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Baby Actress – A Story for my Fairy Baby

      hurried to the bulletin board as she got out of her last class. Usually she would be in a hurry to get to her locker so she could get her books and get out of here as fast as possible, but today was the day they would post on the bulletin board the names of those who got a part in the play. Usually she hated school – the play was the only good part about it, and definitely the ONLY thing that could get her to hang around the school building any longer than was absolutely necessary.

      As she neared the bulletin board, she felt a familiar signal from her bladder, but didn’t worry about it. There was already a crowd gathered around the bulletin board, but easily maneuvered her tiny body up to the front of the crowd. “’Scuse me, ‘Scuse me,” she said, ducking under the arms of several basketball players.

      “Hey, who let a Kindergartner in here?” she heard someone say snidely. She turned to see Dana, her worst enemy. “Oh, it’s just the high school BABY,” Dana said, with a mean laugh. opened her mouth to retort, but couldn’t think of anything to say. She hated that – she always thought of great comebacks; they were just much too late in coming to her mind. “Aww – is she gonna cry?” Dana said derisively, laughing again. Dana turned and began making her way through the hallway, tossing back over her shoulder, “See you in play practice, BABY.”

      swallowed hard, determined not to let the hot tears in her eyes overflow onto her cheeks and prove Dana right. Why did she always have to be so mean? never did anything to her! Then she realized what Dana had said…”See you in…?” She turned to the board again and found the paper with the alphabetic list of names, immediately scanning to the end of the list, where her name almost always ended up.

     “Yes!” she said jubilantly, immediately blushing at her outburst and covering her mouth. At least by now most of the crowd had thinned, and not too many people heard her. She looked at the list again and located other names she recognized – her friend Tiffany had also made it, and Dana was also on the list. They would have to wait until the first meeting, tomorrow at lunch, to see what their parts were, but Elizabeth was pretty sure she already knew hers – one part in the play called for a toddler, and she was just about the right size for that, she thought, looking down at her short body. Closer than anyone else in High School, anyway.

      She felt the signaling from her bladder again, and taking a quick glance around her, she simply relaxed and let the warm stream run. What would Dana say if she knew just how much like a real baby she was, thought as she drenched her pull-up. No matter, she would just make sure Dana would never find out about her attraction to diapers, and the fact that she wore pull-ups to school and Pampers diapers at home almost exclusively now.

     had known about her attraction for several years now.  At first it scared her. She was sure that she must be the only person in the whole world that actually WANTED to wear diapers, and surely it must mean she was crazy. But then last year she had been given a computer, and her own account to use the Internet, and she had stumbled upon a few sites talking about “Adult” and “Teen Babies”. She was so relieved to find out she wasn’t the only one, and finally got the courage to start posting a story she had started writing that involved a character in diapers on one of the message boards. It was well received, and she even started talking to a couple of people who also liked wearing diapers on Instant Message.

      During one of these times talking to someone, her sister Rebekah had come into the room to ask her something. hadn’t noticed her standing there until it was too late, and Rebekah had seen the conversation she had been having. The next day she confronted with it, and had poured out her heart to her sister. In a way, it felt good to finally have someone close to her to confide in. Rebekah had actually taken her to one of the stores and bought her a package of small adult diapers to try. had thought about writing a story about it, but it just sounded too much like of those generic diaper stories, even though in her case it was true.

      After awhile, started having bedwetting accidents. She had been somewhat perturbed by it, but immediately realized the possibilities.  She wet a few times, then steeled her nerves to ask her mother if she could wear diapers to bed. Her mother had bought her Pampers size 6 – baby diapers actually still fit her since she was so small. started wearing Pull-ups in the day time, and finally her mother one day asked her if she liked diapers. She broke down and cried, worried what her mother must think, but she only hugged her and told her it was all right. Nothing more was said about it from then on. Rebekah, meanwhile, loved to baby every chance she got.

      started wearing Pull-ups to school more out of necessity than anything else. Her constant diaper use at home seemed to be having an effect on her toilet training, and she had a couple accidents in school. Better to wear a Pull-up than end up with wet pants! After awhile, she didn’t even bother using the restroom unless she really needed to change into a dry Pull-up early – she never liked the school restrooms anyway. Girls who liked to smoke usually hung out in them, and almost always ended up choking from the cigarette smoke.

      The Pull-up she had on now was pretty wet, and she wasn’t looking forward to the long bus ride home in it. She knew she should probably change it, but if she took the time to do that she would probably miss the bus, so instead she got her books that she had homework in quickly from her locker and rushed out to the bus.

Chapter 2

      winced as she felt the Pull-up squish when she plopped down into the seat next to Tiffany. “If I had a car, like you, I would not be riding on this bus,” she complained in greeting to Tiffany. “And neither would my friends…”

      “Well, good afternoon to you too,” Tiffany answered. “And you would as soon as you realized that you could either pay for gas, or ride the bus for free.  Or were these ‘friends’ you mentioned going to chip in for gas?”

      sighed.  She didn’t like the bus much to begin with, since it was loud, crowded, and slow; but with the squishy Pull-up it was even less fun, if that were possible. “What’s wrong?” Tiffany asked. “I saw you made the play – I figured you’d be pretty happy.”

      brightened at the mention of the play. “Yeah!  And you’re in it too!  This will be lots of fun. Of course, they had to go and pick DANA too…” She wrinkled her nose cutely, causing Tiffany to laugh.

      “She is a good actress though,” Tiffany reminded her.

      “Oh, I KNOW it – she almost successfully acts like a human being every day.”

      “She’s not THAT bad,” Tiffany said. Well of course she isn’t that bad to Tiffany, thought. They aren’t in the same grade – Tiff is older. Who ever heard of a Sophomore bullying a Senior?

      “So is Dana being in the play the only thing that is bothering you?” Tiffany pressed.

      sighed again. “No. I…” She shifted in her seat and felt wetness on the back of her legs. “Oh NO!”

      “What?” Tiffany asked , looking concerned.

      “I umm…I leaked…” told her with a blush.

      “Oh is that all?” Tiffany knew all about wearing diapers. After Rebekah found out about liking to be babied, she had messed up one night and told Tiffany about it. was hurt and felt like Rebekah had betrayed her, but later she forgave her, especially since Tiffany accepted it and was still her friend. In fact, Tiffany and Rebekah took her with them to the mall once, and treated her like a toddler during the trip, which she enjoyed a great deal. Thus, since she knew about the diapers, she wasn’t too surprised about ’s leak. “Stand up a little so I can see how bad the damage is.”

      After making sure no one was watching, pushed up a bit in the seat so Tiffany could see. “Oh, it’s not too bad. Just looks like you have Cheshire Cat smiles on your butt,” she giggled.

      “What am I gonna do?” said, trying to keep her voice low. “I can’t let anyone see this!”

      “Here.” Tiffany took ’s jacket off, and tied it around her waist so that it hung down low enough to cover her butt.

      “It looks like I am trying to hide something,” she observed, looking at it.

      Tiffany shrugged. “Boys are clueless, and girls will just think your pad leaked. It happens to all of us.”

      “Tiffany, I have Turner’s. I don’t even HAVE a peri…” started before Tiffany put her hand over her mouth.

      “Yes, but no one will KNOW that if you don’t TELL them, will they?”

      “Oh.” looked down at herself again. “Well, maybe it will work.” She looked back up at Tiffany and smiled a little. “Thanks.”

      “No problem. It’s kinda cute having a cute little sister to protect,” she said, trying to keep a straight face. stuck her tongue out at her.

Chapter 3

      got to her house without any more incident and made her way to her bedroom to change out of the wet pull-up and into a diaper. Anymore, that was all she wore under her clothes - Pull-ups when she went out (and when her mother's boyfriend came over), and diapers at home. She hadn't worn panties in quite awhile, and she also had not used the potty for peeing in quite awhile. It was much easier (and fun and even comforting) to just let it out into the waiting padding of a diaper.

