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Mar 29 10 5:04 PM

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We were visiting my Aunt Janet and some other relatives over in Seemed like we never visited them, at least, I could never remember being in before.
We saw my Uncle Harold that day. Only time I ever saw the old man, he died when I was 13. He took an instant liking to me though. He didn't like anyone, that old man, but he liked me. My brother and sister were jealous when Uncle Harold gave me a brand new Baseball. It was so big to me at the time...I couldn't even hold it in my hand.
We ended up staying a bit later than planned. It's a three hour drive from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, and we were planning to go there, spend part of the day, and drive back to Pittsburgh where we were visiting other relatives, My Grandma, in particular.
First we were just there through dinner. Then it came time for supper. "You CAN'T leave now, and drive all that way hungry, Junior," they said to Dad.
They always called Dad Junior, since he was named after his Daddy. I wondered since I was named after my Daddy, should I be called "Third"?
Grandaddy was dead anyway, long before I was born. Sometimes I wished I knew him. But then Daddy always said he was drunk a lot, and mean often. Maybe it was better not to have met the man. Daddy still loved him though, I could tell.
"I can drive hungry," my Dad informed my Aunt. "But what about your kids, Junior? I bet they want to eat, don't you kids?" My siblings and I gave Dad the "Bambi Eyes". For once they worked. Sometimes they worked, even on Dad. Mom was easier.
We stayed for supper. We stayed for desert. And then my sister and I played with our little Cousin, Shannon. She was Aunt Janet's Granddaughter, really our third cousin. She was also spoiled rotten. Cried if she didn't get her way. She got her way a lot.
My brother sat at the table and talked with the men. I don't think he enjoyed it much. It didn't LOOK like much fun, just sitting there and talking. He would have had more fun playing marbles with us. But, that's what you gotta do when you grow up, I guess.
It was getting near night. We ran outside and caught fireflies. "Glowbugs" we called them. Every once in awhile you would catch a moth too, and then let it go. It was fun to see who could catch the largest moth...once my sister caught one that had at least a 5 inch wingspan, but we teased her and said it was really a bat. A white bat.
When at last Daddy noticed the time, it was too late to drive back. Probably my Aunt's plan all along.
"We can't stay HERE, Aunt Janet," my Dad said for what had to be the fifth time. "Where would you put all of us? We'll be fine, the kids can sleep in the car on the way back."
"And have you wake them up all over again when you get back to . They won't be well rested, and neither will you. And you KNOW how hard of hearing your mother is! What if she doesn't hear you knocking to get in? Then what will you do?"
Daddy was out of arguments. My Aunt had an extra room, my brother would stay with Uncle Harold. I claimed I should be the one to stay with Uncle Harold, but they believed my brother should because he was older and could get along without Mom
My sister was in the room with Aunt Janet. was displaced to a sleeping bag in the living room. She didn't complain, as this meant she would get to stay up longer.
I was going to be sleeping where always slept. This sounded reasonable at first, although I was mildly ruffled at having to sleep in a 3 year old girls bed. It would probably be something dumb, like pink or something.
I was in for a shock.
When we entered the room, there was a large double bed for my parents, and a......I couldn't believe it! A white CRIB, covered with pink bunnies and of course, pink nursery printed sheets.
"WHAT!?" I stared at it in disbelief! "No way! I'm NOT sleeping in a crib! I'm SEVEN!!" I stated, crossing my arms. As far as I was concerned, this argument was over. They'd just have to put me somewhere else!
"Is that so?" my mother said. "Well mister, you've got another thing coming. I WAS going to let you have the side down while you slept in there, but since you are acting like an ungrateful spoiled BABY, a crib is where you belong...with the side UP!"
My Dad came into the room then. "Dad," I complained. "Mom says I have to..."
"If your mother says you have to, then you have to," he cut me off. "You know better than to try and use us against each other."
"Sorry," I muttered. He was right. I DID know better. But this was just too much!
My mother stripped me down to my underwear to sleep in. Grumbling about it, I began to climb into the crib. Just as I got in, my mother said, "Hold on just a minute."
