange juice. A plate of pancakes was also placed in front of Felicia. "Careful with the syrup, or I'll have to put your sister's bib on you," Stephanie teased her. Sakura giggled next to her. Luckily, she didn't have to find out whether Stephanie was serious or not.

      "So what are you two going to do today?" Megan asked. "I have a swimming lesson at noon."

      "I thought I might take Sakura to the zoo. She's not been there yet," Felicia answered.

      "Oh that's a good idea," Stephanie said. "They have the red pandas there now."

      "I saw those once on TV," Sakura said excitedly. "They're cute, but not at all what I expected. They look more like raccoons than pandas!" She finished off her bottle after making this statement, and Felicia noticed they were all watching her.

      She began to finish off her breakfast and coffee. "Umm...Sorry about the clothes," Felicia gestured to what she and Sakura were wearing. "I'll wash them and get them back to you."

      "Don't worry about washing them, I can do that," Stephanie said. "But I do want to get Sakura into a disposable diaper before you leave." Sakura pouted; she was somewhat enjoying the new experience of cloth diapers. However, she knew it wouldn't be practical, so she lay down on her changing pad and waited for Stephanie to change her.

      "They're already a little damp anyway," Stephanie said as she removed them. Sakura blinked. They WERE? She didn't remember wetting her diaper. Stephanie cleaned her with baby wipes, and began to powder her.

      "Oh - wait," Felicia said, suddenly remembering. ", do you have to go potty?" Sakura blushed and shook her head. Remembering she had not been allowed to use the potty yesterday, she had pooped in her night diaper before getting dressed.
      Stephanie applied a thin coat of vaseline to Sakura's diaper area. "I'm using this vaseline, and putting one of the super thick diapers on her, so you shouldn't have to change her for awhile," she told Felicia. Sakura realized she may spend much of the day in a wet diaper. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. She forgot about it as soon as Stephanie drew the thick, comfy diaper up between her legs and fastened it snugly. She then pulled the Hello Kitty plastic panties up over the diaper. "All ready for your day," she said, patting Sakura's diapered bottom.

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Chapter 29


      After good-byes were done, and Sakura and Megan had exchanged their addresses and such in case they didn't see eachother again during Sakura's current visit, Felicia and Sakura got in the car to go to the zoo. As Felicia opened the door, Sakura saw something new had been brought for her.

      Felicia laughed, seeing Sakura's happy expression. "I thought you might like it," she said, picking Sakura up and putting her in the baby carseat. "I borrowed it from a friend at work," she went on, buckling Sakura in. "Oh, don't worry. I didn't say it was for YOU," she said to Sakura's now slightly worried expression. Sakura knew some of the people Felicia worked with, and she didn't want them to know about her playing baby and wearing diapers and such. "I just said I was babysitting...which I am."

      Felicia placed Sakura's diaper bag on the floor, then went around and got in the driver's seat, and they were off. "Did you have a good time?" Felicia asked Sakura.

      "Yeah, but I missed you," Sakura answered, causing Felicia to smile.

      "Well, I'm sorry I had to leave you there, but I'm glad you had a good time."

      "Yeah - ANYTHING would be better than the Daycare where you work, but I had a lot of fun with Megan," Sakura said. She was quiet a minute, then asked, "Is my pacifier in the diaper bag?"

      Felicia smiled, noting her sister's growing attachment to the purple paci. She pulled it from a side pocket on the diaper bag, and handed it to a happy Sakura, who immediately popped it into her mouth and began to suck on it. A cute smile and happy eyed expression filled her face, reminiscent of an anime drawing.

      At the zoo, Sakura again got in for the toddler price - in this case, free. Felicia rented a stroller for $2.00, and Sakura hopped in without a second thought. Felicia hung the diaper bag over the handlebar, and they started through the park. Felicia made sure she went through the whole zoo for Sakura, so she could see all the animals. They got there at just the right time for the otters, who were happily swimming and playing in their pond, and the red panda were active as well. The tigers and other cats were out where they could be seen as well. It was the best time Sakura had ever had at the zoo; she didn't even hardly think about it as she wet her diaper a couple times. They stopped and saw the bird show as well.

      When they got to the playground, Felicia stopped the stroller, and looked at Sakura, who looked as though she was dying to get out of the stroller and go play. Then she looked doubtfully at the clothes she was wearing. Sakura caught her look and became sad, thinking she wouldn't get to go to the playground.       Then Felicia smiled. "I wouldn't have even brought the stroller back here if I wasn't going to let you go play," she said, reaching in the diaper bag, and pulling out the clothes she had dressed Sakura in when she first took her to Megan's the morning before...the pink shortalls and Sailor Moon shirt. "You hardly wore these," she explained.

      Sakura nodded and clapped happily. Felicia took her in the "Family Restroom" and put her up on the changing table. First she removed the dress carefully, and folded it and put it in the diaper bag. She then checked the diaper. "Jeez, Sis, how many times did you wet this?" she asked.

      "Umm...two or three?" Sakura said, not too concerned. "I can feel when they get wet enough to leak, and it felt okay. Plus I have the plastic pants on over it."

      "And I guess the vaseline is protecting you from getting a rash, but I still think I should change your diaper. Neither of us wants you getting diaper rash!" She pulled the plastic panties off, folded them as they were still clean, and put them in the diaper bag. She then took out the baby wipes and cleaned Sakura off. "Ugh...the vaseline does NOT make cleaning you an easier job!" she commented.

      "Umm...Sis? Could you use the baby oil again?" Sakura asked hopefully, then blushed.

      Felicia giggled. "Not here, Sis. Let's wait 'til we get home for that, okay? Besides, I don't have the baby oil here." Sakura relented as Felicia powdered her bottom, slipped a dry diaper under her, and taped it up tight. She then removed Sakura's socks and the shoes, and dressed her in the play clothes.

      As the emerged from the restroom, and Sakura ran to the playground, Felicia noticed three old ladies on a park bench nearby, looking on disapprovingly. She sat down close enough to hear them as one said, "That child is MUCH too YOUNG to be wearing that make-up!"

      Almost immediately the second replied, "That child is MUCH too OLD to be in diapers!"

      Felicia sighed and rolled her eyes, and got up, pushing the stroller to a different park bench further away. As she moved away, she heard the third say, "And her babysitter is going to teach her to be disrespectful to her elders!"


Chapter 30


      Felicia allowed Sakura to play in the playground for about an hour before calling her out. When she came out, Felicia checked her diaper before slipping her in the stroller. "Remember what happened last time when you leaked," she reminded Sakura, shushing her complaints.

      "It's only been an hour," Sakura had one last retort.

      "All it takes, sometimes," Felicia answered, unfazed.

      The three old ladies were gone, probably looking for someone else to gossip about, Felicia noticed with a bit of relief. She didn't want to have to push Sakura in her past their disapproving stares. Not that SHE cared, but it would upset Sakura. 

      They made one more stop before leaving, that at the fresh lemonade stand. Of course, Felicia poured Sakura's into a baby bottle for her, which Sakura accepted without even a second thought. Felicia hoped Sakura wasn't going to get TOO used to this, and not be able to use a glass right or eat without getting it on herself when she went home. Or, worse yet, actually lose her potty training. That would be slightly difficult to explain to their mother...

      Sakura just liked the attention, and was hamming it up as they left the zoo, trying to draw glances and smiles from everyone in sight as they left the zoo.


      "For a girl who was so afraid of people outside seeing her in diapers, you sure do your best to get their attentions now!" Felicia said when they got to the car. Sakura just shrugged and gave Felicia the full "Aren't I cute?" look she used on the hardest people to get a smile from. Felicia smiled back before realizing it, sighed, and moved Sakura from the stroller to the carseat, then quickly returned the stroller. Sakura finished off the bottle, and looked around for something more interesting than sucking on an empty bottle (although she was starting to feel somewhat comforted by having a nipple, whether a bottle or pacifier, in her mouth lately). She reached for the radio, and found out one of the less attractive features of a carseat (less attractive for the individual IN the seat anyway...). She couldn't reach the buttons. She turned to look for Felicia, who was still nowhere in sight, then turned back to the radio with determination.