      As she lay on her changing pad (sent by a special friend in a diaper bag full of surprises for at Christmas) and slipped her wet pants off, she wished Rebekah were here to baby her. It wasn't fair that Rebekah was off at college, having fun and getting to do whatever she wanted while Elizabeth was still stuck here at home, even if she WAS four years older. When Rebekah was home, she would bathe , diaper her, and feed her a baby bottle, but when Rebekah went back to college, she had to do it all herself. Still, it did feel good, even if she had to do it herself, and she sighed happily as she pulled a diaper snugly into place and taped it.

      Of course, when Rebekah was home, she ALSO made use her diapers exclusively, for everything, and she wasn't sure she liked that part much. A few times she had put her in an old high-chair, tied a bib around her neck, and fed her baby food. Some of this was okay, but some of it Liz was not especially fond of. She was sure if Rebekah thought she could get away with it, she would put the crib back up in Liz's room and make her sleep in it. With Liz's size, she would still fit, and she probably wouldn't be able to get out without help either. Beckah would just love that. Her sister had progressed from being mildly shocked at her desires, to being very happily involved in it in a very short time. Sometimes was still pretty sure her sister had a sadistic side to her.

      She popped her pacifier (also a gift from her special friend) into her mouth, slid off the pad and padded over to the mirror. She also slipped off her shirt as she got there, and stared at herself in the full length mirror (which shouldn't really be "full length", but for Liz's height, it was). "Just like a toddler," she said quietly to herself, and it was true. Turner's Syndrome had kept her from maturing, so even at 14, she looked about four, especially with the thick diaper encasing her bottom and hips. People very rarely guessed she was over 7, except when she talked to them for awhile, and with her shyness, it only compounded her youthful appearance. She turned and looked at her diapered bottom. "Well, at least I'm cute!" she thought, with a small giggle.

      Last year, 's mother had diapered her, but it didn't look like she would do it anymore. She never offered, and Liz was too embarrassed to ask. At least she kept Elizabeth well stocked for diapers and Pull-ups, which was a good thing, since it wasn't actually a choice anymore - she pretty much needed diapers now. She would probably need to be re-potty trained to get out of them, and since she had no motivation to, it would be unlikely to even work.

     Without bothering to put anything on over her diaper and still sucking on her pacifier , she went to the kitchen and got a few cookies. As an afterthought, she went back to her room, and returned with her baby bottle, filling it with chocolate milk.  She was particularly enjoying being a baby right now, and was not ready to stop yet. She found that it actually helped her to finish up her homework, and "Daddy" (what she called her special friend), would NOT be pleased if she didn't do her homework. She didn't want a spanking, even if it WAS just a cyber-spanking. Besides, he had once told her teasingly that he had kept notes of every spanking she received on AIM, and once she was old enough and they met in person, he would then give them to her for real - she half believed he may be serious about that. After all, she DID really deserve most (if not all) of the spankings he gave her. She didn't mind them as much either - it meant he cared about her, and the cuddling after a spanking was comforting.

      She finished up her homework pretty quickly. It never took her long anyway, and she always did some of it in Study Hall at school. Actually, if anything it was a bit boring. Once it was finished she slipped her hair out of the ponytail she had it in in the back, and lay down to take a nap. She was always able to stay up later at night if she took a nap in the afternoon. She finished off her bottle, went back to her pacifier, and drifted into sleep.

Chapter 4

      As she slept, she had a dream. She couldn’t remember much about it when she woke up, just that she had been wearing a diaper and nothing else in the dream, and that Dana had been in it, teasing her about it, and that Tiffany had been taking care of her. In fact, she was pretty sure Tiffany had actually changed her diaper in the dream.

      And her diaper was very much in need of changing – she had soaked it during her nap. Idly, she sort of wished Tiffany WERE here to change her. She never had yet; knew it would be embarrassing, but also sort of nice. Tiffany HAD seen her get her diaper changed a few times when Rebekah changed her though. Also, Tiffany did a lot of babysitting, so she knew how to change a diaper. Still, having your best friend change your diaper could get a little weird.

      As she got up, scrunched her nose as the diaper squished under her. This was the second time today! A little squishy could feel good, but more than a little was just icky. She went ahead and changed into a dry diaper, then slipped on a pair of stretch pants and a clean t-shirt and went to the kitchen where she could smell her Mom cooking dinner. “Hi Pumpkin,” her mother said, using her nickname for . “How was your day?”

      shrugged. “It was okay.” Then she remembered the play. “I made the cast for the play!”

      “That’s great, Honey.” Her mother turned around, and took in her state of dress. “You should wear something other than those pants. Anyone could tell you are diapered under them.”

      shrugged again. “It’s just us here.”

      Her Mom shook her head. “Well, okay then. But don’t say I didn’t warn you if someone comes over and sees you like that.” thought about changing then, but just couldn’t lose her pride now. Not that she wouldn’t lose a lot more pride if anyone other than Tiff or Beckah came to the house and could see her diapers. She decided to take the chance, and remained seated until her Mom told her to set the table.

      She wasn’t sure why she was supposed to set the table. They never ate there, they always sat in the other room watching TV as they ate. But it was like a routine – every night her Mom made dinner, and she set the table. Then they took their things off the table and went to the Living Room. Liz thought they were very odd, not realizing it was this same way in many other homes as well.

      “Anyway, I’ll be home late tomorrow,” she called to her mother as she finished setting plates and silverware on the table. “Tiffany’s Mom will probably give me a ride home with her. She’s going to be in the play too.”

      A few minutes later found her watching TV as she ate her spaghetti. This was one of the good things about NOT being a baby, she decided, getting to eat real food instead of baby food. Once, she had tried Gerber’s spaghetti baby food, just to see what it was like. It was horrible. She couldn’t believe she actually ATE that stuff when she was a real baby. Although Daddy had been urging her to try the fruit, and she had liked what she had tried of that so far – pears and peaches. She still needed to try apricot (which he had insisted he heard a rumor that Brittney Spears was hooked on the stuff) and banana. Once, Rebekah had fed her strained peas as a punishment. She almost would have preferred a spanking!

      Although eating real food was a plus, Liz observed that she apparently still needed a bib as she undressed later that night for bed. There was a small spaghetti sauce stain on her shirt. A baby bottle wouldn’t be such a bad idea either, considering how easily she seemed to spill her drinks (at least tonight she got it all into her mouth). She slipped her night-shirt on over her diaper and logged online to wait for her Daddy to sign on and play with her for awhile.

Chapter 5

      turned from her computer with a smile on her face. Daddy always said such nice goodnights to her. She could tell he really did care about her and wasn’t just giving her a brush-off, and that he wasn’t just trying to lead her on either. In fact, he seemed to even put thought into how he said goodnight to her – it was never the same way twice. He also wrote stories, and he had promised her that one day he would write one with her in it.

      Daddy’s goodnight wasn’t the only thing she was smiling about tonight though. Tomorrow at school they would learn what their parts would be in the play. She hoped she would get a lead, but she knew she would enjoy it regardless. Once she hadn’t tried out in time and she wasn’t able to be in a play in her community theater, but she still was on the stage crew and she had even enjoyed that. just loved everything about the theater.

      felt her diaper crinkle as she got into bed and briefly wondered if she should change it before going to sleep. Slipping her hand down she felt the outside of the diaper, trying to judge if it would leak tonight or if it would hold out. This was one of the nice things when Beckah was home – she’d just go to Beckah’s room and wake her up and tell her she needed her diaper changed before bed. She was SURE Beckah didn’t mind this at all…much.

      For now, she decided her diaper could hold it through the night, and she climbed under her covers, slipped her pacifier in her mouth, and hugged her stuffed kitty, Fluffy, close to her as she fell asleep. Her real kitty, Banshee, jumped up on the bed sometime during the night and curled up to sleep on her other pillow.

      Sometime during the night, woke to feel herself peeing. A little while ago, before she started to wear diapers, this would have been a cause for panic. She would have tried to stop, and then scrambled to the bathroom across the cold floor, knocking Banshee to the floor in the process. Then she would have been wide awake, and she would have had to clean up her wet bed before she could go back to sleep. Then she’s be half asleep in school the next day, and run the risk of wetting her pants there. But now, with the diapers protecting her bed, just let the stream flow, feeling the warm tingling sensation flow through her diaper. Then she went back to sleep easily.