I stopped and looked at her. "I think you should be punished for being so ungrateful," my mother told me. She was looking thoughtfully at the diaper stacker that hung from the side of the crib. She pulled one out and looked at it.
"Must be for ," she mused. "Toddler diapers. They're pretty big. Probably even big enough to fit you!" She began to smile now.
My eyes grew large as she unfolded the pink diaper. "Oh no, Mom! Don't make me do that. PLEASE don't make me wear a diaper!"
My pleas fell on deaf ears as she gently pushed me onto my back in the crib. In one quick motion she whisked my underwear off, and slid the diaper under me. "If you are going to act like a naughty child, we will just have to dress you like one," she said.
She found some baby powder and sprinkled it on me, then snugly fastened the diaper using the tapes that were on it.
Meanwhile, I was realizing that this didn't feel half bad, and was struggling inwardly with the fact that this was a punishment. My mother finished diapering me, then said, "Now you go out to the living room, and tell everyone goodnight."
Embarrassed, I toddled out to the living room, constantly aware of the huge thick diaper between my legs. It crinkled loudly, and I couldn't put my legs together. It made me have to walk funny.
When I went into the Living room, my sister nearly choked at seeing me in the diaper. She giggled as I went from person to person, saying goodnight.
"That's all right, Honey," my aunt said when I got to her. "Little babies need to be diapered at night. Nothing at all wrong with that." She patted my diapered bottom. "Just like your little cousin Shannon over there."
I looked over at to see she was indeed wearing one of the diapers. It was slightly large on her, slightly small on me. Still, it fit.
I finally was able to go to bed. I climbed into the crib, and my mother put the side up. I tossed and turned for awhile, aware of the diapers and wondering why they felt so good to me.
I awoke in the middle of the night. It was dark, and I realized I was trapped in the crib...and i had to go pee.....really bad.
I wondered for a moment about calling out to my mother to let me out, then realized something. I was wearing a diaper. What would it feel like to just wet it, like a real baby? I might as well put it to good use!
I relaxed myself and tried to go. It took a few minutes, but finally I was able to let go and let the warm pee into my diapers. It was actually a good feeling I realized. Warm and tingling, and the diaper held it all. I fell back asleep, feeling warm, safe, and secure.
In the morning, I awoke to find the diaper had become cold and clammy. Now I just wanted out of it. My mother put the crib side down and I jumped out.
It was then that I realized that a wet diaper was something more than cold and clammy. It was heavy.
My mother eyed the diaper suspiciously. "I don't believe it," she said. "Did you wet that diaper?"
"What? No! Of course not," I said, backing away. But it was useless. She reached over and put her finger in the elastic at the leg opening.
"You DID wet it!" she said. "Then you LIED about it!" She effortlessly pulled me over her knee and smacked the wet diaper a few times. "Bad baby. Baby mustn't lie to Mommy!" she said as she spanked me. It was more embarrassing than anything else, the spanking didn't hurt through the diaper.
My mother then went to ask my aunt if she could use some of the other things for me.
She came back, and I was plopped onto the changing table. My t shirt and the wet diaper came off, for which I was grateful. My happiness didn't last for long however, as she returned with a new diaper, and she cleaned me with baby wipes, powdered me, and put a dry diaper on me.
I was very embarrassed already, but it wasn't over yet. She then went to the closet, and came back with a baby dress. "If you're going to act like your cousin, we will dress you like her!" she said, putting the dress on me and combing my hair with a part in the middle. To complete the look, she put tights and Mary Jane shoes on my feet.
My aunt brought my cousin Shannon into the room to change her out of her diapers, and get her dressed for the day.
looked at me when they entered. "Baby!" she said excitedly.
My Aunt smiled and said, "Yes dear, that's a little baby who still needs to wear diapers all day. But since you are a big girl, you get to wear training panties during the day."
My mother lifted me down, and we walked by the mirror on the way out of the room. I was shocked to see that walking beside my mother in the mirror, rather than a little seven year old boy, there was a very sweet looking toddler girl!

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