      With one foot she pushed the shoe on her other foot off. She then stretched her foot out as far as it would go and bumped the button for the radio with her toe.  She was rewarded with Linkin Park music. "Let's see any other baby think of THAT," she said to herself, sitting back with a satisfied grin.

      Felicia returned and got in the car. "Hey how did you..." Felicia started, looking at the radio, then spotting Sakura's shoe on the floor. "....Never mind. I don't think I really want to know..." Felicia said, causing Sakura to giggle, and push the bottle back in her mouth, casting a sidelong glance at Felicia.

      They stopped at a McDonald's on the way home and went through the drive-through. Felicia set the bag on the seat.  The french fries always have that scent that comes up out of the bag, and make you have to reach in the bag and have to eat one right away. This was what was happening to Sakura, and she reached for the bag.

      "Nuh uh!" Felicia saw her and moved the bag out of her reach. "Wait 'til we get home to eat," she said. Then, as an afterthought, she added, "And don't even THINK of reaching in there with your feet!"

      Sakura pouted for a second, then thought of something else. "Hey - what are we going to do tomorrow?"

      Felicia smiled. "That will be a surprise," she said.


Chapter 31


      Sakura awoke and stretched. For the first time in a few mornings, her hands and feet didn't bump the edges of the crib.  Instead, she felt her left hand bump a head full of hair.

      "Ump....hey..." Felicia rolled over and looked at her.

      "Oops...sorry.  Forgot where I was," Sakura said. Felicia had allowed Sakura to get into bed with her after Sakura had had a nightmare the night before.

      "Is your diaper wet?" Felicia asked sleepily.

      "Well, I did have that milkshake last night," Sakura said.

      "Mmm...and I'm SURE that extra bottle of milk you asked for before I put you down for the night had absolutely NOTHING to do with it," Felicia teased, as she reached over and checked her sister's diaper. She knew by now that Sakura actually wanted to wake in the morning in wet diapers. She just hoped that it WAS the milk products doing it. "Yikes...good thing we used the plastic pants Sis, you really soaked this one," she said, feeling how wet Sakura's diaper was.

      They got up, and Felicia proceeded to remove Sakura's pajamas, and then her wet diaper. She cleaned her up, and was about to put the clean diaper on her, when Sakura stopped her. "Wait - you forgot something..." she said.

      "What's that?" Felicia asked.

      Sakura blushed. "The..uh...the...welll. The training potty," she finally got out.

      Felicia giggled. She had wondered whether Sakura would think about it or not, actually. "Gee Sis....I hear you didn't have much use for one yesterday nor the morning before," she teased.

      "Aww, 'Licia..." Sakura said, embarrassed. "That wasn't MY idea. Or choice," she emphasized.

      Felicia lauged cheerfully. "Okay, okay,  I was just teasing." She got the pink potty chair and left Sakura to do her business, coming back a few minutes later, and praising Sakura like a toddler for using the potty. She gave Sakura another treat after cleaning her up and before putting the diaper on; she used the baby oil.

      After breakfast, and a few minutes which Felicia insisted upon making Sakura have her teeth brushed and her face, neck, and behind her ears washed, they went to the car with the diaper bag. Sakura still didn't know where they were going. She was dressed in a blue play dress that actually did a pretty good job of covering her diapers, and her hair was in two pigtails tied up with blue hair ribbons. She had anklet socks with Tiger on them, and cute tennis shoes on her feet. Her favorite pacifier was tucked away safely in her pocket, her having rescued it from the diaper bag earlier in the morning.

      Felicia was sure to turn some heads, dressed in a blue mini skirt, and a halter top. Her long blonde hair was tied back with a ribbon as well, in a single pony tail in the back. After a while, Sakura saw something above the treetops that made her heart jump.

      Ahead of them she could see a ferris wheel, a loop, and a few other rides she didn't recognize. "Felicia, is this..." she started, then she clapped her hands as they passed a sign stating that parking for the State Fair was just ahead.

      Felicia smiled. "I thought you might like it," she said. Sakura looked at her. "Well, okay. I was looking forward to it too," she admitted. "I don't know if they will have strollers or not," she added.

      "That's'd be more trouble than it is worth here anyway," Sakura said.

      "Considering some of the rides wouldn't let you ride under a certain age, I figured you might want to be a little less conspicuous," Felicia said. Sakura nodded, although she had no idea what "conspicuous" meant anyway. It sounded like it meant she didn't want to look like she was two today.

      They parked the car, and went through the gates. "Felicia, what about the diaper bag?" Sakura asked.

      " one will know it is for you. They'll just assume we are with someone who has a baby."

      "Oh. Okay." Sakura shrugged. They weren't in the fairgrounds for five minutes, however, when she suddenly froze.

      "What's wrong?" Felicia asked, seeing Sakura staring ahead of them. She followed Sakura's stare, and saw before Sakura even told her. "Uh-oh..."

      "It's LISA!" Sakura said. "And Nene, and Ashley! They can't know I am in diapers....what are we gonna do?"


Chapter 32


      Sakura stood frozen, watching her cousins and friend, until suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed her, pulling her off the main walkway and behind a few game booths.

      It was Felicia who had pulled her back. "The first thing to remember is not to panic," she told Sakura. "Your dress is long enough to cover your diapers as long as you are careful. You keep them occupied, and I'll sneak back to the gate and check your diaper bag in there. We can just go back that way if we need to change you; the baby changing area is back there anyway, and we can pick it up there when we leave. They never have to know."

      Sakura calmed down considerably.  The plan seemed simple enough to actually work. Hopefully. "Thanks, Sis," she said, and went to distract her cousins.

      "Hi Lisa, Nene! Hi Ashy!" she called out, walking toward them.

      "'Kura!" Said Nene, upon seeing her. "How are you?" she asked, hugging her. "I hear you are visiting with Felicia this week. ....Where is she?" Nene inquired.

      "Umm..she had to....go to the bathroom," Sakura thought quickly, almost adding a "Yeah! That's it!" to the end of it.

      "Oh. Ok. You don't have to go?" Lisa asked her. " are always running to the restroom in school."  Sakura hated it when Lisa did that. They may be going to the same school, but Lisa and Ashley were in a younger grade than Sakura. They were not aware of things like how often she might use the restroom during the day. For now, she ignored this.

      "Hi Sakura. I didn't know you were gonna be here," Ashley said to her.

      "Neither did I!" Sakura answered her. "Felicia surprised me with it!"

      Just then Felicia showed up, without the diaper bag slung over her shoulder. Sakura sighed with far so good. "Hi guys!" Felicia greeted them.

      Lisa knew from experience that the older girls liked to do different things than the younger. "Would it be okay if Sakura goes with us, and you two go together, and then we meet later on?" she asked.  Nene and Felicia both looked a little reluctant about this idea. Felicia would never let Sakura go off by herself, and Nene wouldn't let just Ashley and Lisa go alone, but with three of them....   "We'll stay together," Sakura offered.

      Nene and Felicia looked at eachother. "Well, ONLY if you stay together!" Felicia finally answered.

      Nene nodded assent. "And meet back near the gates and restrooms at 1:00 for lunch," she added.

      "Yay!" Yelled Lisa, who had been a little anxious to get away from Nene all morning. Not that she didn't LOVE Nene, but she wanted to do other stuff, and she knew Sakura and Ashley would as well. The two older girls watched the three younger go off, then turned to go the other way.

     "Er...Felicia, tell me something," Nene asked after a minute of silence between the two. Felicia looked at her questioningly. "Why is Sakura wearing a diaper?" Nene asked, to her shock.


Chapter 33


      “You KNEW?” Felicia asked. “Oh my gosh. Please don’t say anything to her about it. She’ll be so embarrassed.”

      “Felicia, relax. She’s my cousin, I wouldn’t purposefully embarrass her. Besides, what are YOU so worried about? She’s the one who’s diapered.”

      “Umm – I just wondered how you found out,” Felicia said, embarrassed by her outburst.

      “When I hugged her,” Nene explained. “I don’t think she even realized, I gave her a pat on the bottom when I hugged her, and it was very noticeable. To ME anyway,” she added, seeing Felicia’s worried look. “So, does she need them or something?”