      In the morning, she ran her fingers along the elastic edges on her diaper and smiled with satisfaction at being right. Her diaper had held it all. She could feel she had to go again, and played with the idea of letting the diaper take yet another wetting. Finally, she got out of bed, and removed her diaper, going to use the toilet since she had to poop as well. Rebekah, when she was home, would make Liz mess her diaper too, but when Rebekah wasn’t there, Liz didn’t mess her diapers. She didn’t like cleaning it up for one thing, and also it wasn’t a thing she wanted to do all the time. Just when Beckah was there to take care of her was enough – sometimes too much.

      She got in the shower then, rinsing away all leftover traces of pee from her body. She left the shower with a towel around her after drying off and went back in her bedroom. There she used a pretty liberal amount of baby powder, and slid a Huggies Pull-Up up her legs, smiling at the cute picture she made in the mirror. Then she quickly struggled into the rest of her clothes, brushed her hair and teeth in the bathroom, put on a bit of makeup, and checked her backpack to make sure all her homework and books were there. She also checked the other pocket to make sure the extra two Pull-Ups, wipes, and powder were there. While all this seemed to take forever in the morning, she was happy she didn’t have to shave her legs every day like most of the other girls in her class. That would take another half hour at least. She didn’t seem to have enough to shave.

      She then ran out to catch the bus and go through another day at school. At least today, she thought, they would begin to work on the play.

Chapter 6

        “This is not a very well known play,” the director was telling them. thought to herself that not that many plays were all that well known anyway, at least to the people in her school, but decided to keep that thought to herself. She tried to concentrate on what the director was saying so that she wouldn’t miss anything important.

      “The main character is a very old lady who is about to die. She has flashbacks, memories, about her life that come to her. We actually see very little of the old lady, and quite a bit of her as a toddler, then a little girl, then a teenager, and finally as a wife and mother. We will need someone then to play the part of the toddler – preferably someone very small. The toddler scene is the longest.”

      Every person in the theater turned to look at . Elizabeth, who only liked to be the center of attention when she was on stage and blinded by the lights so that she couldn’t see everyone staring at her, blushed and meekly said, “Umm – hi.”

      The director zeroed in on her. “JUST who I was looking for!” he said. “I remembered you from the audition.” wasn’t sure she liked that – was she only chosen for the play because of her size? “You were the right size, AND you were good,” the director went on, as though he had read her mind. “Once I tried to use a real child – THAT was a disaster,” he stopped with that comment, looked like he was going to continue, then like he decided not to. “Anyway, that will be your part – you’ll be our little star,” he finished. blushed again as she heard a few titters of laughter around the room, and a definite snicker from Dana.

      As the director then moved on and explained the other parts and who would be playing them, he also noted that should play two parts – the toddler AND the little girl. With a quick costume change it wouldn’t be impossible. When asked if she could handle that, answered with an unusually brave, “Of course.” As soon as she realized how it sounded, she recanted and answered with a less brazen, “I mean – um – yeah, sure.”

     One thing hadn’t thought about was how closely she may have to work with Dana. She was NOT pleased when she realized Dana was going to play the part of her big sister when she was a toddler. She glanced over at Dana to see amusement and wicked joy on her face.

      She also learned that Tiffany would play the part of her babysitter. That was almost fitting compared to real life, she realized. But a glance at Tiffany told her that even Tiffany was going to enjoy a chance to “baby” on stage. “This could turn out to be the hardest part I ever had to play,” thought to herself, “And I haven’t even read the script yet. Had she been able to read the script beforehand, however, she would not have had the surprise of her life later on that afternoon as she rode home with Tiffany.


      “!” said again.

      “You already said that once,” Tiffany told her. “I heard you the first time – it almost made me wreck the car. Now what is the problem?”

      “This SCRIPT!” said, gesturing so wildly that she almost sent the script flying out the window. “It says that during the toddler scene, YOU change my diaper!”

      Tiffany had to bite back a giggle. She hadn’t read that far yet. “So what? I’ve seen you get your diaper changed before.”

      shot her a look. It was supposed to be her “menacing glare”, but on it just looked cute. “Hrmph!” she muttered.

      “Look, I am sure they have some way of doing it that is not R – Rated,” Tiffany said. “After all, we are High School Students.”

      “No matter how you look at it it is embarrassing…” was scanning through the rest of it to see how many other embarrassing things would happen. She was also thinking in her mind that it wouldn’t be all that bad to have Tiffany as a real babysitter, even if she had to have her diapers changed by her, when the second “Big Embarrassment” caught her eye. Gah!”

      “What now?” Tiffany sighed.

      “It…it says that Dana…” could barely say it. “Look!” She pointed at the script.

      “I can’t look. I’m driving.”

      took a deep breath. “It says Dana SPANKS me!”

      To Tiffany’s credit, she really did TRY not to laugh. But even holding her breath didn’t work, and she burst out with gales of laughter, while went back to her menacing glare. “I’m sure it won’t be like a REAL spanking or anything,” Tiffany was able to giggle out after she calmed down.

      crossed her arms and looked out the window. “Hrmph!” she said again.

Chapter 7

      “But, Mr. Trudeau…” started.

      “David,” he corrected her. He hated when people called him by his last name, because they never could say it right.

      “Sorry,” apologized. “David. I was really hoping we could change a couple of these scenes…”

      “Change scenes??” David asked, as though she had just suggested they knock off the president. “Change scenes? Of course we can’t ‘change scenes’! This is the way the play is written this is how we will do it.”

      “But Mr. Tru…” he looked at her… “erDavid… Don’t you see what it says I have to do?” She pointed at the script. David sighed and took her copy, scanning the page to the part she had underlined. “And here too…” she said, turning over a page and showing him another part.

      “Oh, that. No big deal,” he said. Elizabeth gave him a look that she hoped conveyed her thoughts – he would think it was a big deal if someone asked HIM to do that on stage in front of all his friends – and enemies – and their parents.

      This really wasn’t working as she hoped. Talking to Daddy last night hadn’t been all the helpful either. He was the one who had suggested she just talk to the director about changing the scene. He obviously knew nothing about directors.

      “We’ll have you covered – probably a double diaper – when she changes you,” David was saying. “We’ll have you situated in such a way that the audience won’t be able to tell. Probably you will be in the crib ( “Crib?” thought?) and Tiffany will be standing between you and the audience as she changes you. As for the spanking, it will be on your diaper, which will be so thick you’ll never feel a thing, and I’m sure she won’t hit hard, will you Dana?”

      “Oh, no, of COURSE not, David,” Dana said in the most condescending tone had heard yet. “Elizabeth is a lot younger than the rest of us; she just doesn’t understand these things yet,” she went on, coming up and patting Elizabeth on the head as though she were really the toddler she was going to play.

      “Well, help her out, Dana, okay?” David said.

      ’s mouth dropped open. She had been in a LOT more plays than Dana. Well okay, maybe the same number at school, but her parts were always bigger than Dana’s. “Anything for you, David,” Dana giggled. thought she might gag.

      “Does that sound okay to you, little star?” David asked her. stared. She HATED it when people talked to her like they thought she really was a small child just because she was physically the size of one. The only time it was funny was when she was out with Beckah and people thought she was Beckah’s daughter. Beckah would get annoyed because of how old that meant people thought SHE was.

      However, she realized, if she wasn’t REALLY getting a diaper change in front of all those people and if she wasn’t REALLY getting spanked by Dana, MAYBE she could get through it. “I s’pose so…” she said to David. The things I do for the stage, she thought to herself.

Chapter 8

      “That’s the way the play is written and that’s how we’ll do it!” mimicked in Tiffany’s car. “Hrmph! Why’s he so set on that anyway? ’s of directors change scenes. It happens all the time.”

      Tiffany laughed good naturedly. “Did you bother to look at who wrote the play?” she asked.

      looked at the top of her script. “By D. Trudeau. Oh.” She put it back down. “Well, he still could change it. It wouldn’t be a travesty.”

      Tiffany laughed again. “You know how directors are. Directors who decide they can also be playwrights are twice as bad. A regular playwright, having never directed, may not know all the intricacies that the director will have to use to achieve what he has written. He may never know what spin a director will put on the play once he puts it out there to be used. But a director writing his own play already knows just how he thinks everything should be done. So I don’t think you’ll ever find a playwright director willing to change his or her  script.”

      Elizabeth, who wasn’t really all that interested in Tiffany’s lecture on playwrights and directors and whatever else she was going on about, let her mind wander. She was good at that. She was thinking now about how she would get by without anyone noticing, should she happen to wet her diaper during the play. She had worn diapers under certain costumes before, especially since some, once you got them on, were awfully hard to remove for restroom purposes. Boys were lucky they didn’t have to wear dresses, and could stand up to pee. However, those times when she had worn a diaper she had not had to have a costume change in the middle of the play, or be in such a compromising position.

      When zoned Tiffany back in, she was still droning on, but had gone on to a different subject. This time it was something about how people did embarrassing things in plays all the time; it was just part of acting. “Like during Shakespeare’s time,” she was saying. “Men had to play women’s roles as well, so a lot of boys dressed as girls on stage. Can you imagine if a boy in our school had to do THAT? I can’t imagine any guy who would be okay with that.”

      decided not to mention her Internet Daddy’s “second self”. He went by the name Vickie at those times, and she really didn’t mind it. In fact, she thought Vickie was cute. She surmised that if Vickie were given the chance to play the part of a girl in a play, she would not only be okay with it, but probably also enjoy it! “Dennis Rodman might not mind much,” she said. Dennis Rodman was a FAR cry from what Vickie was, but he was the only one Tiffany would know of that she could think of at the moment.

      “I guess I was wrong,” Tiffany said. “I got the feeling you weren’t listening to me.”

      giggled. “Of course I was listening. I always listen.” A little white lie wouldn’t hurt – Tiffany hated to talk if she thought someone wasn’t listening. She was a lot like Daddy that way.

      “Do you change out of Pull-ups right into diapers as soon as you get home from school?” Tiffany asked suddenly.

      Woah. That was a drastic subject change, thought. “Umm – most of the time…” she answered non-committally. “Why?”

      Tiffany giggled. “Maybe sometime right after school we should rehearse a certain scene,” she teased. considered the menacing glare, but decided for a less lethal eye-roll instead. Not that rehearsing that scene in private would be all that bad an idea, but she couldn’t let Tiffany know se thought that. What if Tiffany decided to actually DO it? Thinking about it was one thing, but thought it might be a little too weird to have her best friend change her diaper – perhaps for both of them.

      Tiffany went on, “Well, we will have to practice sooner or later. But if I were you, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana starts to bother you about practicing her ‘big scene’ with you soon. I’ve seen her reading over it on the script, and she seems to be taking a certain joy in it…”

      almost shuddered. She had noticed that look in Dana’s eye too. As far as she was concerned, the longer she could put off rehearsing that scene, the better.

Chapter 9

      Once accepted that she could not change David’s mind about the impending scenes in the play, time seemed to move very quickly, in a whirl of school, play practice, homework, and talking to Daddy. Before she knew it, the costumers had finished with her outfits.

      There were embarrassing moments when they were getting the costumes made. They had asked how big she was, explaining that they wanted to know if baby diapers would fit her. Without thinking, she answered, “Size 6.” There were a few giggles when she was asked how she knew that. Then they asked if she “wanted” Huggies or Pampers. used her menacing glare as she said, “Surprise me.” When they bought them at the store, they decided to go with Drypers, since they looked thicker.

      As she stared at the babyish costume with a bit of dismay, David explained to her, “It has to be exaggerated so that the audience will be able to make out the detail.” countered that the audience wasn’t going to be able to see anything if the thick diapers kept her from even walking out onto the stage. That’s when he decided she should crawl, anyway.

      The costume consisted of an extremely short baby dress, white tights, Mary Jane shoes, a pacifier, and a pack of diapers. David explained that the extra diapers  would be used for dress rehearsals, and for the actual production they would need three each showing. She would wear one diaper as a base, then one over it (which would be the diaper Tiffany would “change”).

      “Look at the darling tights!” Dana said condescendingly. “You’ll just be so CUTE, BABY BETSY!” Wearing tights would not exactly be anything like going back in years to . She wore them with her dresses to church every Sunday, since she never could find pantyhose small enough to fit her. The same was true of the shoes. She would die if Dana ever found that out. She also felt like strangling Dana for using that name, but she knew if she let Dana know then name “Betsy” bothered her that much, Dana would use it all the time.

      Of course had a second costume, for the next scene when she was supposed to be a little girl. This costume consisted of a short green jumper and pink blouse, and the same shoes. David worried that the audience wouldn’t be able to catch the time shift, so he decided that she should wear her hair in two long braids. They could pin them up under a baby bonnet for the baby costume, then let them down for her little girl costume. “How many babies have hair as long as yours anyway?” he pointed out. As serious as he was about a High School play, was just glad he didn’t take Dana seriously when she suggested they cut the hair.

      Of course, she had to try all the clothes on to make sure they fit. She was REALLY hoping to avoid the diapers, until she realized if she didn’t wear them her baby dress would show everything. Dana ripped open the Drypers package and took two out, smiling hugely as she handed them to . “Can you get these on, or does big sister have to help you?” grabbed them out of Dana’s hand and went into the bathroom with them and the baby dress.

      As she slipped out of her own clothes, she worried about what to do with her wet Pull-Up. Finally, she decided to dispose of it in the garbage and throw a bunch of paper towels on top of it to hide it from anyone else who came in. She pulled her hair into two ponytails, but didn’t bother braiding them as there wasn’t time, and this was only to make sure everything fit right. She then pulled on the two diapers, doing up one, then the other, and having a bit of trouble not sinking into ecstasy or panic from the feeling of being diapered this thickly – in school! Last, she struggled into the baby dress, which was a perfect fit. She found out later that it was actually a real toddler dress that came from one of the girls little sister. It was perfect in the waist and chest and shoulders, but a bit too short, which made it perfect for a baby dress. She then pulled the tights on over the diapers, and buckled the shoes on her feet – feeling very much like she was getting ready for Sunday Morning church.

      When she finished, she waddled, rather than walked, to the mirror and looked. She was hoping it didn’t look as bad as it seemed like it would, and she wasn’t disappointed in that. It DIDN’T look as bad as she imagined – it was worse. Oh sure, it was CUTE, but… “Meh… I’ll never live this down,” she complained to herself. If she were ever caught outside like this, no one would EVER believe she was really 14. Steeling her nerves she took a deep breath and waddled out of the restroom, bringing on a chorus of “Awwwww!”s and giggles, and finally applause as Tiffany came over and tied a baby bonnet they had been able to find on her.

      She was able to avoid Dana (and Tiffany) practicing “on” her (as Daddy teasingly referred to it) until a week before the play. Then on a Saturday morning, Tiffany showed up at her door with two diapers in hand.

Chapter 10

      “We need to rehearse the scene some,” Tiffany said to her. sighed and held the door open for her to come in.

      “You didn’t have to bring diapers you know. It isn’t like I don’t have any here,” told her, trying to hurry her into the house before anyone saw her standing there with the diapers and got suspicious.

      “Oh – yeah. I guess you’re right. These diapers are more fun looking than the ones you usually wear though,” Tiffany explained. She followed back to her bedroom. “Gee – those diapers really are noticeable under your pajamas, aren’t they?”

      “Only when they are wet.” flopped down on her bed, causing the plastic mattress to crinkle beneath her, and thought she saw a hint of a smile tug at the corners of Tiffany’s mouth. She was tired, having stayed up most the night talking to Daddy online. She was also soaked, since Tiffany woke her up before she could get up and change her diaper.

      “Did I wake you up?” Tiffany asked naively. just stared at her. “Sorry,” she giggled. “I thought you’d be up by now. It’s almost .” narrowed her eyes. “Well, umm … I guess you need to change your diaper. You can just put on one of your regular diapers, and then I’ll put the Drypers brand on you, and then we’ll run through the scene up to where I change you and put you in the crib. After that is Dana’s scene, where she comes in and teases you until you cry, then gets mad and ‘gives you something to cry about’. Want to practice that scene too? I’ll do Dana’s part,” Tiffany said, sounding hopeful.