      Felicia sighed. “I guess I might as well tell you, since you already know she is wearing a diaper. Remember when we were little, and sometimes when I would stay with you we would play baby, and then later sometimes we would make Lisa and Sakura be our “babies” when we played house and stuff?”

      Nene nodded. “Yeah, okay…so what does this trip down memory lane have to do with here and now?”

      “Well…’Kura remembered too,” Felicia said. “And apparently she really missed it. She asked me to play baby with her while she stayed with me this week. As far as the constant diapering, well, that was something I kinda made her do myself.”

      Nene giggled. “You mean she USES them too?” Nene asked. Felicia nodded. “Oh my gosh, that’s so CUTE!” Nene exclaimed. “I wish Lisa would let me do that to her!”

      Felicia shrugged. “Maybe she would. Sakura sure seems to enjoy it a lot. She’s even been sleeping in a crib, and using a bottle. And other things,” Felicia told Nene.

      “A crib? Where’d you get a crib?” Nene asked. Without waiting for an answer, she suddenly commented, “Hey – didn’t Sakura used to wet the bed?”

      “You knew about that too?” Felicia asked, surprised. “Sakura was certain only me and Mom and Dad knew about that.”

      “My Mom knew too cause you all stayed at our house a couple of times,” Nene answered. “You prolly didn’t know about it, but Sakura had to wear a diaper then too. I overheard my Mom and yours talking about it.”

      The two went on, going on many rides, and talking in between them. In truth, Felicia was enjoying having someone to tell about her fun with Sakura, while Nene was getting idea’s about what to do with Lisa, getting more and more determined to get Lisa to allow her to do some of these things with her.

      Meanwhile, the younger girls were having plenty of fun as well. Around noon, they passed a restroom, and a very relieved Lisa and Ashley both ran in.

      “Don’t you have to go YET, Sakura?” asked Lisa when they came out.

      Sakura shook her head, feeling the wet diaper around her hips. She had already wet it once on the Tilt-a-whirl, and again when they went on the Scrambler, and she also knew that if she didn’t get her diaper changed soon, she was going to leak or get a diaper rash, or both. She was having fun, but she needed to find Felicia and find a way to get her diaper changed. And she didn’t think there would be any way to do it without Lisa finding out.

      “How come you don’t have to go, Sakura?” Ashley asked. “You’ve been going all morning without using a bathroom. How do you do it?”

       Sakura sighed. They were going to find out anyway, she figured, so she’d just tell them now. “Promise not to laugh?” she asked them.

      The other two girls nodded, confused. “I’m wearing a diaper,” Sakura said.

      Lisa stared at her a second, then burst out in giggles. “SURE you are,” she said, believing Sakura was joking. “Hey…you’re getting better at jokes. You said that like you were completely serious.”

      Ashley, however, was looking toward Sakura’s backside. “I think she IS serious, Lisa,” she said. Sakura nodded.

      Lisa stopped giggling. “You’re – REALLY – wearing a DIAPER?” she practically squeaked. Again, Sakura only nodded. “WHY??” Lisa predictably asked.

      “Umm – cause I like to?” Sakura decided to just tell the truth.

      “Does Felicia know about this?” Lisa asked.

      Sakura nodded (again). “Actually, she changes me.” Sakura began relating to them about her desire to play baby, and Felicia’s rules. “I pretended not to like them all at first, but, I really loved them all,” she confided to her two peers.

      “Some of that sounds kinda fun,” Lisa said finally. “I wish Nene would pay that much attention to me. NOT that I want to wear DIAPERS or anything,” she added quickly as the other girls stared at her. She blushed hotly.

      “Well,” Ashley said, “It must be nice not having to use smelly public restrooms at least. And not have to worry about having an accident if you don’t get to one in time…”

      “They are also soft, and warm, and comfortable,” Sakura pointed out helpfully.

      “Yeah.  But I still don’t think you could get me to do it.”

      “Yeah. Me neither,” Lisa agreed.

      They both say in silence, looking at Sakura. Then, almost in unison, they both burst out with, “What’s it feel like?”

      Sakura giggled. “Hard to describe. Guess you’ll just have to try it yourself to find out.”

      “Eww. No way. Not me,” Lisa reaffirmed.

      “Me neither!” Ashley agreed with her. “Most likely,” she finally added, with a blush and a giggle. “Well…MAYBE I would,” she went on. “Just once, to see what it is like.”

      Lisa rolled her eyes at her two decidedly weird friends, unwilling to admit to anyone, even them, that she was just as weird.


Chapter 34


      Felicia and Nene were on their way back to the front gate to meet the younger girls when they saw them coming from the other direction.

      “We were just looking for you,” Ashley said.

      “Well I guess we don’t have to go all the way back up to the front gate, we can just go find some stuff to eat,” Nene reasoned.

      “Umm actually,” Sakura started.

      “Sakura needs to get her diaper changed,” Lisa blurted out, bringing a reproachful glance from her cousin. She shrugged and giggled. Actually she was half hoping to get to see Sakura get her diaper changed. Ashley blushed and tried to pretend she wasn’t there.

      “You told them?” Felicia asked Sakura, surprised.

      “I kinda had to.” Sakura offered no more explanation than that, and Felicia didn’t ask for any, happy that at least Sakura hadn’t asked why Nene wasn’t surprised about this revelation.

      “Her diaper bag is at the front,” Felicia told Nene. “I’ll just take her up and change her, and then we’ll come back and meet you girls.”

      Nene shrugged. “Ok. You might as well bring it back with you, since we all know now.”

      Felicia and Sakura started to the front. “Wait!” Lisa said suddenly. They all stared at her. “Umm…I wanna go too,” she confessed. Felicia looked at Sakura, who just shrugged.

      “Me too.” This time it was Ashley.

      Nene sighed and rolled her eyes. “Okay, we’ll ALL walk all the way back to the gate then.” Which was all of 100 yards away from them anyway.

      The lady who was checking bags stared at them a little strangely as the entire group of girls waited for one diaper bag – and not one of them had a baby with her. She decided it was just one of those weird new teen things. Just a few weeks ago she had seen a girl who had to have been 13 or 14 sucking on a pacifier!

      Nene leaned down to Sakura. “Say – Cous – (Sakura hated when Nene called her that) can I change your diaper?”

      Sakura blushed and became completely tongue tied. “Umm. uhh…well yeah.  I mean, I GUESS so. If you really want to that is. I’m pretty wet…” she finished weakly.

      “Thanks!” Nene took the bag from Felicia. “I’ll change her,” she said, going into the baby changing area with Sakura.

      “Oh.  Ok.” Felicia followed behind, oddly feeling a bit jealous. Lisa and Ashley also walked in, Lisa feeling a bit happy when she realized it was just a few rows of diaper changing tables. Sakura would have no privacy at all, and she would get to see the whole thing!

      Nene spread Sakura’s change pad out on the changing table, then picked Sakura up and lay her on it. Lisa stifled a giggle as Sakura’s skirt was pushed up and her very wet diaper was exposed. Nene tickled Sakura and treated her just like a baby as she untapped the wet diaper.

      As she cleaned Sakura with the baby wipes, she made sure they were out of earshot of her sister, then asked. “Okay, got any ideas of how I can get Lisa to go for something like this?”

      “Lisa??” Sakura giggled. “No way. You’ll never get HER in diapers.” She gasped a bit as Nene rubbed baby lotion in a very sensitive area.

      “Oh! Sorry,” Nene apologized to a flustered Sakura. She finished putting a dry diaper on her expertly.

      “Hey…I know something that just might work!” Sakura said suddenly, motioning for Nene to lean down so she could whisper in her ear.

      Lisa could hardly believe her luck. She actually got to stand there and watch the entire diaper change and Sakura hadn’t even made a fuss about it! But now, Sakura was whispering in Nene’s ear and they were both looking toward her, and she wasn’t sure she liked the smile on Nene’s face.


Chapter 35


      Nene helped Sakura down from the changing table, but left the changing pad there and went over to where the other girls were waiting. “Okay,” she said. “Now it’s time for YOU two to get diapered.”

      Lisa and Ashley both had shocked looks on their faces. Lisa’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. “Wha - WHAT?” she said.

      “You two both got to come in and watch Sakura get her diaper changed, and now it’s your turn to get ‘diaper changes’.” Nene explained. “Besides, I know you want to know what it feels like.”