      If could have narrowed her eyes any more, she would have. “Let’s just practice your part,” she said, starting to pull her pajama pants down. A few weeks ago it may have embarrassed her to be seen in just her diaper by Tiffany, but since everyone in the cast had seen her in just diapers, and soon the whole school and probably half the city would, she was getting used to it. A very wet diaper was uncovered – so wet that you could easily tell.

      “Jeez, Liz. You’re a regular ,” Tiffany teased.

      Choosing to ignore that remark, continued, while removing her nightshirt. “All week next week I’ll have to practice that part with Dana. David made her promise not to spank TOO hard, but it has to be hard enough for it to be loud, he said. Not that I think she could spank hard enough for me to feel it through two diapers that thick anyway. It’s just the whole idea of being over her knee in that position.”

      “I guess I can understand what you mean,” Tiffany said. didn’t think she could. She was showing no sign of leaving, watching now as Elizabeth, in just her diaper, spread out a change pad on her bed and set baby powder, wipes, and a clean diaper within reach. She then looked at Tiffany with raised eyebrows.

      Tiffany came out of her dream-state. “Oh! Yeah – I guess you need for me to…” nodded. “Lemme know when you are ready,” she said, slipping out the bedroom door to wait in the hall.

      sighed in mock exasperation and lay down on the pad. With experienced hands, she made quick work of removing the wet diaper. It was always nicer to have Beckah around to change her, but she was practiced enough herself to make pretty quick work of it. She pulled the wet diaper out from under her, then took a couple wipes and cleaned her diaper area well. She tossed the used wipes into the diaper and rolled it up inside its cover, taping it shut in a little ball. She had a diaper pail in the closet, and normally she could fit about 15 diapers into it when she rolled them tight enough.

      Normally on Saturday mornings she would have used baby oil at her diaper change, but that was a secret pleasure and there was NO way she was about to let Tiffany find out how much she really liked it. For today, she just sprinkled some baby powder all around her diaper area and bottom, and used her hand to smooth it into her skin. She wiped her hand off on the edge of the changing pad, then grabbed the diaper and unfolded it, and lifted up to push it under her. She then spread her legs as far as they would go, pulled the diaper tight, and taped it.

     “Okay,” she called, grabbing another somewhat long T-shirt and pulling it over her head. It was about the same length as that stupid dress, she thought ruefully. “I’m ready now.”

     Tiffany came back in and looked over. “You DO look cute in diapers,” she said. She ducked just in time for the pillow to sail over her head.

Chapter 11

      “Well, lay back on the bed and we’ll see how much I remember about diapering a baby,” Tiffany said.

      “I am NOT a baby,” insisted, then realized how silly it sounded when she was laying on her back about to be put into a second diaper.

      “Well, I’ve never diapered a High Schooler before,” Tiffany giggled. She grasped ’s ankles and lifted her butt off the bed, and slipped the Dryper under her. “But it doesn’t seem to be too much different, except that you blush a lot more.”

      “At least Dana doesn’t diaper me as well,” said, ignoring Tiffany’s attempts to tease her once again.

      “Wouldn’t you rather she do that than SPANK you?” Tiffany asked. “Hey, what is the whole point of showing her being mean to you anyway? I haven’t been paying attention to the whole play.”

      “It’s an old lady looking back over her life. Her sister is mean to her through her whole childhood.”

      “Well, that seems to fit you and Dana real well,” Tiffany interrupted.

      “Except Dana isn’t my sister and I’m not old,” said, rolling her eyes. “Anyway, when it really counts, the sister pushes her out of the path of a car and gets hit herself and dies. So the main character ends up feeling guilty about that, but in the end it is the sister that comes to get her and take her to … Heaven, I guess … when she dies in the very end. That doesn’t sound much like Dana at all.”

      As she was telling Tiffany this, she hardly noticed as Tiffany finished diapering her. Now she was done, and she patted the back of ’s double diaper. “Not bad,” she observed. “I DO remember what I am doing.”

      They ran through the lines and actions several times, always stopping right at the point where Tiffany changed her. Finally, they went through it one more time, finishing with the diaper change. They set up a mirror so they could experiment a little and see what the best angle would be to hide the view from the audience, so it would appear to be a regular diaper change.

      “Now, how about the next scene?” Tiffany urged. “I’ll do Dana’s part.”

      “Why are you so anxious to spank me?” pouted.

      “Well, you know if you don’t practice it, it won’t look very realistic when you rehearse it at practice with Dana, and you’ll have to do it again and again til it looks right. So, would you rather practice it with me, or with Dana?”

      had a feeling this was just a wonderful excuse Tiffany had thought up, but nevertheless, she couldn’t argue with the reasoning. “Oh all right,” she said, giving in.

      So then they ran through those lines a couple times, stopping once in awhile for Tiffany to give advice on her facial expressions and on whether she was acting enough like a toddler (which was almost always yes). Tiffany was an accomplished actress herself, headlining more than one community play, but in this scene her own acting didn’t matter, since she was just filling in Dana’s part.

      The difference between the practice of this scene and the last was that Tiffany always wanted to go all the way through it, including pulling Elizabeth over her knee and giving her a few swats on the diaper. “Do we HAVE to go through that every single time?” complained.

      “Of course – it’s written right here,” Tiffany showed her the script, as if she hadn’t already read it 500 times herself. “Besides, you don’t think you’ll actually get away with just a couple smacks in the actual production, do you?”

      “Doesn’t say how many swats there has to be,” pointed out.

      Aww, it isn’t like you can actually feel it through those thick diapers anyway,” Tiffany answered. was about to retort when she realized that part was actually true. She could feel the impact of the hand swatting her diaper, but it didn’t hurt in the least through all that padding. “That’s one thing that works out well about babies wearing thick diapers,” Tiffany went on, “There’s lots of padding when they are learning to walk.”

      “They probably wouldn’t have such a hard time learning to walk if the diapers weren’t so thick.” demonstrated how hard it would be to try and walk normally, causing both her and Tiffany to start giggling.

      “Oh yeah – I forgot you were supposed to crawl now for those scenes. I guess we should run through them again…” Tiffany said.

      “No – that’s okay.  We got the basics down real well – the rest will work out in practice this week.” turned to check her clock. “It’s time for lunch anyway.” She was surprised more than two hours had gone by already. They always say, “Time flies when you’re having fun”… was it possible, she wondered, that she was actually having fun acting out the two scenes she had complained the most about?

Chapter 12

      reached down and started to undo the tapes to take the second diaper off. “Hold on a minute,” Tiffany said. looked at her questioningly. “You look cute like that, and before you start looking mad…” pretended she hadn’t just started doing that… “I can tell you are enjoying this. I’ve seen you give in to it with Rebekah too, so why don’t you just let me ‘babysit’ you for a little while?”

     considered the offer. It couldn’t hurt, and it might actually be fun. Sort of. Well, okay, maybe more than sort of. “Okay,” she agreed.

      “Really?” Tiffany looked surprised. “Cool!” She knelt down and picked up – something had not expected – and carried her on her hip to the kitchen. could feel her diapered bottom resting against Tiffany’s arm, and wondered just how awkward, if at all, this was for Tiffany.

      Tiffany sat down in a chair and went to the fridge. “What do you want to eat?” she asked.

      “How ‘bout pizza?” piped up.

      Tiffany started to open the freezer. “Do you have a frozen one up here?”

      “No. I was suggesting you could have one delivered. As long as you got money…” had seen Tiffany’s cooking skills. Not that you could actually call it cooking.

      Tiffany rolled her eyes. “How ‘bout a sandwich? Peanut butter?” She set the jar on the counter.

      “And cheese. Don’t forget the cheese! Peanut butter by itself is just weird,” asserted with a nod.

      Ick! How can you EAT that?” Tiffany wrinkled her nose, but got the cheese from the refrigerator. She made the sandwiches – no cheese on hers, thank you very much – then stopped and looked at for a minute. “I feel like I am forgetting something. Oh! I know – where do you keep your baby bottle and stuff at?”

      “In my diaper bag. It’s hidden in the back right corner of my closet,” told her.