      Ashley had already got over her shock. “Okay,” she agreed, holding her arms up like a toddler waiting to be picked up. Felicia smiled and picked her up, carrying her to the changing table next to Sakura’s, and laying her on it on her back after spreading out a disposable liner. She was already undoing Ashley’s jeans, while Nene still argued with Lisa.

      “Come ON, Lisa, it’s not that big a deal,” Nene told her.

      “NO. I don’t need diapers,” Lisa pouted.

      “Neither do they, and they are wearing them,” Nene motioned towards Sakura and Ashley. Sakura blushed - she was no longer sure she DIDN’T need diapers. Most of her wet diapers were more like accidents now instead of on purpose. Ashley was warming up to the fun very easily, now giggling and kicking her legs a bit like a toddler as Felicia unfolded a diaper and picked her up, laying the diaper under her.

      “You got to watch them, Lisa. Fair is fair,” Nene said, using the line from one of Lisa’s favorite movies. Moreover, Lisa was always very concerned with what was fair.

      “Oh, fine,” she finally said, sighing. “Put me in a diaper.”

      Nene laughed excitedly and plopped Lisa up on the changing table.

      “Do NOT get too used to this,” Lisa warned, wondering now if she had made a mistake. She watched as Nene undid her wrap-around skirt, laying it open, and then pulled a diaper from the diaper bag.

     “Cute panties!” Sakura commented with a smirk, upon seeing Lisa’s “Hello Kitty” panties.

      “Not as cute as yours!” Lisa retorted, forgetting for a second that she was soon to be wearing the very same thing.

      “Hey, Lisa....look!” Nene called her attention. She was holding up a pair of pink “Hello Kitty” plastic panties. Sakura giggled along with Ashley, who by this time was down from the table, a fresh diaper taped securely under her jeans.

      “Kinda puffy, aren’t they?” she asked Sakura, flexing her legs a bit. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk right.”

      “You’ll get used to it,” Sakura assured her. “You couldn’t tell I was wearing a diaper before I told you, could you?”

      “I guess not. I wasn’t paying all that much attention to your butt, Sakura,” Ashley said, trying to sound serious but breaking into a giggle. They turned their attention back to a VERY embarrassed Lisa, who was now laying naked from the waste down on the table, with a diaper spread out under her. Nene expertly applied baby lotion and powder, then pulled the diaper up between Lisa’s legs, wrapped the back flaps around, and taped them tightly.

      “It’s supposed to be tight,” she quieted Lisa’s objections. “You don’t want it to leak, do you?”

      “I guess not,” Lisa agreed before realizing what she was saying. Nene giggled as she realized it. “HEY!  I’m not gonna use it!” she insisted. Nene just pulled the plastic panties up over the diaper, tucking in all the stray edges.

      “How precious,” she teased, before pulling Lisa’s skirt back around and fastening it. She put Lisa back on the ground and said, “So, how does that feel to our new ‘diaper girls’?”

      “Actually, these are pretty comfortable,” Ashley said. “I think I kinda like it.” She looked down shyly.

      “Yeah, I guess it isn’t ALL that bad,” Lisa admitted. “And the plastic pants are cute.”

      “And they’ll help stop leaks,” Nene told her.
      “I’m NOT gonna USE them,” Lisa insisted again. Sakura, however, had other plans.

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Chapter 36


      After the girls ate (Sakura using her bib and bottle, much to Lisa’s delight, until SHE was made to use a baby bottle as well for teasing Sakura about it), they walked around and played games for awhile, waiting for their food to digest a bit before going on any more rides. Three of the five had all learned the hard way in the past what happens if you don’t wait!

      Nene won a big stuffed teddy bear and gave it to Lisa; then Felicia won one too. Felicia looked at Sakura, who seemed to already know what she was thinking and nodded. Felicia gave the bear to Ashley, making her very happy. This made Sakura happy too; she had been getting her big sister’s attention all week, but Ashley didn’t have any big sisters.

      Another thing that was going on was that Felicia and Nene were buying the girls as much as they could drink. The older girls both knew what the other was doing…trying to get the girls to wet their diapers. But the younger girls were completely naïve to it.

      “So how are you going to keep her from just going to a restroom?” Felicia asked Nene quietly when the three younger girls were interested in something else.

      Nene smiled. “Simple. We go on a lot of rides, first. Then, when we KNOW Lisa has got to be about to burst, we go get in a long line. She won’t want to leave the line ‘cause she’ll lose her place.”

      So that is just what they did. They went on three or four rides, and after the fourth, Sakura had already wet her diaper once. As they were walking to another, Ashley suddenly stopped walking for a minute.

      “What’s wrong?” Sakura asked. Ashley had a far away expression for a minute, then blushed and started walking again. Sakura giggled.

      “What?” Ashley asked.

      “You just wet your diaper, didn’t you?” Sakura asked her.

      “Did not!” Sakura just looked at her. “Well, okay, MAYBE I did,” she grudgingly admitted. “You still don’t hafta laugh at me.”

      “I wasn’t laughing AT you,” Sakura defended herself. “I was laughing WITH you. You’re just mot currently laughing. Besides, my diaper is wet too. We’ll get Felicia and Nene to change us after this ride.”

      “It doesn’t feel all that bad, does it?” Ashley said after a minute. “I think I can see why you like it.”

      Lisa, meanwhile, was having her own problems. She KNEW she should have gone to the bathroom before that last ride they went on. Now they were walking in a direction away from the restrooms, and towards a decidedly long line. “Umm, wait,” she said to Nene. Nene stopped and looked at her questioningly. “I hafta go back that way for a minute,” Lisa said, pointing back at the restrooms.

      “Come on, Lisa, they are already in line,” Nene pointed up to Felicia, Sakura, and Ashley, and hurried her sister toward them.

      “But NENE,” Lisa argued, uselessly. She stood in line, hopping from foot to foot.

      “There was a long line at the restroom anyway,” Nene told her. “I saw it. It was almost as long as this line.”

      Sakura was watching Lisa with some level of amusement. Finally, she blurted out, “Oh, just go in your diaper, for crying out loud!” causing a few people to turn and stare at them. All the girls blushed, and somewhere in her embarrassment, Lisa did let go and wet the diaper.

      Nene noticed right away that Lisa had stopped dancing around. Sakura did too, but decided not to say anything to Lisa about it. After a couple minutes of silence, Lisa just joined back in the fun like nothing had happened.

      Once they got off the ride (which was a roller coaster that made Nene wish SHE was wearing a diaper), they went back to the baby changing area, and Ashley had her diaper changed by Nene, while Sakura was changed by Felicia. “Now you,” Nene said to Lisa, as she lifted a freshly diapered Ashley down to the ground.

      “What do you mean? I don’t need one,” Lisa said defiantly.

      “Lisa, we all know you wet your diaper back there,” Nene told her. “Now come on, let me change you.”

      “I did not! I’m still dry – I don’t need diapers,” Lisa insisted, taking a step back.

      “Like this,” Felicia said to Nene, as she reached down, picked Lisa up easily, and plopped her down on her back on the changing table. Lisa pouted as Nene giggled, then pulled Lisa’s skirt open easily.

      “Wow Lisa, you couldn’t tell this diaper was wet?” Nene teased. “Maybe I’ll just have to start checking your diaper like a real baby.” Felicia whispered something in Nene’s ear, and Nene nodded. “Felicia’s getting low on diapers,” she said. “She expected to be taking care of one baby girl, not three.” Ashley and Lisa blushed. “There’s only enough disposable diapers left for two more changes. Do you want any more diaper changes while we are here?” Nene asked Lisa.

      “I’m not gonna wet anymore,” Lisa insisted.

      “That’s what you said last time,” Nene pointed out. “But, anyway, since you think you can keep dry longer…” she reached in the diaper bag, “you can wear the cloth diapers.” Lisa, who had been sure she was going to get out of diapers now, sulked a little more as Nene powdered her, and then pulled the cloth diapers tight and fastened them with diaper pins with bunny heads on the tips (which Ashley thought were “VERY cute!”) Then she pulled the plastic panties back up over the diaper, and refastened Lisa’s skirt, patting her on the diapered bottom as she put her back on her feet.