      Tiffany went back to the bedroom, and presently returned carrying the diaper bag. “Gee – this is cute. Did Rebekah buy it for you?” shook her head – it had been a Christmas gift from Daddy, but there was no way she was going to tell Tiffany about that. She reached into it and found the baby bottle, took it to the counter, and filled it with apple juice. She brought the food to the table, but before putting it in ’s reach she checked the diaper bag again. “Oh good – you have one,” she said, pulling out one of the bibs Daddy had put in it for her.

     Tiffany unfolded it as held her breath. Oh great – it just HAD to be that one! Tiffany stared at the words “Daddy’s Little Girl,” then gave a questioning look. She knew didn’t have a good relationship at all with her father.

      “It…ummm…came with the bag,” struggled, looking for an excuse. Tiffany shrugged, seeming to accept this. She tied the bib on , then pushed her sandwich and baby bottle within reach, sitting down across from her. They ate and talked almost like any other lunch; could almost forget about the baby bib and the bottle.

      She couldn’t forget about her diaper though, because she now felt a familiar twinge from her bladder. Since she had started wearing diapers, she very rarely used to potty, and that meant as soon as she felt that twinge, she better either get to the potty fast, or wet her diaper. As she was trying to decide whether it would be more embarrassing to tell Tiffany she had to go potty or just wet her diaper in front of her, her mind was made up for her as she felt the warm, tingling fingers run through her diaper.

      Tiffany had been watching her face as this happened. “Did you just pee your diaper?” she asked frankly.

      flushed. “Umm – yeah…”

      Tiffany giggled. “I thought so. I have a little cousin still in diapers, and she gets that same glazed look in her eyes when she pees her diaper. Well, finish up your lunch, and then I’ll change you.”

Chapter 13

As Tiffany carried back to her bedroom, began to get cold feet. “Umm, it’s ok, I can change my own diaper,” she said.

“Don’t be silly. I’m your babysitter this afternoon; I’ll change your diaper,” Tiffany said, as though changing her own diaper was a ridiculous thought. She picked up the changing pad and spread it on ’s bed, and lay her down on it. “I’ve changed plenty of diapers, and I’ve seen Rebekah change yours, so just relax. It’s no big deal.”

calmed down a little and Tiffany removed the outer diaper. Ahh – good. No leaks into this one,” she said, laying it aside. Then she removed the wet diaper, and lifted , pulling it out from under her. Before letting her back down, she wiped her bottom with baby wipes and sprinkled baby powder, then slid the Drypers diaper back under her. “No sense letting it go to waste,” she commented, taping it snugly back around ’s hips.

“I hope it works as good as Pampers,” said, looking a bit doubtfully at it. After the diaper change, they talked a bit, and watched a little TV. Tiffany went home about 15 minutes before ’s mother came home.

Since her mother already knew all about wearing diapers (she bought them after all), she didn’t bother trying to hide them, opting instead to continue on dressed in the long T-shirt and diaper. When her mother saw this, she raised her eyebrows, but said nothing about it.

“So what did you do all day?” her mother asked, as she cooked dinner and set the table. “Sleep?” did sleep a lot on weekends.

“Tiff came over and we rehearsed,” she said. She decided not to go into great detail about being babysat. Last year when was sick and had to stay home from school, her mother got a babysitter for her, and was not happy about it. She had finally convinced her mother she was too old for a babysitter – what would she think if she found out had allowed Tiffany to babysit her?

“Oh that’s good. Practice makes perfect,” her mother said. She turned around to look at her daughter, taking in the outfit again, as walked by her. The diaper crinkled noisily. “Those aren’t your regular diapers you are wearing, are they?” she asked.

“Oh…no. These are what I have to wear two of for the play,” admitted.

“I see. That must be pretty thick with two of them.”

“Yeah…” wondered where this was going.

“Do you like thicker diapers? We can try some other brands, or get what you are wearing now, if you like,” her mother offered helpfully. That was a bit unusual – mostly she didn’t talk much about ’s diapers, except to ask her if she needed more.

“No, that’s okay. I think Pampers are the best,” answered quickly. They had tried a few other brands anyway, like Huggies. But she liked Pampers best.

“Okay, just checking,” she said. She held something out to . “Here. This was in the sink.”

took it from her and realized it was her pink baby bottle. She blushed profusely and tried to think of some excuse. “Oh good … that’s … a prop. For the play.”

Her mother smiled, using the facial expression found maddening because she could never figure out what it meant. “Of course,” she said. Somehow knew she meant a lot more by that answer, but decided not to pursue it, at least not right now. She took the baby bottle back to her room instead, and tried to think of a way to kill Tiffany.

Chapter 14

      As hard as tried to look angry, Tiffany couldn’t help giggling. “Oops. I’m sorry. Next time I’ll remember to take the baby bottle out of the sink and hide it for you,” she promised.

      “Next time?” thought to herself. “What does she mean, NEXT time?” As far as had been concerned, this was a one time thing. Now it sounded like Tiffany liked it, and wanted to babysit her again. The problem wasn’t that Elizabeth DIDN’T like it, however. The problem was she was afraid that she DID like it. She kept these thoughts to herself and turned her attention back to her lunch and whatever Tiffany was talking about now.

      Only, instead of talking, Tiffany was staring at as if waiting for an answer. bit back the urge to say, “Hrm?” Tiffany hated it when she thought someone wasn’t listening to her. Instead she said, “Umm…I dunno.”

      “What kind of an answer is that?” Tiffany asked.

      “Oh.” That didn’t work, so tried to think of something else. “Ummm – could you repeat the question?” She smiled weakly.

      Tiffany rolled her eyes. “I asked you if you were listening to me, and I guess I got my answer.”

      “Of course I am,” answered automatically. This was what she always said when Tiffany asked if she was listening to her. Tiffany stared at her a few seconds longer, bringing a nervous giggle from , before shaking her head and going into another monologue about one of her classes.

      At play practice that afternoon, David insisted they rehearse the scene where Dana was to spank . of course was none to happy about this development. They were not in costume, and rehearsing this scene might make Dana aware of her Pull-ups. After some discussion, David acquiesced that Dana should not actually spank , since she was not in costume at this point.

      still had to crawl, and still was pulled over Dana’s knee, neither which she enjoyed. She would rather have rehearsed this scene twenty times with Tiffany than have to do it once with Dana. Nevertheless, she gathered her pride (as much of it as she was left with, anyway) and forced herself to go through with it. As far as she could tell, Dana never realized she was wearing a Pull-up.

      The one good thing was noticing was that though Dana was enjoying the power this gave her over her, she was not inclined to rehearse it outside of their regular rehearsal’s either. brought this up to Tiffany as they drove home.

      “She’s probably not inclined to spend more time than necessary with you, any more than you are with her,” Tiffany answered. “She figures if she’s seen spending time with you, she’ll lose respect in her clique. She probably also wouldn’t enjoy practicing that scene half as much without an audience. I guess you got lucky.”

      agreed that she was lucky Dana didn’t want to rehearse her scene as much as Tiffany did hers. She would never live it down in school if they ever found out about Tiffany “babysitting” her, whether it was real or not. She was also still confused over whether she actually liked it or not.

      “So, what did your mother say when she found the bottle?” Tiffany asked, even though already told her that morning.

      “Nothing, really. She just gave it to me and said it was in the sink.”

      “Really?  She didn’t ask you why you had it or anything? What did you say?”

      “I told her it was a prop for the play, and we used it to rehearse.”

      Tiffany snorted. “And she BELIEVED that?”

      shrugged. “I guess.” Actually, she had a feeling her mother probably DIDN’T believe it, but she didn’t really want to think about the implications of that.

Chapter 15

      That night after dinner, was helping her mother do the dishes. “Honey,” her mother said. “You have to be more careful with things.” looked at her quizzically. “I was doing the laundry today and I found another one of your play props in the pocket of your jeans.” She held out one of ’s pacifiers to her.

      “Oh…thanks.” took it from her. “Where would we be without this?” she ad-libbed.