      “I like disposable diapers better,” Sakura said helpfully to Lisa.

      “Yeah, I think I do too,” Lisa said. Then realizing what she said, she quickly added, “IF I HAD to wear them, of course!”

      “Oh, of course,” Sakura agreed, nodding her head. Lisa looked at her, trying to decide if she was serious or not, then shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the diaper changing area, now with a slight waddle.


Chapter 37


      They stayed at the State Fair until 9:00, Sakura and Ashley both needing their diapers changed once again around 8:00, Ashley and Lisa going home in diapers. Before they left, Nene checked Lisa’s diaper, and announced to Lisa’s great embarrassment that she had once again wet her diaper. Lisa didn’t like the feel of the wet cloth diaper, and tried to get Nene to change her, even if into another diaper. Nene finally did, on the condition that Lisa would let her put her in diapers and treat her like a baby the next day, which would be Saturday (and Sakura’s last day before going home). Sakura had a feeling Nene would be trying everything she could think of to get Lisa in diapers from now on. She was also relieved about this, since now Lisa would not be able to tell anyone at school about Sakura being in diapers, since she had been as well.

      After they left, Felicia looked for a fast food place that would still be open. Finally she went through the drive-thru of a White Castle. Along with the hamburgers and French fries, she got two of the huge milkshakes, handing one over to Sakura, and telling her at the same time, “I’m putting you in double diapers tonight.” Sakura smiled and started right in on the milkshake.

      “I’ve been thinking, Sis,” Felicia said. Sakura looked at her questioningly. “You’ve wet the bed every single night you’ve been here,” Felicia went on. “Now, I know it’s because of the milk you’ve had every night, but we won’t have a chance to make SURE you haven’t lost your night time bladder control. Maybe you better take a few diapers home with you, and wear the first few nights, just to make sure.”

      “Okay!” Sakura said, a little too quickly. Felicia gave her a look with the raised eyebrow, and Sakura just pretended not to notice. Sakura had wanted to take some diapers home with her anyway, and had just been trying to figure out a way to bring this up. Then she thought of something. “What if I HAVE lost night time control?” she asked.

      “Well – hopefully if you have, it won’t take long for you to get it back. Just try some of the things you did last time.” Felicia tried to gauge Sakura’s reaction while still trying to pay attention to the road and drive. “Don’t worry,” she said, brushing Sakura’s hair back with one hand. “Everything will be fine.”

     “I think I need a bib,” Sakura commented, as part of the milkshake dripped on her shirt. “Or maybe a baby bottle.” A little more dripped.  “Maybe both.” Felicia dug in the diaper bag and passed the bib back to her.

       “Just use the straw for now. I’ll put it in a bottle for you when we get home.” Sakura tied the bib crookedly around her neck, having to have it fixed by Felicia.

      When they got home, true to her word Felicia put the remainder of the milkshake in a bottle for Sakura, although she had to mix a little more milk in it to thin it out. Before she did that, Sakura looked like a fish as she tried to suck the milkshake through the bottle’s nipple. Felicia had widened all the nipple holes when Sakura complained about how hard it was to suck on them before, but the milkshake was just very thick.

      After they were finished eating, and then after another hour, since Sakura convinced Felicia to let her stay up and watch the rest of the movie they had turned on on TV, Felicia carried Sakura back to the bathroom. Sakura had already stripped down to just her diaper earlier on, claiming to be hot, although Felicia was pretty sure Sakura just wanted to be in just her diapers for awhile. She lay Sakura down on her back on a towel, and turned the bathwater on, adding a bit of bubble bath, then turned back to Sakura and untapped the soaked diaper.

      “You almost leaked,” she told Sakura.

      “I didn’t want to miss any of the movie,” Sakura answered.

      “I would have just changed you on the living room floor,” Felicia told her. “It’s my fault anyways, I should have checked your diaper,” she went on. “Not that it really matters; you didn’t leak.”

      “That’s good. I don’t like it when my diaper leaks,” Sakura said, wrinkling her nose at the memory of her first day in diapers this week.

      “All part of being a baby,” Felicia told her, as she lifted Sakura up out of the wet diaper and put her in the bathwater.

      “Yipe!” Sakura jumped a bit.

      “I knew you were going to say it is too cold,” Felicia sighed.

      Sakura shook her head. “Too warm.” She giggled as Felicia rolled her eyes and added more cold water to the bath. She washed Sakura all over, then let her play in the bath awhile. Finally, she removed her from the bath, wrapping her in a huge towel. She dried her off, and then had Sakura lay on her tummy on the towel while she massaged her all over with baby oil. Sakura’s blissful feeling from that lasted through having her clean double diaper put on, then her dorm shirt, and being carried to her crib.

      Felicia tucked Sakura in, giving her a baby bottle, and turning out the light (making sure the nightlight was turned on). She sighed a bit sadly as she left the nursery and realized she would only get to do this one more night, then smiled as she knew Sakura would come for more visits.

Chapter 38

      Sunlight streamed in through the cracks in the miniblind when Sakura awoke. She stretched in her crib, enjoying the feel of her wet diaper for a moment. Finally she said, “I’m awake,” knowing that Felicia had the baby monitor on and would be listening for her.

      Sure enough, after a minute of waiting, Felicia breezed in, already dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. Sakura once again looked longingly at her sister’s long sexy legs. Then she looked back at her own and realized…they weren’t really all that bad.

      “Good morning, little sister. Did you sleep well?” Felicia asked her.

      Sakura nodded. “Like a baby,” she giggled.

      “Yes, I can see that,” Felicia said, running her fingers over Sakura’s diaper before lifting her out of the crib.

      Sakura shrugged. “It was a big milkshake,” she defended herself. Her diaper was very soaked, and she was happy Felicia had thought to double diaper her for the night. “Like you didn’t want me to be soaked this morning,” she accused. Felicia just smiled in response, and plunked her down lightly on the changing table. She quickly undid the tapes and pulled the wet diaper out from under her sister, rolling it up and tossing it in the diaper pail, which was about full now.

      “Wow,” Sakura said, staring at the diaper pail. “Did I wear all those?”

      “Well I don’t see any other little girls around here in diapers,” Felicia teased her. “And these are just the diapers you’ve worn here. Just think about how many diaper changes you’ve had while we were out this week.”

      “About 30,” Sakura said, causing Felicia to roll her eyes while she cleaned her up. Sakura always took everything so literally. After cleaning her up, Felicia lifted Sakura down from the changing table and sat her on the training potty, then left so Sakura could have a bit of privacy.

      “I’m done,” Sakura called out after a few minutes. Felicia came back in, cleaned Sakura’s bottom, and put a diaper on her for the day. She also dressed her in the Winnie the Pooh jeans she had bought for her on Sunday, as well as the shoes and socks and shirt that went with them.

      She then took Sakura in the bathroom and washed her face, hands, behind her ears, and brushed her teeth. Sakura was getting impatient; she never took this long at home. Besides, who really DID all this stuff every single morning, anyway?

      Felicia then took the brush and brushed her sister’s hair, parting it in the middle and once again putting it in braids. Sakura loved braids. Since it was summer right now, it was much cooler to have her hair up like this, and it held her hair back from falling over her face when she leaned forward. She wondered if she could get her Mom to continue braiding her hair after she went home – she didn’t think she could do it herself.

      Felicia smiled as she brushed the bangs down over Sakura’s forehead. Her sister had stopped wearing bangs just recently, one of the hazards of growing up. Sakura really looked much better with bangs, since her forehead was somewhat high.

      Finally they were done getting Sakura ready for the day, and Felicia picked her up and carried her to the kitchen. Idly, Sakura thought when she went home she was going to have to walk a lot to make up for this week. She didn’t want to get fat. Although a LITTLE fat in some places might be nice, she thought as she looked down at her straight body, looking for any signs of curves.

      Felicia put her in the high chair, popped open a jar of Gerber’s mixed fruit, and began to spoon feed Sakura after tying a bib around her neck. “How would you like to go to the playground today?” she asked Sakura, as she raised the baby bottle of orange juice to Sakura’s lips. She didn’t even need to hear the answer, as she read it in Sakura’s happy expression as her eyes lit up.

      Sakura’s love of the playground was not necessarily borne of her desire to play baby this week. She knew it might be silly for a girl her age, but she loved a playground, and Felicia knew it. She always had loved them, and truth be told, so had Felicia. Since Sakura was a bit smaller than most girls her age, she was able to get away with going on playgrounds and not being teased. Not that she would EVER want her friends from school to know that!

      “And then this evening, we’ll have supper with Stephanie and Megan,” Felicia went on. This drew more appreciative smiles from Sakura, although Felicia was looking forward to it as much as she was. As close as Sakura had become to Megan, Felicia was becoming to Stephanie, whom she could easily see becoming a “big sister” of sorts.

Chapter 39

      As they drove up to the playground, Sakura looked like a real toddler straining to get out of her carseat. “My, aren’t we impatient,” Felicia commented with a giggle, as she helped the wriggling girl out of her carseat. She barely had time to get the pink hat that matched the outfit on Sakura before she rushed off. She headed right where Felicia knew she would – the swings.

      Felicia sat down on a park bench, setting the diaper bag beside her, and began to read a book she had brought along. Sakura had looked briefly at the book earlier, commenting that it looked boring because it had no pictures – “How can you read a book that has no pictures?” For some reason, that comment made Felicia picture Sakura dressed in a blue dress with a white pinafore.

      Presently she heard a call. “Feliciaaa…” She looked up and saw Sakura sitting looking somewhat forlorn on one of the swings. “Come push me,” she requested, giving Felicia the Bambi eyes. Felicia smiled and went over to her. She eyed the height of the swings, and then picked Sakura up and moved her onto the highest swing.

      “Much easier on my back,” she told Sakura, who was actually pleased because in this case her feet didn’t even touch the ground, making her feel much littler. Felicia pushed Sakura on the swings for awhile, until Sakura tired of that and went to play elsewhere. As it turned out, Felicia also ended up playing with her for a little while on the teeter totter (which wasn’t too easy given their size difference), and finally ended up pushing her and eventually half a dozen other children on the merry-go-round. Her long legs made her an extremely fast pusher, and she was a hit with all the kids at the playground because of it. When Sakura began to look a bit jealous though, she took her and played with just her in the sandbox. This was, after all, Sakura’s week.

      Amazingly, through all this, none of the other children seemed to notice Sakura’s diaper. If they did, no one mentioned it or made a big deal about it. At one point during the course of the day, she found Sakura’s diaper in bad need of changing. Today was not really a day to allow Sakura the embarrassment of a public diaper change, and if she changed her in the playground restroom it could hardly be called anything but public with other little girls constantly running in and out. But, with nothing else viable, she picked up the diaper bag and led Sakura by the hand into the restroom.  Once inside, however, she was pleased to find a handicapped stall with a door. She took Sakura in there, and quickly changed her as she stood. 

      It seemed odd to Sakura to be changed while standing, but she wasn’t about to complain and end up having some of the other girls see her getting her diaper changed.  They might tell everyone! Felicia pulled the fresh diaper up snugly into her crotch and fastened it firmly. It was almost more snug this way than when she was diapered while laying down, Sakura noticed.

      After they came out and Sakura went back to playing, one little girl noticed the diaper bag near Felicia’s feet. “What’s that for?” she asked, pointing at it. “Do you got a baby sister somewhere?” She looked around the playground, presumably for a baby, as Felicia laughed.

      “You might say it is something like that,” Felicia answered her. The girl simply gave her a look that said she thought Felicia was decidedly weird, and went to the sliding board to play.

Chapter 40

      Sakura rang the doorbell, then squirmed a bit to try and get the diaper to stop chaffing her. Felicia laughed at her sister’s actions. “I’ll change you as soon as we get inside,” she promised.

      “Guess what!?” Megan said excitedly, as she threw open the door from inside, not even bothering to say hello first.

      Sakura didn’t care about “hello” either. “What??” she asked, stepping inside.

      “I gots disposable diapers now,” Megan said excitedly. “I get to test different brands of child size diapers.”

      “Apparently they don’t have a lot of luck finding good testers Megan’s age and size,” Stephanie said, coming up behind Megan. “Megan wears a diaper, uses it, and then rates it for absorbance, comfort, ability to stop leaks, discreetness, and the like. Maybe you should try to sign up for it, Sakura,” she said, running her fingers through Sakura’s hair.

      “Ummm…I don’t think Mom would like that too much,” Sakura answered. Although she was DYING to get to do something like that! Megan was so lucky.

      “Your Mommy wouldn’t like unlimited free diapers for you?” Megan asked. Sakura realized she had never really told Megan that her parents didn’t know about her diaper wearing. She shrugged in answer.

      Since Felicia had explained it to Stephanie, she understood, but told Sakura, “Sometimes parents can surprise you. They understand things a lot more than you think they do.”

      Sakura thought about it, then shook her head. Not HER mother. “Your Mommy doesn’t know?” Megan asked her. Sakura shook her head.

      “The only people who know are us, and my cousins and friend I saw at the fair yesterday,” she answered. “I haven’t tried to wear diapers at home since Felicia and I used to play this when she lived at home and babysat me.”

      “Yeah but you sure have taken easily to using them again,” Felicia said, grinning. “She needs changed,” she said to Stephanie.

      “Megan, show Felicia where your nursery is so she can change Sakura’s diaper,” Stephanie ordered as she went back to the kitchen. Megan grabbed Felicia’s hand and skipped up the stairs to her nursery. When they went in, they saw five crates of different types of diapers sitting on the floor.

      “Jeez!” was all Sakura could say, staring at the huge amount of diapers. “You really have gone from rags to riches, in the diaper department,” she giggled.

      “Yeah,” Megan said. “It’s like 500 diapers or something. That’s a quarterly supply.” Felicia lifted Sakura up on the changing table, and pulled down Sakura’s jeans. Megan seemed content to stay and watch. Sakura didn’t seem to care, so Felicia didn’t say anything. “Jeez Sakura, you really soak your diapers,” Megan commented. “You should wear one of these.” She held up a purple diaper. “It’s called Molicare, and is REALLY thick. Just right for heavy wetters like a certain little girl on the changing table right now,” she giggled.

      “Hey – I’ve heard of these,” Felicia said, taking the diaper from Megan. “I didn’t think they made them small enough for Sakura.”

      “They don’t. At least not yet. That’s why I get to test them,” Megan explained. “I also have diapers they don’t make big enough for me and ‘Kura – yet. This crate is Huggies, and this one is Pampers,” she said. “The other two are called Snuggles, and Teen Spirit.” She giggled again as she said the last one.

      Felicia had finished cleaning Sakura by now, and slipped the Molicare under her, powdering her bottom (much to Megan’s amusement), and letting her down on the diaper. “Jeez – how thick IS this thing?” Sakura exclaimed, trying to look down at it. Felicia pulled it up through her legs, and fastened it. “It feels like a pillow between my legs!” Sakura flexed her legs, and Felicia noted it was extremely thick, as well as rode up high in the back.

      “Yeah,” Megan answered as she blushed. “Feels kinda good, huh?” Felicia had a feeling Megan had discovered a certain part of her body and how nice diapers could make it feel, from her reaction. She had to choke back an impulse to giggle.

      “Sakura, your jeans aren’t going to fit over the diaper,” Felicia said, as she put Sakura on the floor.

      Sakura shrugged. “Really?  Oh well.”

      “Somehow I didn’t think you would mind,” Felicia said, humored. She put the wipes and the baby powder away, then started to leave.

      “Ummm, Felicia?” Megan said, stopping her.

      “Yes, Megan?”

      “Ummm…” Megan blushed and stared at her feet.

      “Oooh!” Felicia understood, and picked Megan up, plopping her down on the changing table. She changed Megan into a Huggies diaper while Sakura watched. Megan had messed her diaper, and Sakura wrinkled her nose as she noticed this.  She also noticed that Felicia didn’t seem bothered by it at all, and changed Megan’s messy diaper just as though she were changing Sakura’s wet diaper.

      Megan opted not to wear her pants either, and Felicia laughed to herself as she watched the two diapered bottoms wiggling as the girls went down the stairs to the kitchen.