      Her mother merely shook her head. “I don’t know where YOU’D be without it,” she said, emphasizing the “you”. felt a bit uncomfortable with that and blushed. Neither said anything for a minute, then her mother spoke again. “Liz – you told me months ago that you like wearing diapers, and it didn’t make me love you any less. You’re still my little girl – I’m not going to care if you have a baby bottle or a pacifier. Okay?”

      couldn’t really say anything, but she nodded. She was embarrassed, but she appreciated her mother’s effort to put her at ease about it. She knew a lot of parents who wouldn’t be that supportive – they were always telling their kids to “grow up” or “act your age”. She had heard horror stories about the parents of some of the kids she knew from the Internet, and what happened when they got caught with diapers. It seemed to be everyone’s worst fear, yet ’s mother didn’t mind if her daughter wanted to be a baby a little longer. Or a lot longer. Not only did she not mind – she even bought ’s diapers for her. Of course, now they had gotten to a point where if she didn’t, there would be a lot of accidents. The only time she would say anything was if there were going to be company, and she thought her daughter’s diapers were too obvious.

      had also run into a few people who, unlike her mother, were not supportive of her at all. For instance, last year she had been sick and had to stay home from school alone a few days. Her mother was worried about leaving her alone and got a babysitter for her. This lady had made fun of her being in diapers, and told her mother there “must be something wrong with her.” She didn’t babysit again after that. There was also her grandmother, who highly disapproved of being in diapers. But at least she had the comfort of having the support of her immediate family.

      There were also families she knew of besides her own that were supportive. She had a friend Daddy had introduced to her named Leann, who wore diapers and was changed by her parents, and was older than she. She also knew that Daddy had other baby girls, though not like her he had told her, and that most of them had families who supported their decision to live almost as babies. A couple were even lucky enough to have a crib. Liz didn’t know how her mother might react if she asked for a crib, but she didn’t really want to find out either. Besides, if she had a crib, her mother might decide to start putting her to bed early.

      Before leaving the kitchen, thanked her Mom and hugged her. She felt her Mom’s hand pat the back of her diaper, and while she usually didn’t like that, she didn’t say anything about it this time. She then went to her room and finished her homework. Once that was done, she changed her diaper and lay down for a bit. Daddy usually didn’t sign on til late, and she liked to spend as much time as she could with him then. An early “nap” allowed her more time to be able to stay up late at night. As an afterthought, she pulled her pacifier from her pocket and popped it into her mouth.

Chapter 16

      Time passed quickly after that. Before anyone had time to think about it, opening night was looming. The night before, they had two full dress rehearsals, which went off without a hitch, even for . She was changed by Tiffany with the lower diaper staying in place fine, and some of the other actors and actresses watched from different points around the theater where the audience would be, to make sure it looked realistic. The results looked good.

      Even Dana seemed to let up in her teasing of , seeming instead to be slightly (or more so) nervous. The spanking scene, embarrassing as always, was not much worse on ’s diapers than it had been before dress-rehearsals. Another thing she was pleased about was that Beckah had been able to come home to see it.

      So it was that she found herself in the bathroom a couple hours prior to the play, being bathed by Beckah. She was busy telling Beckah the details of the parts she was playing, while Beckah was washing her hair. “So, you will be in diapers in front of all those people?” Beckah asked. “If I had known you didn’t mind that I would have made your diapers more obvious when Tiff and I took you shopping.”

      “Like they weren’t already obvious enough, thank you very much!” replied, poking her tongue out at Rebekah. “Everyone already thought I was your baby girl. Besides, this is different – it’s a costume.”

      “Not much of one,” Beckah giggled, prompting to stick her tongue out at her again. Beckah helped her out of the bath, and wrapped a towel around her hair, then took another and began to pat dry. “So, should I just go ahead and put your stage diapers on now?”

      “Might as well,” stated, not giving it much thought. She was going over her part in her mind again, as Beckah lay her down, powdered her, and snugly diapered her in one of the Drypers.

      “Jeez – these are a lot thicker than the diapers you usually wear,” Rebekah commented.

      “Huh?  Oh – yeah – they’re kinda nice…” said, still not thinking about it. Rebekah giggled – it was a lot easier to find out what really thought about things when you caught her off guard like that. She decided to go for one more question.

      “So, who is better at changing your diapers – me, or Tiffany?”

      “Huh??” focused fully on her, and Beckah knew she had gone too far with that one. “Beckah! I don’t keep track of stuff like that!” she pouted.

      “Oh, okay.” Rebekah smiled knowingly. “So should I put your second diaper on, or are you going to have someone do it when you get there?” she teased, though making it seem like an innocent question.

      By now was on to her. “We’ll leave it until I am ready to leave,” she said evenly. They dried her hair, then braided it. The plan was to braid it and pin the braids up under her bonnet for the first scene, then let the braids down for the second, when she would play the little girl.

      “Might as well not bother getting dressed,” Beckah said. “I’ll help you into your costume right before we leave. shrugged, and, clad in only the diaper, followed her out to the kitchen to eat a quick bite before getting read to leave.

      Beckah had a lot of fun babying , and today was a great day for it, since their mother was at work. She would be off in time to go to the theater and see her daughter’s play, but she would not come home first. It was fortunate that Beckah was home, so that she could drive there.

      Even though she didn’t have any clothes to get dirty, Beckah tied a bib on . She made a small microwavable spaghetti and meatballs for her, and filled a baby bottle with chocolate milk – the bib turned out to be useful, both for the spaghetti, and the chocolate pudding she had for desert.

      Once they had finished eating and Rebekah finished the few dishes (And Elizabeth’s bottle and bib), they went to work on finishing getting her dressed. First the second diaper went on, then her tights, then her baby dress, and the patent leather shoes – half of that would remain for the second costume.  In fact, in the interest of saving time, they were planning on just throwing her LG dress on over her baby outfit, and removing only the bonnet – which was the finishing piece Beckah was tying on now.

      As they got into Rebekah’s car to go to the theater, had the strangest nagging she should have thought about something, but wasn’t sure what it was. She put it out of her mind with the excuse that it must be her nerves.

Chapter 17

      arrived amid various “Awwww”’s from her fellow actors. There was still time before they were to start, and they helped each other apply stage make-up and make sure their costumes looked right. By the time realized what it was she forgot, it was almost time for the curtain to go up – she had forgotten to go to the bathroom – and now with the diapers on, she would not be able to.

      Just before they were ready to go on, Dana snuck up behind . “BOO!” she said, causing an already nervous to practically jump off the stage. “Aww – did I scare the baby?” Dana sneered. “Gee, I hope you didn’t pee your pants – oh – I guess it wouldn’t really matter anyway!” She walked off laughing with her entourage. fumed; she would have retorted, but the problem was that little scare WAS enough to make her wet the diaper!

      She didn’t have time to think about it now, as they were starting. Drypers have a way of swelling up quite a bit when they are wet, and had to actually toddle like a real toddler out onto the stage – once again receiving much adoration from the crowd over her cuteness, and even scattered applause. She looked out over the audience and spotted her mother and Rebekah in the first couple rows.

      The play was progressing nicely and there were no problems in the first scene, right up until it was time for Baby to get changed. Of course Tiffany stood just right and began to change Elizabeth just as had been practiced, but when she removed the first diaper and saw the wet one underneath it, her eyes widened and she fumbled with her lines a bit. begged her with her eyes not to give them away, and Tiffany finally recovered, shaking her head as she reached for the other diaper, stretching it on over ’s wet one.

      The other problem that happened was much worse. Dana had snuck onto the stage before the performance, and had placed an extra prop. Unfortunately, no one noticed until it was too late. When it came time for the spanking scene, acted it perfect, worrying only a little as she went over Dana’s lap that Dana might feel the wet diaper as she spanked her. She needn’t have worried, since Dana did not intend to spank with her hand this time.

      The extra prop was a hairbrush. Already secured over Dana’s lap, could do nothing as she saw her lift it from the end table next to the chair. “Hey…” she started, just before the brush hit her bottom – quite hard. “Oww!” she cried, “Hey –no…” The brush smacked the diaper loudly again. “Ouch!” Dana spanked with the hairbrush 15 times, after which was kicking her feet and crying real tears.

      There the scene ended, trying desperately to cling to any pride she had left, and Dana smiling smugly. David was ecstatic. “That was fantastic!” he enthused. “, you made that look real, especially the crying during the spanking!”

      “It WAS real!” growled, rubbing her bottom as Tiffany was quickly trying to fix her make-up and get her ready for the next scene. “She wasn’t s’posed to use a hairbrush, OR hit me that hard!”

      “Dana,” David said. “Did you hit her hard?”

      “Oh NO, David,” Dana said sweetly with her wide eyed innocent look. “I was just trying to make it look realistic!” Tiffany grabbed and held her back.

      David sighed – why were actresses always so moody? “Look, we don’t have time to sort it out now. The next scene is ready – hurry, , your costume!” They quickly pulled her dress on over her baby attire, then pulled the bonnet off and fixed her braided her down. The only thing that looked out of place the rest of the play was the way walked in the second scene – a wet double diaper and a sore spanked bottom were a bad combination.

Chapter 18

      The play went well and they even received a standing ovation from the audience. Of course, they had no idea that the spanking scene had been added to, or that was as much in need of the diapers she was wearing on stage as a real baby would be.

      David decided to take the whole cast out to dinner. They went pretty quickly after it was over, giving them only enough time to let their parents know where they were going. There was no time to change out of costume, which really wasn’t too much trouble for anyone other than . As for her, she squirmed uncomfortably for the first few minutes, until she saw Rebekah arrive. “I need to show you something out in the car,” she said, and followed her out. Tiffany also followed.

      When they got to the parking lot, saw Rebekah had brought her mother’s van. “I convinced her to switch cars with me and let me pick you up,” Rebekah explained, as they got into the back part of the van. Tiffany told me what happened – and that you might need some help with something…”

      blushed as they shut the door and she lay on the seat over a changing pad Rebekah had laid across it. Tiffany reached in her purse as Rebekah pushed the dress up and pulled the tights down. “I took a little something from our props,” Tiffany confessed, pulling out one of the Drypers. smiled gratefully, as Rebekah removed her wet double diaper. By now some of the wet had leaked into the second diaper as well.

      Rebekah cleaned VERY gently with baby wipes, having her turn over on her stomach so they could see her bottom. “You’re a little pink back here,” Rebekah said, laying her hand on ’s bottom lightly. “Does it hurt?”

      shook her head. It didn’t even sting now – it just felt a little warm. In fact, it wasn’t much different from when her mother had spanked her as a child – although the last time that happened had been years ago. She flinched a little as a cold dollop of lotion touched her, then she sighed and relaxed as the lotion was massaged into her skin. By the time she was powdered and put into the dry diaper she was feeling MUCH better, and almost felt like THANKING Dana because of the extra attention this was getting her.

      Dana, having been yelled at by the director, Tiffany, and half the other actors for the remainder of the play, was still not to be outdone. Upon seeing her return to the table, Dana whispered to a couple other girls around her and they stood up from the table. “Oh, , we are going to the ladies’ room – do you want to come? Oh – I guess you don’t need to!” Dana laughed rudely. She was about to say more, but upon catching angry glares from both Tiffany and Rebekah, she decided against it.

      Rebekah praised all the way home, both for her acting ability and for the mature way she had dealt with Dana. She felt bad for what had been putting up with, and felt she earned it. didn’t feel she had really handled Dana at all – she hadn’t done anything at all actually – but she loved the praise and kept her mouth shut.

      When they got home, her mother lavished even more praise on her. Her mother was unaware of the problems concerning Dana, and they elected against telling her. Rebekah felt sure they could handle this on their own. just basked in all the attention – this was one of the best parts of being an actress.

Chapter 19

      That night after ’s Mom went to bed, Beckah asked if she wanted her to give her a bath. nodded happily and they went into the bathroom. Rebekah washed and let her play with toys in the tub like a baby, then picked her up out of the tub and patted her dry with a big fluffy towel. Once she was dry, was laying on the towel on the floor waiting to be diapered when the sisters were caught by surprise at their mother walking in through the door.

      They exchanged glances of concern – neither of them were really sure if their Mom knew Rebekah sometimes babied like this, but their Mom only smiled at her two daughters, then bent down and said something quietly to Rebekah.

      “Oh… umm… okay,” Rebekah stammered, standing up. Looking at she said, “Mom wants to … finish.” She left the bathroom, but watched from the hallway.

      ’s eyes widened a little as her mother sat down where Rebekah had got up from, and picked up the diaper. “I was watching your friend Tiffany change your diaper during the play,” her mother said, fanning out the back of the diaper, “and I realized how much I miss taking care of you sometimes.” She took ’s legs and lifted them, sliding the diaper under her, then picked up baby powder and sprinkled a liberal amount across her bottom and the rest of her diaper area. “So I didn’t think you’d mind if I took care of you once in awhile,” her mother smiled, “do you?”

      Elizabeth, pretty much speechless, just shook her head, as she put her arms up and allowed her mother to slip her short nightshirt on over her head. “I didn’t think you would,” her Mom said, standing up and helping to her feet. “Go to your room, and I’ll be there in a minute to brush your hair.” She patted ’s diapered bottom as walked past her. “Maybe I should do this more often.”

      That night slept restfully, her pacifier firmly in her mouth. The next day she was hesitant about doing the play again. “What if Dana spanks me hard again?” she complained.

      “I wouldn’t worry about that, Honey,” Rebekah told her. “Tiffany and I are going to make sure that doesn’t happen again.” couldn’t understand just how they were going to do that, but it made her feel a little bit better anyway.

      As the time for the next performance grew near though, grew more nervous. She knew that David already reprimanded Dana and told her she was not to use a hairbrush, but that wouldn’t really stop her from spanking hard with her hand. She was probably already mad for getting in trouble for the hairbrush incident yesterday.

      However, was an actress and the show must go on. She allowed Rebekah to get her into costume and drive her to the theater (although she did remember to go to the bathroom before getting her costume diaper on this time). At the theater, Rebekah went over to talk to Tiffany. was busy and couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she saw Tiffany hold up a script from the play and wondered what was going on.

      Next Tiffany and Rebekah walked over to David. Rebekah told him who she was, then said, “Unless you want an embarrassing little lawsuit over what happened on YOUR set yesterday, we have some script changes to talk to you about.” David’s eyes grew wide, his mouth opened and shut a few times, and he swallowed hard, finally inviting the girls into his office.

Chapter 20

      Once again, the first act was going very well. Dana had left alone before they started, there were no “extra props” on stage, and managed to keep her diaper dry (at least through the changing scene). Everything went very well, up to going over Dana’s lap.

      She was not pleased about doing it, but forced herself to continue on regardless. Just as she expected to feel the first swat on her diaper, she heard Tiffany’s voice.

      “Just what do you think you’re doing? Are you trying to give your little sister a spanking?”

      Dana was in shock. “Wha…? I…ummmm…” was pretty shocked too – this wasn’t how the scene went. She felt herself being lifted off Dana’s lap, and was deposited in the playpen by Tiffany.

      “The only spanking that should be going on around her will come from me, and the only person who needs one is YOU!” Tiffany said, pulling Dana out of the chair and sitting down herself. watched wide-eyed as Dana was pulled down over Tiffany’s knee.

      “Hey!  Stop! Cut it out!!” Dana cried, struggling to get free as Tiffany rained down a number of hard spanks to her bottom.

      She kicked and pushed as much as she could, until Tiffany leaned down and told her quietly, “Unless you want the audience to get a good view of YOUR pretty little panties, I suggest you settle down and take what you’ve got coming to you.”

      The curtain came down on the first scene with Dana getting her bottom spanked, much to the amusement and pleasure of the audience. Tiffany, however, continued to spank Dana for at least another 10 seconds after the curtain went down.

      had a much easier time with the rest of her lines not having to think about her lost pride or stinging bottom. Dana, for her part, sat in a chair offstage and sulked. Being spanked by a Senior was not what she had been planning on today!

      There were no more problems, and all ran smoothly. After the play, one of the girls who usually was part of Dana’s clique called to her, “Hey Dana – you made it look so realistic when you were getting spanked! How’d you make it look so real? Hey, I wonder if your “other cheeks” were as red as the cheeks on your face are now!” Dana didn’t answer, and the other girl walked off laughing.

      Dana fixed with a glare that said, “I’ll get you back for this!”

      just smiled sweetly in return. She will probably try to get me back, thought. But not today. And with that, she went to see if Rebekah could change her diaper.

The End

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