Chapter 41

      Felicia went to the bathroom to wash her hands, and by the time she made it downstairs Stephanie already had the two younger girls helping. Sakura was setting the table, while Megan was attempting to toss the salad. There were two high chairs at the table this time.

      “What are all the other diapers like?” Sakura asked Megan.

      “Dunno about all of them yet,” Megan said. “We haven’t even had time to open all the boxes yet. I’ve tried the Molicare, Huggies, and Pampers. Molicare is great at night cause it is so thick, and the Pampers feel pretty good too. But I think I like Huggies best.”

      “Why’d you give ME the Molicare then?” giggled Sakura.

      “Cause YOU needed it.  It’s the thickest!” Megan giggled back.

      Sakura pretended to pout. It wasn’t HER fault Felicia had given her three bottles of Coke at lunch. In truth, she DID like the Molicare, but she was hoping to wet it enough to get changed again before they left. She wanted to try Huggies.

      At this point Stephanie came over and lifted Megan first, then Sakura into the two high chairs. She and Felicia tied bibs on the girls, and Stephanie locked the tray tables into place. She brought over the tray of chicken, and the bowl of salad, and the corn and sat the bowls on the tables.

      “That doesn’t look like much food for four,” Megan said doubtfully.

      “That’s because it is only for two,” Stephanie said. “We have something different for the babies.” She held up several empty jars of Gerber’s Baby Food.

      Sakura’s eyes got wide. “You said I wouldn’t have to eat baby food!” she accused Felicia. “I don’t like it.”

      “Neither do I,” agreed Megan, although it was likely she hadn’t actually tried any. She crossed her arms decisively as Stephanie placed the bowl of baby food in front of her.

      “Baby Girls who eat all their baby food get chocolate pudding for desert,” Stephanie said nonchalantly. Megan looked unsure for a moment, then quickly picked up her spoon and began to eat the baby food.

      Sakura still didn’t want to be swayed. “When was the last time you had any baby food, other than the bananas, which as I recall you liked the other day?” Felicia asked her.

      “I guess not since you used to feed it to me when we played this before,” Sakura said. “But I remember; I didn’t like it.”

      “Any other foods you didn’t like then that you like now?” Felicia asked her, knowing full well there were many.

      “Well…” Sakura looked at the food.

      “Besides, what I used to feed you was peas. This is chicken and squash,” Felicia told her.

      “Squash?” Sakura wrinkled her nose, but picked up her spoon and took a tentative bite. After a moment, she took another bite, and didn’t argue any more after that.

      “This stuff isn’t half bad,” Megan said helpfully. She even had seconds. Since Sakura had been good and ate all her baby food (even though Felicia could tell she wasn’t fond of it at all), Felicia let her have some chicken and corn as well. They all enjoyed chocolate pudding (ANOTHER dairy product that would almost certainly make her wet her diaper tonight, Sakura realized) for desert.

      “Too bad I don’t just regularly wear diapers to bed at least,” Sakura said presently, going on to explain her bedwetting and the reason for it to Megan and Stephanie. “I really like ice cream and pudding. Sometimes even cheese gets me.”

      Before they left, Sakura had her diaper checked. “The diapers really are absorbent, Sakura.  I don’t think you NEED changed yet.” Sakura looked longingly at the Huggies.

      Stephanie laughed. “Here,” she said, taking Sakura’s diaper bag. She removed the Pampers size 6, and filled it with 3 Molicares, 3 of the Pampers Megan was testing, which were different than the size 6 Sakura had, and 5 of the Huggies diapers. Sakura thanked her and hugged her.

     When they left Sakura felt sad since she knew she would really miss Megan and Stephanie. She hoped she would visit again soon.

Chapter 42

      Sunday had finally come, Sakura’s last day. She really wasn’t looking forward to leaving, but she was looking forward to getting back home. Much as she liked her “nursery” here, she missed her room, her friends, and her kitty.

      She was awakened earlier than usual by Felicia, who said they were going to go to church today. Sakura stretched comfortably, having been given a bath and having her hair washed by Felicia last night before she went to bed. She noticed that, of course, her diaper was soaked. She had worn one of the Huggies, and couldn’t decide whether she liked it or the Molicare more.

      Felicia convinced Sakura it would be much quicker if she just pooped her diaper this morning. She went ahead and did it, but hated the feeling of the messy diaper. Luckily Felicia changed her diaper right after she did this.

      After this, and the washing of her face, hands, neck and behind her ears (amidst complaints to Felicia that she just had a bath last night), and brushing her teeth, Felicia took her back to the room, and set her on the changing table, going to the closet. When she turned around with a dress on a hanger, Sakura’s mouth dropped open.

      “Aww… C’mon Felicia! Not that!” Felicia was holding the pink ruffled dress with the matching ruffled panties that they had disagreed about buying the first day. Sakura had forgotten all about it.

      “Come on, Sakura.  I’ve been waiting all week to see you in this!” Felicia said, using her sister’s own patented Bambi Eyes look against her.

      “Ohhh…” Sakura looked at Felicia’s face. She HAD been very nice to her this week, with all the babying and taking her places, and even buying her clothes. She sighed – “Oh, okay.” Felicia giggled excitedly and began to dress Sakura. She felt like a little girl with her favorite doll. “Where’d you learn to do that face anyway?” Sakura asked.

      “Where’d *I* learn it? Who do you think YOU learned it from?” Felicia informed her. She finished putting the dress on her, than pulled a pair of tights up Sakura’s legs that she never noticed before. Over them, she pulled the matching panties, and just as she thought, they fit well over Sakura’s diaper, and made it very obvious she was wearing one. She brushed Sakura’s hair, adding a few barrettes and a bow, then stood back to admire her work. “It’s perfect!” she declared, fixing the ruffles straight across Sakura’s bottom.

      “It’s embarrassing,” Sakura said, upon looking in the full length mirror. But inwardly, she knew it was drop dead cute. Felicia had added a pair of pink patent leather mary janes. When Sakura asked where these came from, Felicia once again used her old excuse.

      “Yae used to babysit a lot.”

      “That doesn’t explain why you have a pair of shoes like this,” Sakura said, following Felicia down the hall. “Felicia…”

      “I have to get dressed yet,” Felicia cut her off. “I’ll be right out.” Right out turned into being fifteen minutes. Sakura reflected that this would have been plenty of time for her to use the potty instead of messing her diaper this morning, if Felicia would have just got dressed then.

      In contrast to Sakura’s very short dress, Felicia was wearing a long dress. While Sakura wore her hair down today, Felicia had put hers up. The two made a very pretty pair as they went to church.

      In Bible Class, Sakura ended up in a class of toddlers and preschoolers. Some of them teased her. “I don’t hafta wear diapers anymore,” one three year old told her proudly, lifting her dress to show her panties to prove it. Sakura was just happy none of them knew how old she REALLY was.

      During the worship service, one of the church ladies got Felicia to let Sakura sit with her. “She’s such a CUTIE!” the older woman gushed. Sakura wet her diaper about midway through the sermon, and it didn’t take the woman long to notice. “Did the baby girl wet her diaper, den?” she said, getting the diaper bag. Sakura thought they would get up and go to the nursery, but the woman just spread the changing pad out on the pew beside them. She lay Sakura down and pulled her panties and tights down, and went about changing her diaper right where anyone who happened to look their way could see. She looked back a few rows and saw Felicia watching her with a bemused expression on her face.

      She was brought back to Felicia at the end of the service, and Felicia took her hand and began walking her out. “Shut up,” Sakura said.

      “What? I didn’t say a thing,” Felicia giggled. But she could tell being changed in the auditorium like that was just about Sakura’s limit (and something she never would have done to her), and didn’t push her any further by teasing her about it.

Chapter 43

      They went out for pizza after church, and Sakura calmed down considerably. She even admitted to Felicia that she somewhat liked the dress, and asked for a high chair, bib, and bottle.

      After eating, they got home quickly, since they had a good deal of work to do before their parents arrived to take Sakura home. First they had to get Sakura changed. Felicia put her on the changing table one more time, and took her wet diaper off. “Remember to use the potty now!” she admonished, as she put a pair of thick training panties she had bought especially for Sakura’s first few days back in panties, just in case. Sakura felt weird being dressed in panties, like it had been much longer than a week, and missed her diapers! Then Felicia put her in a pair of new shortalls.

      They packed Sakura’s suitcase, Felicia putting some of Sakura’s new outfits (including the Sailor Girl Outfit) in it, and keeping several (like the pink dress she wore this morning) there for when Sakura visited again. They were able to get 15 diapers into the bottom of the suitcase. “This will be good for two weeks,” Felicia told Sakura. “I know you WANT to wet them, but try to stay dry. If you have lost control, it’s going to take a little time to get it back, and once these are gone you may have a lot of trouble getting more diapers past Mom and Dad. Also, remember not to let Mom help you unpack.” Sakura nodded. This was a lot to remember.

      Next there was the apartment. They cleaned it quickly, and gathered all the baby bottles, pacifiers, and such they saw into the nursery, shutting the door. Felicia showed Sakura how the door could lock. “If Mom asks, I’ll just say it’s storage, and I’d have to look for the key,” she said.

      Just as they sank down onto the couch after finishing, there was a knock on the door. Felicia opened it, and hugged her mother, Li Chung, who was standing there. “Mommy!” Sakura shouted, completely unable to stop herself from this child-like reaction. She ran to her mother and hugged her.

      “Oh!” Li hugged her daughter, taken back by this outburst. Sakura hadn’t called her “Mommy”, or hugged her like that in a long time. She certainly had  missed it.

      They talked for a few minutes, mostly about a few places they had gone to during the week (of course leaving out any mention of the diapers), and about their new friends, Stephanie and Megan, and Felicia mentioning they had got a few clothes for Sakura, since when Sakura wore the new outfits (the ones she could get away with) her mother would wonder where she got them.

      Finally, Li said they needed to get going, and that their Dad was waiting in the car. “He probably just went to sleep,” Sakura giggled. Their Dad usually did, and rarely realized how long they might be gone. Li said she would go to the bathroom, and then they would take Sakura’s things to the car.

      “So what all have you two been doing this week?” Li asked after she came out of the bathroom.


      “Oh just this and that.” Felicia winked to Sakura.

      “Ahh. I see.  Well, I really wondered because a question occurred to me  while I was in there,” she explained. “Why are there all those diapers in the bathroom trash can?”

      Felicia choked, and Sakura turned red. They had both forgotten all about that when they cleaned up the apartment! “I thought you got that!” Felicia whispered to Sakura.

      “I thought YOU did…” Sakura hissed back.

      “I’m waiting for an answer, girls,” Li warned them. Sakura and Felicia looked at each other; neither coming up with a viable excuse.

      “Shoot,” Felicia finally said.

      “Oh, FELICIA!” her mother said. “Have you been keeping your sister in diapers??” Both girls’ mouths dropped open. “Now just because YOU liked that does not mean SHE would!” Li scolded.

      “Huh??” Sakura was shocked!

      Felicia turned bright red. “Umm – she doesn’t know anything about that,” she replied weakly.

     Li turned to her younger daughter. “When you were a baby, and even before you were born, Felicia used to come to me and practically beg me to put her in diapers and treat her like you. I don’t think she ever went a full week when she was your age without wearing diapers at least once. I even bathed you together a couple times, and once or twice she slept in your crib with you.” She sighed. “I’m sorry – apparently she thought you would like it just because she did.” She gave Felicia a somewhat angry look.

      It was starting to sink in to Sakura, as Felicia flashed her a helpless look, her eyes begging Sakura to say something.

      “Mom,” Sakura began, then gulped. “Umm – this wasn’t Felicia’s idea,” she confessed. “She didn’t even suggest it. I asked her to baby me. I’ve been wanting her to for a long time!” She held her breath.

      “Why didn’t you just tell me?” Li asked her after a minute of silence. “I would have babied you if you wanted.”

      “Wait a minute Mom!” Felicia said. “You USED to baby me with Sakura, but after a few months you told me I was too old for that, and wouldn’t do it anymore!”

     “Felicia…” Li sighed again. “Look – children aren’t the only people who change you know. Parents change too. You don’t automatically stop growing just because you become a parent, and you don’t have all the answers. You just do your best and pray you raise your kids right!” She paused, then took Felicia’s hand, her eyes misty. “When you were that age, and I was caring for Sakura – it was so hard to take care of two ‘babies’. Especially when one was as big as you. But – maybe I made a mistake by making you stop. I’m so sorry if I did.”

     She turned and took Sakura’s hand. “If you still want to be a baby, that’s fine with me. I will take care of you like that if it is what you really want. Besides, you’re my baby – my last. I don’t mind anything that is going to let me keep my baby girl around longer.”

      Felicia and Sakura stared in amazement. Neither could have even dreamed their mother felt this way. Sakura was the first to jump into her mother’s embrace, quickly followed by Felicia.

      The door suddenly popped open. “Hey!” it was their Dad. “What’s going on up here? I’ve been waiting forever down in the car.” He took in the faces of the three female members of his family. “Something wrong?” he asked with concern.

      Sakura sniffled. “Nope,” she answered.

      Felicia wiped tears from her eyes. “Not a thing,” she answered.

      Li smiled. “It’s just a ‘girl thing’, dear,” she told him. “We’ll be down in a minute.”

      After he left, Sakura looked at Felicia. “I don’t believe you!” she said. “ ‘Yae used to babysit a lot.’” She rolled her eyes.

      “She DID,” Felicia defended herself. Then a little giggled escaped her. “She used to babysit ME a lot!”

      “Well, I think there is one thing we need to do before leaving,” Li said, looking at Sakura. “Have you used a potty at all this week?”

      “Just for pooping,” Sakura admitted.

      “I don’t want ANY accidents on the way home!” Li said. “So I think you better just wear a diaper home.” She carried a smiling Sakura to the nursery, and Felicia unlocked the door so they could enter. Li smiled as she saw the nursery her younger daughter had been sleeping in all week.

      “Well, if you insist,” Sakura said, actually relieved. Her mother pulled the shortalls down (with a lot less difficulty than Felicia had had with the overalls earlier in the week), and laughed a little when she saw the training panties, playfully scolding Felicia and telling her Sakura obviously wasn’t old enough for these yet. She then diapered her daughter lovingly. She was as good at diapering as Felicia was, Sakura thought.

      Felicia watched the process, wondering just how much her mother would accept. Finally, as she did Sakura’s overalls back up over the diaper, she decided to give it a shot. “Ummm…Mom? ….Mommy?” Li looked up, with a little smile, as though she already knew what was coming. Felicia reached in the closet and pulled out one of her Attends diapers. “Could you make that TWO to diaper?” she asked shyly. Li was already pushing Felicia’s dress up before she finished asking.

The End (for now……)

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Hey all,

Was looking through my referrers, and noticed one coming back pretty high which was leading to this particular page. So I decided to check.  Looks like someone on ADISC reviewed tis story.  Wish he would have told me so I would have seen it sooner (although it hasn't been all that long). I was happy to see it and he could have posted it here if he wanted to.

Not sure if he reviewed any more of mine, but he says he wants to do my sequels to this. lol I think he'll probably allude to what I have always thought about the first sequel - Sakura Comes To Stay - I screwed it up by having two plot lines. Technically it should have been two separate stories (the second being Sakura Goes To Camp), but the first one was a bit short. There are a few continuity errors as well ... in some places I have Sakura being allergic to dairy products, and in some it is Coke. Keep in mind I wrote these over a period of several years and never professionally edited them.

I'd say the review is pretty balanced. I thought he'd rip it to shreds, and in some factors he did but mostly it seems he was fair. He is right that there is no real conflict here ... but I think that may be one part of makes it so popular. He doesn't like the ending, but ... too bad.   lol  He touches on another thing I always thought - the part about the fair is pretty unnecessary - I added it in because it describes another day of Sakura's visit. He missed the point of why I had the clues to what Felicia is and why I keep having her say "Yae used to babysit a lot" at the beginning - they were put there on purpose. I used them to refer back at the end, so I could tie up all the "loose ends". He also missed a lot of the humor.

I tried to page back through to see what others he may have reviewed, but ADISC has this annoying rule about showing you 5 pages and then blocking you until you register. I AM registered there (even have a couple posts), but lord knows I have no idea what my login details were.  lol 

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Would love for you to continue these stories

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